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S P E C I A L - N O T I C E S . . .

'Nil desperandum. That is a Motto for you and me. All are not dead; and where there is a Spark of patriotick fire, we will enkindle it.'
—Samuel Adams, Letter to James Warren, 09 December 1772
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Bob Highly Recommends: A Lecture By Gordon Wood

01 May 2016 @ 20:38

On 20 October instant, Gordon Wood gave a lecture at the New York Historical Society on the arguments presented in the Library Of America’s two volume collection, The American Revolution: Writings from the Pamphlet Debate, 1764-1776.

In the course of the presentation, Professor Wood provided a very clear explanation and summary of the issue of where Sovereignty lies.  This is an argument that must, in my opinion, be contemplated and discussed by all of us who want to see the Restoration of Freedom and Ordered Liberty, because understanding where Sovereignty lies is essential to understanding how we can affect a proper Restoration, one that will last longer this time.

C-SPAN does not, it seems, allow embedding of it’s videos, so please follow this link.

NOTE: While I do not agree with every conclusion Mr. Wood draws here and in his writings, he is one of the most honest scholars of this period, a man worthy of serious attention.

During the course of the lecture, Mr. Wood quotes this from Samuel Adams:

There are, my Lord, fundamental rules of the constitution, which it is humbly presumed, neither the supreme legislative nor the supreme executive can alter. In all free states, the constitution is fixed ; it is from thence, that the legislative derives its authority; therefore it cannot change the constitution without destroying its own foundation.  [From: THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES OF MASSACHUSETTS TO THE EARL OF SHELBURNE. JANUARY 15. 1768. Samuel Adams, principal author.]

On Ted Cruz And The Restoration Of The Republic

29 April 2016 @ 10:59

You hear comments like this rather frequently these days:

Even if Cruz is the Savior, he’s too little way too late. And he’s just another pandering, manipulative pol, anyway.

Mr. Cruz has never – unlike a certain New York Megalomaniac or a particular Red Diaper Spoiled Brat – proclaimed himself to be The American Messiah. Mr. Cruz is not so shallow or Narcissistic to believe he can be Our Political Jesus.

He believes that he can put together a group of conservatives, backed by enough of the Sovereign People, to begin the Restoration of the national government.

Mr. Cruz is mistaken, because the central government is so corrupted by Leftism that it is terminal. It’s too far gone to fix; there’s not enough flesh left on it to restore to a Normal appearance.

I believe any hope we have of achieving a Restoration of our Freedom and Ordered Liberty lies in the Several States, if we can work together and take over a few of them and then stage a Rebellion against the National Despotism [and the attendant State Despotisms], with the ultimate goal of reconstituting The Constitution down the long road ahead.

However, I believe Mr. Cruz will be able – has what it takes, has The Right Stuff – to reconstitute the effectiveness of our National Security, so that we can get about our business on the State Level with less concern for foreign invasions of all kinds. Also: while he will not be able to save the Federal Patient, he will be able to move it a bit out of the way of our efforts domestically.

Throughout his public career, Edward Cruz has proven he is the opposite of a ‘pandering, manipulative pol’. If you honestly believe he is one, then you have either been imbibing the Leftist Kool-Aid or binge-eating Trump Steaks – or both – and you’ve rendered yourself philosophically Morbidly-Obese.

Time is running out.

We must decide whether we will fight against Tyranny or prepare ourselves to be locked into the cold chains of Despotism.

Non serviam.
Aut mori aut liberos vivere.

(I will not be a slave.
I will either live free or die.)


Response To The Plea Of The Trumpists

20 April 2016 @ 09:56

Over at Protein Wisdom, in a comment left on a post by Jeff Goldstein, SteveAZ made a plea in the aftermath of the the New York Primary:

Now that Trump has bested Cruz in NYC I think it’s time for all of us to seek common ground behind the GOP candidate with the best chances for winning in Nov. We at Jeff’s site have much more in common than you would gather from this comments thread.

Let’s seize on these shared concerns and forge a united front going forward.

This is something I suspect we’ll be hearing from a lot of Trump Supporters in the next few days.

My response to them all…

So Steve: you’re saying we conservatives and Classical Liberals should find common ground with those of you who support a man who would do nothing to halt the hardening of this country into a Statist Regime?

You’re saying that we should make our peace with the inevitability of Statism? That we should seek to preserve those few Freedoms and Liberties we have left, while accepting the ‘Reality’ of the situation [ie: be Pragmatic]? That we should work with you to promote a would-be-Caesar because, unlike with Mzzz. Rodham, we have a chance of cutting little deals with Citizen Trump? That we should accept that the best we can hope for are scraps liberated from the Despotic Table?

‘Time to make peace with Caesar’, eh?

Samuel Adams and Company wouldn’t work with the Loyalists who, like the Trumpists, wanted to work within the Corrupt System to reform it. As noble as men like John Dickinson were, they were pathetically blind to the fact that working within the Corrupt System meant compromising and betraying their beliefs because that was the only way to effectively get anything done within a Debased, Depraved, and Immoral System.

When you allow your own Soul to be infected with Corruptions, you can never trust your motives or actions any longer. Corruption is a virulent Cancer.

The answer is ‘No’ — a resounding, unyielding ‘Nay!’

Non serviam!

The Danger is general; and should we succumb under the heavy Rod now hanging over us, we might be esteemed the base Betrayers of the Common Interest.

—Samuel Adams, letter to Wymberley Jones, 16 July 1774


19 April 1775 #NeverForget

19 April 2016 @ 19:41


Republished from two years ago:

William Billings composed this magnificent piece of music to commemorate the British occupation of Boston in the aftermath of the battles at Concord and at Lexington…

This version was performed by The Essex Harmony at the Old South Meeting House on 11 April 2010.

By the Rivers of Watertown we sat down and wept,
We wept when we remembered thee, O Boston,
When we remembered thee, O Boston.
As for our prayers, Lord God of Heaven,
Preserve them, defend them, deliver, and restore them unto us,
Preserve them, defend them, deliver, and restore them unto us again.
For they that held them in bondage
Required of them to take up arms against their Brethren

Forbid it, Lord – God forbid
That those who have sucked Bostonian Breasts
Should thirst for American Blood.

A voice was heard in Roxbury which echoed thro’ the Continent,
Weeping for Boston…
Weeping for Boston because of their Danger.
Is Boston my dear Town, is it my native Place?
For since their Calamity I do earnestly remember it still!
I do earnestly remember it still!

If I forget thee, yea, if I do not remember thee,
Then let my numbers cease to flow,
Then be my Muse unkind,
Then let my Tongue forget to move and ever be confined;
Let horrid Jargon split the Air and rive my nerves asunder.
Let hateful discord greet my ear as terrible as Thunder.
Let harmony be banished hence and Consonance depart;
Let dissonance erect her throne and reign within my Heart.

[It should be noted that I am publishing this post to honor the memory of those died for Freedom and Liberty at Concord and Lexington on 19 April 1775.  This post has nothing to do with the whole maudlin and seemingly endless ‘Boston Strong’ wailings and lamentations.  —Bob Belvedere]

In 1775, men, such as Samuel and John Adams, Paul Revere, Dr. Joseph Warren, and Captain John Parker, were OUTLAWS.

In 2016, we are the OUTLAWS.

And we should act accordingly.


Thank You, Supporters Of @RealDonaldTrump!

28 March 2016 @ 10:19

For many years now, I’ve been trying to come to a better understanding of why The Roman Republic fell, hoping to be able, thus, to see the signs and light the warning beacon for this Republic in time to prevent History from repeating here.

My understanding is now much more complete, so I wish to thank those on the Right who support Donald Trump and have been engaging in defending their candidate and his campaign’s actions. You have provided me with a fairly clear view into the mindset of those Roman Citizens who helped bring about the Downfall of The Roman Republic that led to the rise of the Tyrannical Empire Of Rome.

I will now set about gathering faggots and rushes to make the beacon glow much more brightly.

Once again: thank you Trumpkins.

Hail Trump Magnus!

Should Levity & Foppery ever be the ruling Taste of the Great, the Body of the People would be in Danger of catching the Distemper, and the ridiculous Maxims of the one would become fashionable among the other.

I pray God we may never be addicted to Vanity & the Folly of Parade! Pomp & Show serve very well to promote the Purposes of European & Asiatick grandeur, in Countries where the Mystery of Iniquity is carried to the highest Pitch, & Millions are tame enough to believe that they are born for no other Purpose than to be subservient to the capricious Will of a single Great Man or a few! It requires Council & sound Judgment to render our Country secure in a flourishing Condition.

—If Men of Wisdom & Knowledge, of Moderation & Temperance, of Patience Fortitude & Perseverance, of Sobriety & true Republican Simplicity of Manners, of Zeal for the Honor of the Supreme Being & the Welfare of the Common Wealth — If Men possessed of these & other excellent Qualities are chosen to fill the Seats of Government we may expect that our Affairs will rest on a solid & permanent Foundation.

—Samuel Adams, Letter Elbridge Gerry, 27 November 1780

When the People set up a Great Man of their own, their Jealousy is asleep, & they are in Danger of a Master.

—Samuel Adams, Letter to Samuel Phillips Savage, 10 November 1778

Bob Recommends: Ross Douthat Seems To Think @TedCruz Is As Cynical As The Donald Himself by @Smitty_One_Each

27 March 2016 @ 20:07

by Smitty

In reply to Who Is Ted Cruz?, I’ve got to say: judge the tree by the fruit. A sample: With Cruz, though, even the most fervent peroration always feels like a debater’s patter, an ad…

Source: Ross Douthat Seems To Think @TedCruz Is As Cynical As The Donald Himself : The Other McCain

BOB: Key line in Smitty’s post:

… is our current state of Sophist decadence such that merely exhibiting principles of any sort is evidence of “his own extremism”.

Bob Highly Recommends: Please Pray for My Brother by The Other McCain

14 March 2016 @ 22:46

My older brother Kirby has a GoFundMe page:

For the third time in ten years I once again find myself sidelined and not working due to a medical issue. A blockage of the left carotid artery which mu…

Source: Please Pray for My Brother : The Other McCain

On Why I Was Wrong About @SarahPalinUSA

11 March 2016 @ 09:02

From late 2008 until fairly recently, I spent a great deal of time here encouraging Sarah Palin to run for President [my last appeal from 2014].

Despite her quirks, I believed that she would have made a damn fine President, that she had that special something which could rally all true Americans to the work of Restoring America to being a Constitutional Republic once again.

I was wrong. My judgement was quite faulty.

The final confirmation of this came with her Facebook posting of yesterday, which I quote in full:

GOP Majority Voters in Primary are Wayyyyyy Beneath Cruz, So Says Cruz…/cruz-says-trump-backers-have-relat…

Calling GOP frontrunner supporters “low information” disengaged voters, Ted Cruz’s insinuation reeks of all the reasons America knows “the status quo has got to go.” The arrogance of career politicians is something at which the rest of us chuckle, but Cruz’s latest dig strays from humorous into downright nasty. Cruz is right, though – independent, America-first, commonsense conservatives supporting Donald Trump ARE “low information” when it comes to having any information on Cruz’s ability to expand the conservative movement, beat Hillary Clinton, unify and lead the nation.

* Where’s information on any Cruz success whilst in his short, half-term U.S. Senate seat, proving his resume’s advantage over another career politicians’s lawyerly executive inexperience that includes never having created a single private sector job, but boasting of his constitutional law teacher creds? (Remember America experimented with that resume before; how’d that work out for the country?)

* Where’s info on his reasoning in inviting more illegal aliens to flood our porous borders by enticing families with benefits and literal gifts (like teddy bears and soccer balls)?…/ted-cruz-visits-texa…/

* Any info on why he won’t denounce his highest-profile campaign buddy, despite Glenn Beck’s proclamation that he “hates” America’s innocent victims of 9/11 and calls the families crybabies?, nor hold accountable his campaign manager for abhorrent tactics that mirror Alinsky’s Politics of Personal Destruction?…/ted-cruz-adviser-admits-to-makin…/

* Info on why he continues to stand on stage with that most prominent supporter who slurs millions of patriotic Americans supporting the GOP frontrunner, calling them Nazi “brown shirts”?…/glenn-beck-loses-fans-an…/

* Info on consistency with his big endorsement this week, as Carly tells it like it is so very recently?
“Ted Cruz is just like any other politician. He says one thing in Manhattan, he says another thing in Iowa. He says whatever he needs to say to get elected, and then he’s going to do as he pleases. I think people are tired of a political class that promises much and delivers much of the same.” – Carly Fiorina 1/2/16

* Info on his support for his crony capitalists’ insistence that he fast-track Obama’s unbalanced trade agenda, then lied about it?…/yes-unfortunately-te…/

* Info on why he’s fine with increasing U.S. debt?…/

* Info on how it helps make America great again by arrogantly disenfranchising this Primary season’s majority voters who are fed-up, inspired, optimistic, and engaged? How does it help unify the party or the nation when that holier-than-thou narcissism manifests itself through negative, biting, deceptive tactics… when he’s had so many opportunities to disavow his campaign’s shenanigans and apologize for his own?

The information we’ve sought is nonexistent, thus “low information voters” comprising the GOP majority support Cruz staying in the Legislative branch, while hopefully gaining understanding of the private sector’s need to reduce the big government he’s a big part of.

Trump’s energized, positive campaign has led to this record setting stat: of all 24 states that have voted so far, ALL smashed previous GOP turnout records! 4,347,317 votes nationwide for Trump already. Now THAT’S “enlarging the tent.” Any info, Ted, on where you think that “disengaged” momentum will take us?

We often speak derisively of those people who have ‘drunk the Kool-Aid’ of Leftism, people who have decided to reject Truth and, thus, Reality and embrace the Surreal-Reality of an Ideology that has the Hubris to oppose Human Nature. But there is more than one flavor of Kool-Aid [see ‘Libertarians, the’].

Donald J. Trump has been selling, not so much a different flavor of Kool-Aid [he is not really an Ideologue], but, rather, a different brand of flavored drink-mix sugar-water [‘Kool-Trump’?].

The Ideologues of the Left seek Power And Control in order to impose their System Of Ideas on a reluctant World. They are committed to seeing their Sur-Reality become THE Reality, the only one allowed under pain and penalty of being declared an Unperson and, ultimately, eliminated.

Donald J. Trump seeks Power And Control because, like Caesar and Napoleon before him, he believes he – and only he – can save America from itself. He has convinced himself of this. And, because his Monomania and rabid Narcissism are so strong and because his belief in his prowess is so deeply felt, he has been quite willing to do whatever it takes to create mobs of people to support him and work passionately for him in his quest to gain the Presidency. In other words: he has sized up the Democracy that we have become and realized he can use it to subvert it [a strategy that all Despots understand so well].

As the modern Presidency is free of most of it’s Constitutional Checks [thanks primarily to ‘Barack Obama’, but with the often hearty contributions of nearly every President since Teddy Roosevelt] and the majority of the American People accept this as Legitimate, as the ‘New Natural’, Trump believes he will be able to implement his Vision relatively easily. So long as he is able to keep the Loyalty of the mobs he has created, Trump is convinced he will triumph in the end. But he knows that the mobs have to be constantly supplied with food, drink, and entertainment [ie: bread and circuses]. He also understands that he has to constantly stoke their fears, their jealousies, their resentments.

Caesar funded and encouraged the formation of gangs that terrorized their fellow Romans on his orders or on the orders of his henchmen.

While Donald Trump and his minions have not gone as far by directly encouraging violence, they have encouraged it indirectly or turned blind eyes to the acts of some of their mob groups [ex: the vicious trolling of those who oppose Trump on Social Media], while camouflaging themselves under the cover of those of his supporters who are not thuggish, who are, as I wrote recently: ‘fed-up with the political situation and have made the calculation that Trump is the best person to bring about the changes necessary to save America from it’s further decline into a Tyranny’. [This may be changing to more direct encouragement, if the Michelle Fields assault incident is any indication.]

That Sarah Palin, as you can see from her post above, is not simply turning a blind eye to such tactics, but engaging in them proves to me once and for all that I was wrong in my positive assessment of her character, her fitness to serve honorably in an elected capacity. With her decision to pursue and practice the same tactics as, Mrs. Palin has shown herself to be unworthy of any further Respect, any Loyalty, or any serious consideration as a Defender of The American Republic.

For this severe error in judgement, I apologize to you all.

Nancy Reagan – R.I.P.

06 March 2016 @ 20:58

A wonderful and graceful Lady has passed away.

As she seeks to enter Heaven, I have no doubt that Saint Peter will speak these words:

Well done, good and faithful servant. Well done.

But it is not a sad occasion for she is now, once again, holding hands with her beloved Ronnie and, perhaps, strolling through a sun-drenched field or, maybe, as they watch an old movie behind their TV Trays.

Their Devotion to each other should act as an example to all of us who are married.

The World is a better place because Ronald and Nancy Reagan trod upon the Earth for a little while.


Requiescat in pace, m’Lady.

Mark Levin:

She was a wonderful person and First Lady, and she and “Ronnie” were the perfect storybook couple. An era now comes to a close, and that’s truly unfortunate. But now they’re back together.
…RIP, Nancy Reagan. God bless you.



‘Grace’ and ‘Dignity’ are the two words that come to mind.


Bob’s Speech On Willard @MittRomney

04 March 2016 @ 07:29

Born to lose
You’re just bad news
You don’t get no second chance…

—Social Distortion

Why in the world would anyone listen to any advice Willard Mitt Romney has to give?

I was against Willard The Wimp before I was never for him.

As I wrote last July when he was attacking Edward Cruz:

Why in God’s Name should we listen to you, Willard Mitt Romney?

You ran against Senator Ted Kennedy, a race you were destined to lose in The People’s Republic Of Massachusetts, yet you did not take advantage of the situation to get across the Republican Message. Instead, you tried to either out-Left that degenerate disgrace or so water-down your supposed ‘conservative beliefs’ that they were unrecognizable.

You got elected Governor of the Commonwealth and proceeded to be ‘played’ by the corrupt Speaker Of The Massachusetts House, a body which laughed at your every proposal and ignored them all. You consigned the bully pulpit of the Governorship to a dank closet in the bowels of the State House.

You ran for the Republican Presidential Nomination in 2008 and lost easily to a temperamentally immature, old and desiccated, Corrupt blowhard of a Senator.

You ran for the Republican Presidential Nomination in 2012 as a ‘serious conservative’ and won it, and then proceeded to conduct the most anemic and incompetent and wretched campaign, losing to a damaged President, who’s corruptions were legion.

You, Sir, are a Pathetic Loser, who has shown that he is not fit to be involved in any way in deciding who should be nominated for President.


You, Sir, are a wimpy, namby-pamby irritant, who has nothing to contribute to the struggle to Restore Freedom and Ordered Liberty and you are, in fact, a Useful Idiot of the Left in their endeavors to place another Despot in The White House.

Go. Away.

The present crisis is truly an alarming one to your country; the few friends of the people have abundant necessity to have their hands strengthened: the man who deserts now, is the worst enemy of his country: You sir! have done this, with the aggravated guilt of endeavouring to load with obloquy the cause you abandon — I scorn to keep terms with a man I esteem so base — You have provided yourself a Retreat, being assured of the smiles of power; nay more, you are entitled to their favour, for the rank injury you meant to the oppressed people; and we shall probably see such baseness distinguished in the commissioned scroll of SCOUNDRELLS and RESCINDERS.

—Samuel Adams, writing as ‘VINDEX’ in the Boston Gazette, 30 November 1772

Your momma said [you] was a loser
A dead end cruiser
And deep inside [you] knew that she was right

Born to lose
Was what they said…

Super-Duper Pooper-Scooper Tuesday!

01 March 2016 @ 14:24

There be a lotta crap to clean up ‘ere, lad…

I hope and pray that Mr. Cruz does very well against Trump Magnus and Marcus Cicero, but too many of the states voting today have Open Primaries, which benefit the former.

Open Primaries are a major bug in the system [of course, one could argue that Primaries in and of themselves are, because the system was created by Progressives]. Only members of a Party should be able to vote for who their nominee is – not members of the ‘opposition’ Party and not those not willing to declare for one.

God, how I hate the Democratic* Century.

NOTE: Over at Protein Wisdom, Boudica-In-Chief Darleen Click has an Super-Duper Open Thread going.


-As for Kaisch: The only one who could ever bore me is the son of a postal man.

-As For Dr. Carson: How can I miss you if you won’t go away?

*Both meanings.

Fight The Power: #FreeStacy Is All The Rage…

29 February 2016 @ 09:21

…and it should be.

[NOTE: This post will be stuck here at the top until further notice.  For my newer posts, please scroll down.  Thank you —Bob.]

Stacy-McCain-Gonzo-04-233There are some people who just can’t stand the idea that someone could have access to Twitter or anything, or a platform to be able to criticize them.

That quip from Stacy McCain sums the situation up near-perfectly [tip of the fedora to Da Tech Guy via Stacy himself].

This is a War the Left has started and, dammit, this time we should be the ones who end it.

As Andrew Breitbart said:
Fuck You – War!

If you’re a Twitter User, here’s how to support this fight, which is more than about Stacy having two Twitter accounts obliterated:

The #FreeStacy movement, a grassroots response to Twitter’s Feb. 19 decision to suspend my popular @rsmccain account, has received international attention. You can help support this movement by including the #FreeStacy hashtag on your Twitter messages, by retweeting messages in support of this movement, and by signing up at, which is dedicated to defending free speech rights on social media. Thanks to everyone who has helped spread the word.

Search for the #FreeStacy hashtag on Twitter and RT every Tweet you can. Also: Block those advertisers who are promoting on Twitter and send them messages like these:

[company Twitter account] I’m blocking your $TWTR acct till @twitter respects free speech #FreeStacy

[company Twitter account] Please stop advertising on @twitter until all voices can be heard. I hate having to give up your product in protest. #FreeStacy

Dear [company Twitter account] @Twitter has unfairly suspended @rsmccain & @SexTroubleBook, so I’m blocking advertisers like you #freestacy

[company Twitter account] Sorry, due to @jack censoring speech on @twitter, I’m blocking promoted accts until current @safety dissolved. #FreeStacy

Spread the word and…

Fight The Power

Time is truly wastin’
There’s no guarantee
Smile’s in the makin’
You gotta fight the powers that be

Stacy-McCain-Reporter-180Got so many forces
Stayin’ on the scene
Givin’ up all around me
Faces full a’ pain

I kept talkin about it
I got the big run around
When I rolled with the punches
I got knocked on the ground
With all this bullshit going down

Time is truly wastin’
There’s no guarantee
Smile’s in the makin’
You gotta fight the powers that be


On Baiting The Worse Angels Of Our Nature: #Trump2016

25 February 2016 @ 14:19

The mystic chords of memory, stretching from every battlefield and patriot grave to every living heart and hearthstone all over this broad land, will yet swell the chorus of the Union, when again touched, as surely they will be, by the better angels of our nature.

—Abraham Lincoln, First Inaugural Address

Like Julius Caesar, Donald Trump is not appealing to the better angels of our nature, but rather to our fears, the envy and jealousy located in every human heart that we battle to suppress, to our laziness.

And many Americans are listening and allowing themselves to be swayed to support him and, for a good number, to make an emotional investment in his candidacy.

That their belief in Trump is primarily and almost exclusively based on raw emotions is proven by their harsh reactions to any criticism of The Donald and by their easy willingness to overlook many of Trump’s actions over the past fifty years.

While these supporters represent a good percentage of those who have hopped on the Trump Bandwagon, there are a good number of Pro-Trump people who have taken a less emotional path to supporting him. They are as fed-up with the political situation and have made the calculation that Trump is the best person to bring about the changes necessary to save America from it’s further decline into a Tyranny. They are a subject for another, future post.

The first group are merely following in a tradition of mobs throughout the whole existence of the Human Race. They are the same types of people who supported such Despots as Gaius Marius, Sulla, Pompey, and Julius Caesar, all of whom contributed greatly to the Fall of The Roman Republic and the rise of the Tyrannical Roman Empire. It is an old story, one that our Founding Fathers knew very well and that led them to create a Constitutional Republic with checks and balances — including the indirect elections of the Senate and President — instead of a Democracy.

Donald Trump is a believer in Democracy because he understands that such a system is ruled by the Mob, who have always been led by ‘Masterminds’, such as he sees himself. There is nothing wrong with being Confident or Audacious — those are traits that make a General successful on the Battlefield, that drive Engineers and Scientists to create and develop wonderful inventions, that result in the production of great art.

However, as with all things, there is a dark side to such Audacity. And it is fueled by a belief that some individuals hold that they know best how to wield Political Power, that they possess the Secret Wisdom [aka: ‘Gnosis‘] that is required to govern a nation. Such people are rightly said to be in the firm embrace of Hubris [forget about The Ides Of March: fear the wrath of Nemesis].

The Founders believed that such Audacity left unchecked would lead to Despotism – and History was and is on their side. That is why they placed Sovereignty in the hands of The People — and this is key, this is crucial — acting indirectly, for the most part, through their elected representatives. They rightly feared The Strongman, the White Knight on his White Horse, who could, through his seductive Charm and understanding of what emotional buttons to push, convince people that he was a Secular Messiah and organize them into an effective mob. So The Founders divided-up power between three branches, the Several States, and The People.

The Democratic Party, certainly since the advent of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, has been led by such would-be Messiahs, for it has been in the hands of Leftists, Ideological Gnostics who have done nothing but appeal to worse angels of our nature, while stroking their Pathological Egos.

Now comes Donald J. Trump seeking to rouse the worst within us, seeking to convince us that he, and he alone, is The American White Knight in Shining [and gaudy] Armour. And many of our fellow Americans, in a massive rejection of Right Reason, in an outburst of frustration, are embracing his siren call.

The trouble is: as it has been throughout the History of Mankind, the figure and form and appearance of The White Knight is actually that of the The Pale Horseman.

Aut Caesar aut nullus [‘either be a Caesar or be nothing’], is inscribed on the Hearts of some Men who have neither Caesars Learning nor Courage. Caesar three times refused the Crown; His Heart & his Tongue evidently gave each other the Lie.

Our modern GREAT MAN, would fain have it thought that he has refused a Government, which his Soul is every day panting after & without the Possession of which his Ambition & Lust of Power will perpetually torment him.

—Samuel Adams, Letter to Stephen Sayre, 23 November 1770

Bob Highly Recommends: Using @Twitter’s own risk factor analysis to force it to respect viewpoint diversity by @ProfBainbridge

23 February 2016 @ 20:43

Source: Using @Twitter’s own risk factor analysis to force it to respect viewpoint diversity –

Bob Recommends: #FreeStacy: @rsmccain ‘Will Not Be Restored’; @SexTroubleBook Suspended : The Other McCain

22 February 2016 @ 21:54

Notified via email: @rsmccain Hello, Your account was suspended because it was found to be violating the Twitter Rules ( specifically our rules around participating in targeted abuse. Your a…

Source: #FreeStacy: @rsmccain ‘Will Not Be Restored’; @SexTroubleBook Suspended : The Other McCain

No Longer To The Manners Born

19 February 2016 @ 08:58

Mark Steyn:

On Thursday I joined my old editor at The Australian, Tom Switzer, on his radio show Between The Lines. It was a wide-ranging conversation, from free speech to Donald Trump, the Middle East to the Supreme Court. Along the way, I quoted a favorite expression from Lord Moulton:

85 years ago English judge Lord Moulton, said that human action can be divided into three domains. At one end is the law at the other is free choice and between them is the realm of manners. In this realm Lord Moulton said, “lies a domain in which our actions are not determined by law but in which we are not free to behave in any way we choose. In this domain we act with greater or lesser freedom from constraint, on a continuum that extends from a consciousness of duty through a sense of what is required by public spirit, to good form appropriate in a given situation”.

The “realm of manners” is in severe retreat around the west: Everything now is increasingly mandatory or forbidden, and ever more regulated and policed by the state.

As we should have learned [and never have forgotten] in the centuries after the fall of The Roman Empire, Civilization is a fragile thing that can be swept away quickly when the people of a nation or region cease to work constantly and consistently to uphold it and, more importantly, believe in it’s inherent Goodness and Righteousness.

Avoiding descending into a Dark Age is usually a near-run thing.

It is also our main Duty if we dare claim we are Civilized.


Bob Highly Recommends: Larwyn’s Linx for 18 February 2016 by @DirectorBlue

18 February 2016 @ 20:15

Source: Doug Ross @ Journal: Larwyn’s Linx: Whoa: WSJ/NBC national poll shows Cruz climbing past Trump to lead

Queen @HillaryClinton – The Once And Future Tyrant

17 February 2016 @ 08:05

It had to be said.

-The reference to King Arthur is quite fitting in that Hillaria Of Rodham’s close confidants can be seen as sort of an Anti-Round Table: Old King Rape, Princess Huma of the Caliph, Sidney ‘Self-Hating Jew’ Blumenthal, etc.

-The Coughing Fits: Another one has happened.

I have the same problem because of (1) having my tonsils out and the surgeon making my throat opening smaller and (2) having undergone heavy doses of Chemotherapy nine years ago – so I have an excuse.

What’s hers?

Paco’s take:

Hillary Clinton, who once probably thought the most difficult thing about her run for the presidency was deciding what color pantsuit to wear at her inauguration, is now locked in a fight for her political life with a septuagenarian socialist who dresses like a 1970s floorwalker at Moscow’s GUM department store, while she also tries to stave off four separate federal investigations.

My, how things do change….

Yes…even in these Dark Times, somethings do change for the better, eh?

Mama Will Bark, I guess [with apologies to Francis Albert].

If she starts cleaning herself onstage, I’m outta here.


On The #COS And The Redress Of Our Grievances

16 February 2016 @ 14:00

I can understand the following sentiment, as expressed by eCurmudgeon, over at Protein Wisdom:

I’m becoming more and more of the opinion that the only reason for an Article V convention is to enact a single amendment – one that establishes and codifies the mechanism for states to leave the Union if they so wish.

As I say, I understand and I sympathize, but: we don’t need that Amendment, eC…

That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness….

Besides, methinks offering such an Amendment would derail the whole COS process.

Since this whole Article V question was raised, I’ve been advocating that we try it, but that we must understand there is a good chance that, even if we get the Amendments we need implemented, it probably won’t work because the national government is so riddled with the Statist Cancer [Stage IV] our efforts will be thwarted by the Despots.

However, we must, I believe, seek such a non-violent Redress of our Grievances, as a last step before we seek other means that are within our Rights as Free Men to do [and our Sacred Duty to seek for our Posterity].

We must exhaust all non-violent means before we resort to whatever graver measures become necessary. That is one the Responsibilities we have as The Sovereign People of a Constitutional Republic.

Join Or Die.


Solid Advice For Young Men From @RSMcCain

16 February 2016 @ 10:51

Succinct and straight to the point:

Feminists are women who do not like men, and the “Feminist Man” is either (a) a man who is too stupid to understand that feminists hate him, (b) a man who hates himself, or perhaps (c) both (a) and (b). My advice to young men is to avoid feminists altogether. Feminism is an ideology that appeals to, and expresses the interests of, women who are mentally ill, emotionally damaged and sexually deviant. There are still plenty of sane, happy, normal women in the world, so why would any man waste time dating angry lunatics? A feminist never wants to hear anything a man has to say and a wise man would say nothing to her, except “good-bye.”

I do urge you to take the time and click here to read the rest of Stacy’s essay.

The Right Reason behind this advice can also be applied to attempting to being friends or acquaintances with Leftists.

To adopt the Leftist Ideology is to reject Reality and any such rejection, the refusal to accept Life as it is, the deliberate ignoring of Truth, is a sign that the person brushing aside Reality has serious mental issues. Such people are inherently unstable, neurotic time-bombs ready to explode at the slightest triggering of an upsetting emotion, the kind that threatens to upset the very fragile surreal reality [Sur-Reality] they have constructed for his or herself. Such people will bring you nothing but grief and, in many cases, harm to yourself and your loved ones.

In it’s denial of Reality, that A is always A, Leftism is a Force For Evil.