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S P E C I A L - N O T I C E S . . .

'Nil desperandum. That is a Motto for you and me. All are not dead; and where there is a Spark of patriotick fire, we will enkindle it.'
—Samuel Adams, Letter to James Warren, 09 December 1772
'We fight, get beat, rise, and fight again'.
—General Nathanael Greene
'Never, ever give up on hope, never doubt, never tire, and never become discouraged. Be not afraid.'
—St. John Paul The Great

Meet The New Tyranny, Same As The Old Tyranny

08 June 2016 @ 11:22

I’ve decided to re-post something I published two years ago in light of this news [tip of the fedora to @alexthechick]…

From News9 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, Aaron Brilbeck reporting, we learn:

You may have heard of civil asset forfeiture.

That’s where police can seize your property and cash without first proving you committed a crime; without a warrant and without arresting you, as long as they suspect that your property is somehow tied to a crime.

Now, the Oklahoma Highway Patrol has a device that also allows them to seize money in your bank account or on prepaid cards.

It’s called an ERAD, or Electronic Recovery and Access to Data machine, and state police began using 16 of them last month.

Here’s how it works. If a trooper suspects you may have money tied to some type of crime, the highway patrol can scan any cards you have and seize the money.

“We’re gonna look for different factors in the way that you’re acting,” Oklahoma Highway Patrol Lt. John Vincent said. “We’re gonna look for if there’s a difference in your story. If there’s someway that we can prove that you’re falsifying information to us about your business.”

Troopers insist this isn’t just about seizing cash.

“I know that a lot of people are just going to focus on the seizing money. That’s a very small thing that’ s happening now. The largest part that we have found … the biggest benefit has been the identity theft,” Vincent said.

“If you can prove can prove that you have a legitimate reason to have that money it will be given back to you. And we’ve done that in the past,” Vincent said about any money seized.

State Sen. Kyle Loveless, R-Oklahoma City, said that removes due process and the belief that a suspect is presumed innocent until proven guilty. He said we’ve already seen cases in Oklahoma where police are abusing the system.

“We’ve seen single mom’s stuff be taken, a cancer survivor his drugs taken, we saw a Christian band being taken. We’ve seen innocent people’s stuff being taken. We’ve seen where the money goes and how it’s been misspent,” Loveless said.

Loveless plans to introduce legislation next session that would require a conviction before any assets could be seized.

“If I had to err on the side of one side versus the other, I would err on the side of the Constitution,” Loveless said. “And I think that’s what we need to do.”

News 9 obtained a copy of the contract with the state.

It shows the state is paying ERAD Group Inc., $5,000 for the software and scanners, then 7.7 percent of all the cash the highway patrol seizes.

Standing Armies
And Their Quartering In 2014
[and 2015 and 2016]

Two of the issues that most angered the Patriots of Boston in the 1760’s and 1770’s were the presence of standing armies among the civilian population and the lodging of the members of the British Army in civilian neighborhoods and, eventually, as forced tenants in the houses of it’s citizens.

In America, the location of military resources and day-to-day operations are required to be in bases cordoned-off from areas where civilians live.  When off-duty members of the military travel outside of their bases to destinations in the civilian areas, they are subject to the civil and criminal laws as if they were regular citizens.

These law, regulations, and practices were born out of the justified concerns of The Founding Fathers that standing armies placed among the civilian population were an invitation to said armies being used by politicians to enforce unjust laws, policies, and regulations, and impose their Will on the Sovereign People.  Throughout History, as the Founders well knew, Tyrants had used military forces to suppress those who had taken up the cause of Freedom and Liberty.  They had seen first-hand the wicked and oppressive use of such forces against themselves by the British and, therefore, they wanted to ensure that such a situation would be very hard to implement in the newly created nation of The United States Of America.

Writing in the Boston Gazette issue of 17 October 1768, Samuel Adams, remarking on the Quartering Act, wrote [re-paragraphing mine]:

…No man can pretend to say that the peace and good order of the community is so secure with soldiers quartered in the body of a city as without them.

Besides, where military power is introduced, military maxims are propagated and adopted, which are inconsistent with and must soon eradicate every idea of civil government. Do we not already find some persons weak enough to believe, that an officer is oblig’d to obey the orders of his superior, tho’ it be even AGAINST the law! And let any one consider whether this doctrine does not directly lead even to the setting up that superior officer, whoever he may be, as a tyrant.

It is morever to be observ’d that military government and civil, are so different from each other, if not opposite, that they cannot long subsist together. Soldiers are not govern’d properly by the laws of their country, but by a law made for them only: This may in time make them look upon themselves as a body of men different from the rest of the people; and as they and they only have the sword in their hands, they may sooner or later begin to look upon themselves as the LORDS and not the SERVANTS of the people: Instead of enforcing the execution of law, which by the way is far from being the original intent of soldiers, they may refuse to obey it themselves: Nay, they may even make laws for themselves, and enforce them by the power of the sword! Such instances are not uncommon in history, and they always will happen when troops are put under the direction of an ambitious or a covetous governor!…

These same arguments can be observed being made again and again during this time.  And they would continue to resonate and be recycled throughout the early decades of The American Republic’s existence.

Eventually, as practices designed to prevent such Tyrannical use of the Military became long-standing and achieved the status of tradition, the fear subsided.  However, it still lived in the back of the minds of vigilant Americans.

Sadly, in the past few decades, for various and varied reasons, most of us — even those of us who have been engaged in the struggle to preserve The American Republic — have let that justified fear of standing armies and their quartering among the civilian population be deactivated.  Many of us did so as a result of our noble support for law enforcement as it fought to preserve Law And Order when it began breaking down in the 1960’s.  We had watched rioters and radicals attempting to create Chaos.  We had watched the rioters’s fellow traveller radicals in suits with briefcases use the courts and legislatures to impose unworkable restrictions on our law enforcement officials and persecute those police officers who utilized Common Sense in the carrying out their duties — duties that we, the Sovereign People, had assigned to them.  In our Virtuous desire to support Law Enforcement, we went too far and forgot the danger such forces in the hands of those with Evil intentions pose to our Freedoms and Liberties.

So, we find ourselves in the year 2014 facing a situation very similar to that faced by the British citizens living in the American Colonies in the mid-18th Century.

Since we live in an age where erecting buildings is fairly cheap and where our enemy is not some foreign army that has been brought to our shores and needs quartering, the physical reality has changed, but the spirit of what is happening remains the same as it was in 1768 and 1774.

The standing para-militarized law enforcement agencies and police departments of 2014 and the enforcement arms of branches of the national [and state] governments, like the EPA, the IRS, the BLM, and the Department Of Agriculture, are the standing armies of 1768/74 reborn.  Dressed in uniforms designed for use on the battlefield and using equipment conceived for use by soldiers in war, these civilian troops are being used by politicians to enforce encroachments on our Rights as Americans, to terrorize civilians, and to instill a fear that leads to voluntary submission to Tyrants who run our governments.

Instead of being quartered forcibly in our own homes, these troops own homes in our neighborhoods next to ours. Instead of doing the bidding of King and Parliament, these enforcers of ‘the Law’ are doing the bidding of politicians seeking to enslave us. Unlike the lobster-backs of 1768/74, these law enforcement troops are unionized and their unions are engaged in corrupt bargains with the Statist Politicians.

Too many of the civilians who, out of a desire ‘to protect and to serve’, joined law enforcement organizations have been turned against those very people who they have been charged with protecting and serving as designated guardians of Law And Order.  They have forgotten that the ultimate Power rests in the bosoms of the Sovereign People and not with bureaucrats and politicians.  They have chosen to make common cause with those who would enslave all of Mankind.  As Jeff Goldstein wrote:

To those of you who believe that the vast majority within the law enforcement community will turn on a tyrannical government should the shit ever really hit the fan and, forced to choose between the constitutional support of the citizenry and those barking out orders and paying their salaries, that they are natural allies to the citizenry … well, I’m afraid you haven’t been paying attention. Many, of course, will. But many, drunk on power and in control of vast reserves of firepower, will let their inner bullies shine through.

The Founders refused to acquiesce in the British Government’s attempt to impose de facto Martial Law on them.  They refused to accept the presence of standing armies and their quartering among civilians.  They refused to become the willing slaves of Tyrants.

If we dare to call ourselves ‘Americans’ so must we.


Bob Recommends: ‘Social Justice’ And The End Of Fun by @Not_RSMcCain

05 June 2016 @ 20:05

Today I was scrolling around feminist sites when I saw another angry young Tumblrina ranting about the patriarchy (because a guy was rude on the subway) and it hit me why this bothers me so much: When I was a teenager, life was fun because America was a free country…

Source: ‘Social Justice’ and the End of Fun : The Other McCain

The Conservative Movement: Collapse And Revelation

02 June 2016 @ 14:03

Over at Protein Wisdom, commentator Naftali remarked:

The collapse of the conservative right is a major event. It wasn’t even so much of a collapse as it was a revelation. I think it was just unanticipated how small the conservative constituency really was.

This was my response…

What we’re seeing, I think, is both collapse and revelation.

Since the rise of Ronald Reagan, Richard Viguerie’s [direct] mail campaigns, and the journey of the Evangelicals to the GOP, there has been an undercurrent of Ideology partially powering the Conservative Movement.

This New Right, as it used to be called, saw the Movement and believed it was just another System Of Ideas, a hierarchy of beliefs that could be understood if one just followed the chain of Logic.

The non-Ideological, true conservatives embraced these ‘converts’ because they thought that either (1) they could control the Ideologues and the damage they would inevitably do or (2) they did not understand the danger letting them in would put the Conservative Movement in — I was one of the latter for a long time.

To avoid tl;dr here, let me just state this: anyone who embraces Ideology as a way of dealing with the World will, in the end, lose their Soul, because the System Of Ideas embraced has to become god-like, all-encompassing, in order to survive.

Conservatism is a Way Of Life, ‘it is a state of mind, a type of character, a way of looking at the civil social order’ [Russell Kirk], not some Scientism dreamed-up in the sterile laboratories of the mind, far away from Reality — not some Ideology.

Given that Ideology and conservatism are forever in total conflict with each other, it was only a matter of time, therefore, before the faux edifice collapsed and it was revealed that the number of actual conservatives was — and has been for a least a century — small.

Memorial Day 2016 A.D.

30 May 2016 @ 00:26

No U.S. Soldier, Sailor, or Marine who has ever given his or her Life can have their demise described that way.

They died fighting for a very Noble Cause: protecting The United States Of America and it’s peoples from harm and in order to preserve Freedom, Ordered Liberty, and Civilization against the Dark Forces of Barbarism, which always seek to enslave and murder the Good in this World.

If any War or Conflict has ended-up being lost, the fault lies with our Civilian Leaders and/or Military Commanders — our Soldiers, Sailors, and Marines remain Untainted by the Failures of those who commanded them.

On this Memorial Day, when we remember and honor those who have put on The Uniform and given their Lives for this Country, we must never dishonor them by shedding tears because we think that any of them ‘died for nothing’.

None Have Ever Died In Vain.


On ‘Libertarians’ And ‘libertarians’

26 May 2016 @ 14:18

As we homeless conservatives contemplate such things as forming a new Party and who should be asked to join it, I would like to reprint part of a post I did three years ago on the difference between ‘Libertarians’ and ‘libertarians’ — a philosophical differential between Evil and Good, respectively…

There are two types of libertarians: Libertarians and libertarians.

-The former are ideologues who follow a system of ideas designed in the sterile laboratories of their own minds. Like all Ideologies, theirs cannot allow for any deviation from the belief system because the whole thing will collapse if any part is proven defective. And they have so much psychologically invested in their Ideology that it’s collapse would bring about a breakdown. Jacob Burckhardt called them ‘the terrible simplifiers’.

-As for the latter, small ‘l’ type, I think Russell Kirk provided a spot-on definition of them:

First, a number of the men and women who accept the label “libertarian” are not actually ideological libertarians at all, but simply conservatives under another name. These are people who perceive in the growth of the monolithic state, especially during the past half century, a grim menace to ordered liberty; and of course they are quite right. They wish to emphasize their attachment to personal and civic freedom by employing this 20th century word derived from liberty. With them I have little quarrel — except that by so denominating themselves, they seem to countenance a crowd of political fantastics who “license they mean, when they cry liberty.”

So, while I agree…that we should try and make common cause with some of them — the libertarians — I think it futile to attempt to do so with the Libertarians. They’re lost in Ideology. And you can never have a productive argument with an Ideologue.

To begin with unlimited freedom is to end with unlimited despotism.

—Fyodor Dostoevsky

Adam Carolla Gets The Trump Phenomenon

24 May 2016 @ 20:55

He gets it…

…but it still doesn’t excuse their sustained support for Donald Trump because, once you look at him with a reasoned eye, you discover that the man is an utter Fraud.

However, there’s an anger out there across the Fruited Plain that cannot be ignored.

‘A Spark Of Patriotic Fire’

23 May 2016 @ 11:11

Over at Protein Wisdom, Friend In The Ether Sdferr Pablo remarked recently:

The conservative movement is far smaller than I thought it was. I’ve lost all respect for some people I never imagined I’d be saying that about.

It seems that we make up a decent bit less than the ‘thirty-percent of Americans are conservative’ meme that is repeated all the time. If I’m correct, we have, perhaps, a harder road ahead then did The Founding Fathers.

However – I’m still looking into this, so please bear with me – I’m getting the impression, in reading the writings of some of The Founders and in legitimate biographies of them, that the long-touted ‘thirty-percent of American Colonists supported the struggle for Independence’ meme may be too high a figure.

From late 1770 through late 1772, Samuel Adams was reduced in the number of supporters in his fight to defend our rights as Englishmen: John Hancock had abandoned the Cause, John Adams had retired to Braintree, and a good number of others conceded key points to Royal Governor Hutchinson and the British Government [all in the name of Pragmatism and Moderation, by the way]. This period has been labeled by Historians as ‘The Quiet Period’ –and the Servile Silence that resonated throughout Massachusetts was deafening.

In his correspondence with fellow ‘die-hards’ [such as James Warren, James Hawley, and Dr. Joseph Warren], Samuel Adams counseled Patience in waiting for the right issues to come along that could be used to re-rouse enough people to reignite the ‘Flame Of Liberty’ [he was prophetic in his belief that the Royal Government would continue to misunderstand The American Mind and keep on committing misstep after misstep]. That is, of course, what happened in 1773 – and the rest is Glorious History.

So, as Mr. Adams wrote to James Warren on 09 December 1772: ‘Nil desperandum. That is a Motto for you and me. All are not dead; and where there is a Spark of patriotic fire, we will enkindle it.’

We just need to be properly ‘armed’ with the right rhetorical weapons when the Despots misfire. As Samuel Adams often advised: When the other side makes a move to further their ends, we must ‘put our Enemies in the wrong’.

And…we must:



On Contempt And Virtue

19 May 2016 @ 14:21

Can one be Virtuous and feel Contempt for certain people?


This question came up over at Protein Wisdom during the course of my exchange with Trumpist LBascom.

What started the conversation was my response to this comment he made:

Losing more slowly has its points if you have young children or, in my case, grandchildren. Americans may have pissed away their trust fund, as it were, but better poor than dead. Besides, maybe another depression and the hardship that goes with it is what’s needed to get the people’s minds right. Spoiled children ( ) sometimes need a good spanking. Never have so many had so much and and appreciated it so little.

Just a thought.

My response:

‘…but better poor than dead’.

Hmmm…that rings a bell……oh, yeah: ‘Better Red Than Dead’.

‘[B]ut at the length truth will out.’

LB retorted:

“Better red than dead”

Actually Belveder, I was going for a “love of money is the root of all evil” thang, in the context of the conversation.

Contempt is not an ingredient of virtue.



Contempt is a neutral conclusion. It can be held/felt and believed for justified or irrational and petty reasons.

The premise of the Contempt is the key to marking it as either justified or uncalled for [ie: worthy of the former kind of Contempt,

As a man who struggles every moment of every, single day to be Virtuous and worthy of Respect, I seek to base all of my Contempt for the actions of others on the answer to the question: Is the action in question an act of Moral Treason.

To be guilty of an act of Moral Treason one must consciously betray ones obligations to God and to his fellowmen.

I have Contempt for any man who is willing to make himself Servile to any Despot, would-be or actual, in order to be allowed to simply continue to exist. I have Contempt for any man who willingly chains himself in Enslavement for the sake of survival, forsaking his Duty to his Posterity [which is every American, be he or she of his own blood or not, that shall come after him].

Virtue is, as the OED states: Behaviour showing high moral standards. A quality considered morally good or desirable in a person.

I hold to that ‘high moral standard’ which demands of every Man that he guard and fight vigorously, voraciously, and relentlessly to preserve those Natural Rights gifted to Mankind by God.

Therefore, as someone who strives to meet his obligations to God and to his fellowmen, I have no choice but to hold in Contempt anyone failing to meet those Duties and Responsibilities because those demands are Sacred.

To be in my Contempt is not to be subject to my Hate, but, rather, my Pity – after all, though not a believer in The Resurrection, I do try to live as a Christian [specifically, Catholic] Man.

[Of course, LBascom did not respond to any of my direct points and tried to take me off in a tangential direction.  Trumpists are so predictable.]

Actual Must-See TV: .@RandyEBarnett On Restoring The Constitution

15 May 2016 @ 21:44

I have been recommending to anyone who will listen that they read Randy Barnett’s latest book, Our Republican Constitution: Securing The Liberty And Sovereignty Of We The People.

It makes the case that Americans have two views of The Constitution, one republican in nature and one based on the Ideology of Democracy [my words].  The former is aligned with the philosophy of The Founders and the latter is most definitely not.

I’m about two-thirds of the way through it and the book is essential to understanding the conflicting way we view our supreme law.  Written in a non-scholarly voice, it provides us with needed ammunition in our War against the Leftists, who have been implementing a Revolution in America, and their Useful Idiots on the Right, who, in their quest for a place at the children’s table of Power, are not mounting any meaningful resistance the the fundamental transformation of this country into a Despotism [once again: my words].

Back in April, Professor Barnett spoke at the CATO Institute about his book and responded to criticisms offered by Leftist Professor Robert Percival.  [Tip: Mr. Barnett’s response to Percival’s first set of remarks should be used as an example of how to respond to Leftist Drones and their drivel.]

Sadly, I cannot get the video to embed here, so please click here to view it.

A ‘Golden Opportunity’

14 May 2016 @ 18:19

One way to effectively battle the Despots running our governments is to refuse to go along with their un-Constitutional decrees, to not cooperate in our Enslavement by Tyrants.

In America, it is we individuals who hold the Sovereignty.  Ultimately we are the source of all Legitimate Authority.  Our governments at all levels exist to protect our Natural Rights.  In other words, the Government exists to serve us, not — and never — the other way around.  We determine the amount of Power that our governments can wield in our name.  We determine what are the limits on the Power and Control they may exercise.  We consent to their very and continued existence.

We agree, via our Constitution, to support our governments in their efforts by, among other ways, complying with the Laws they pass and even the Regulations they issue.  When we believe they have overstepped their Delegated Powers, we agree seek formal Redress through the Systems created by our Constitutions and Charters.

One Power we have never delegated to any of governments, however, is the Right to resist actions by our Servants that violate this compact.

It is a Fundamental, a Natural, Right the Sovereign People hold, as stated in The Declaration Of Independence:

That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government and other Founding decrees….

One tactic that one can use to alter the Form Of Government, the Founders believed, was through resistance to unconstitutional acts of the government.

When The Townsend Duties were passed by Parliament in 1767 and 1768, many towns across the Colonies resisted the Acts through agreeing to not important any British goods as long as the Acts were still the law.  The Colonists also resisted the Tax on tea by refusing to allow ships carrying British tea to be landed on our shores and by refusing to purchase or drink any of it.

Resistance to Tyranny is in our DNA, as it were.  It is part of what it means to be a true American.  In fact, it is an Obligation — a Duty imposed on all of us because it is an essential weapon in combating Despotism.  A Constitutional Republic requires all of it’s citizens to stand guard duty around the camp where our Rights seek shelter.  Any successful incursions into our camp, fragile as it’s inhabitants are, can prove fatal to all of our Rights, which come from Nature and Nature’s God.  We are, therefore, charged with employing those tactics useful and necessary to meeting the particular challenges to the Safety of our Natural Rights.

All of the above is but a preamble to remarks that Jeff Goldstein made today on Twitter, which, as I have done before, I have gathered together [these opening arguments are my own and do not necessarily represent Jeff’s opinion]…

It occurs to me that the Obama Department Of Justice is giving states a golden opportunity to cut their dependence on federal funding.

Governors and local school boards need to decide if they’re going to be powerless symbolic placeholders useful only if the federal government has no current pressing agenda to override their putative authority; or whether they believe in federalism and will fight for it.

Disengage financially from federal funding for public schooling. Force the left to send National Guard units to protect Billy’s “right” to shower with Sally on days he claims to be feeling womanly.

Which state has the sack?  Alabama: looking for some public redemption…?

30-40 state civil wars against federal overreach need be launched at once. Governors need to retake power. Deny DOJ’s jurisdiction.

And I would add: will the True Americans in those states that decide to Resist support their Governors and/or Legislators?

The moment has come where we must decide if we are going to help lock in place those chains we allowed to be forged for our Enslavement or we are going to do our Duty and rise to the Challenge before us as Americans.

If I may be so crude: Not taking advantage of this golden opportunity is to agree to stay on your knees and keep getting a figurative golden shower.

Resistance is not futile — never, especially, when it is an act committed in the name of Freedom and Ordered Liberty.

I will not be a slave.
I will either live free or die.

Non serviam.
Aut mori aut liberos vivere.



‘The Answer Is Liberty’ -@ProteinWisdom

11 May 2016 @ 13:39

Tuesday morning, Jeff Goldstein began firing-off a series of twenty-five Tweets that properly belong in a single blog post and are collectively [Ooo, that word] a brilliant dissection of Donald Trump’s using an appeal to Tribalism as attraction for support and the Left’s role in providing an atmosphere where such an appeal is welcome.  For whatever reason, Jeff has not published his Tweets at Protein Wisdom.  Therefore, I’m publishing them here, with his approval…

Again, while I strongly disagree with the faux-intellectual core of racial identitarianism, the reasons for its revival are often real [eg, Julian Castro’s HUD “mobility” initiative that claims authority to control racial demographics of wealthier neighborhoods thru Sec8].

In 1994 Clinton launched a trial program that in 2011 a HUD study showed didn’t help the relocated poor but instead led to [a] crime increase. Castro’s now nationalizing this program under [a] 1930s law never INTENDED to be used to socially engineer freely chosen settlement patterns.  This is anti-Liberty, anti-American.  And the inevitable increases in crime and tumult allow Racialist opportunists to rally resentment.  Ironically, these same racialists don’t respond by demanding Liberty but instead by seeking their own dictator.

For instance, Trump declaring he’d punish companies for finding more profitable areas from which to operate is much the same impulse.  Obama and the left use race and civil rights laws to undermine organic freedom of association.  A Kennedy gave them legal cover.

When [Justice Anthony] Kennedy absurdly ruled that racism needn’t be conscious but rather can be judged on disparate income, which government can address he provided legal cover for leftist “mobilization” schemes.  In reaction, white nationalists AND other identity political groups exploit the friction created by leftist social engineering schemes to create tribal narratives and protections many find appealing.  The government’s overreach in short creates legitimate liberty and property concerns; and we shouldn’t ignore the legitimacy of those concerns.  But the answer isn’t racial tribalism and a move to protectionism and civil Balkanization; rather a demand for Liberty and government withdrawal.

In 2007 I wrote that Obama would set race relations back 50 years.  And that’s because big government leftists use race as a vehicle to justify redistributionist schemes while using the cover of civil rights law never intended to give them such power.

You can hardly blame people being forcibly told by government that where they live and with whom they settle is not their choice for noticing.  But while it’s easy to notice [—] federal government leftist programs seem increasingly aimed at demonizing whites [—] the pushback in [the] form of so-called “racial realism” is just [a] flip-side of the same coin: it’s anti-Liberty, rejects individualism for group identity narratives.  Other countries have been coaxed into blaming “racial” scapegoats for inevitable failures of big government leftism/social engineering.

Trump has tapped into a real and deserved angst among many whites.  But he’s legitimating their precisely wrong responses to the problems.

The answer is Liberty, less government, more opportunity, a less-aggressive regulatory burden, and an end to racial and ethnic cronyism.

Instead, the left has conned what should be natural conservatives into fighting leftist tribalism with leftist tribalism.  Trump stokes that.  Trump’s populism is grounded in racial tribalism that is being opportunistically exploited as a corrective to leftist overreach.  It isn’t.  It’s the left’s version of Helter Skelter.  Big govt has become the mainstreamed Manson Family.  It divides us, pits us against each other, then sends in strongmen promising hope and change to further constrain our liberties.

Fuck that.

On ‘Moral Idiots’, Amorality, And Charnel Houses

10 May 2016 @ 14:16

I’ve been spending a lot of time on Twitter lately and the two most depressing revelations that have come to me [and they have just been confirmations of what I have witnessed in every corner of RealWorld(tm)] are that (1) many people over the age of, say, forty are totally bereft of any Moral Imagination, lacking, it seems, a understanding of Right Reason; and (2) so many of our young people [under thirty] are living without Purpose, so deprived are they of knowledge of the Beauty Of Life that one senses that Nihilism has made a comfortable home in their Souls.

Then I stumbled across this paragraph written by Mark Malvasi, back in December of 2012:

We must choose between barbarism and civilization. We must, as W. H. Auden put it, either love each other or die. Today, many of our fellow citizens, and perhaps especially our young people, have lost, or never possessed, the restraint and compassion essential to civilized life. Not surprisingly, they have developed a death wish. They perhaps hope that the end will come soon, and even in some instances they attempt to bring it about, for they have lost the ability to cope with life. They have become what the southern essayist Richard Weaver once called “moral idiots,” those incapable of responding to the challenges of being human. Heartless and indifferent, they live not immorally but amorally, without the capacity to tell good from evil or even to measure the extent of their depravity. They may find their progenitor in another young man wielding a pistol, who, nearly a century ago, initiated the ordeal that in the end turned the twentieth century into a charnel house.

Dead solid perfect…sadly.

God help us.

A Partial List Of Conservative/Libertarian Frauds

05 May 2016 @ 20:24

The list is growing so fast, it’s really hard to keep up, so here’s a partial one…


Swing And Sway With Donny – Hey!

05 May 2016 @ 08:20

A good number of conservative commentators have been stating that Donald Trump Magnus has to ‘move Right’ if he is to get the conservative vote, if he is to build a coalition sufficiently big enough to triumph in the Electoral College this November.

Mark Levin has stated that he believes Trump Magnus has to assure us that he will be with us on enough issues to satisfy us [see his radio show of 04 May 2016 as one example].

I’ve heard this whole ‘must move Right’ micheghas every since President Nixon’s campaign of 1972 and I’ve never understood one thing: why would you trust anyone who runs to our Left and then pivots Right when it become politically expedient? Why would you believe in the Sincerity of any person who will so blithely shift his or her stated political philosophy at just the moment when it becomes tactically smart and advantageous to do so?

Wishful Thinking is not a Virtue. In the matter of the survival of America as a Constitutional Republic, in fact, it leads to a kind of blindness that eats away at Freedom and Ordered Liberty like a caustic acid.

Projecting your Hopes onto anyone else is an effort doomed to Fail – and Fail utterly.

As for our would-be President:

Trump is who he is. He has a long record of public statements where he has unabashedly stated his view of America and the World – and they ain’t conservative.

While it is true that people can evolve philosophically, one cannot but doubt this seeming evolution if it only comes when it is advantageous to the person who is evolving.

The fact of the matter is rather simple: Donald J. Trump will do whatever it takes, say whatever needs to be said, to further his goal of achieving political Power And Control.

Further, he is the kind of man who has an insatiable desire to succeed and be admire, and he will do [and always has done] whatever it takes to have his bloated ego massaged.

Trump is a man with ‘no there, there’. He is devoid of any Scruples or any Sense Of Morality.

He is the kind of Demagogue we were warned of by The Founding Fathers.

Any move to the Right Trump Magnus makes will merely be a slick dance move designed to have him voted the winner of our political version of Dancing With The Stars.

…Happy the people who have wisdom to discern the true patriot of superior abilities, in all his counsels ever manifesting a sincere regard to the public good, and never with a selfish view attempting to deceive them, into hurtful measures; and happy the people who distinguish him from the designing demagogue, who, while he soothes them in their vices, and flatters them with high notions of liberty, and of easing their burdens, is plunging them into the depths of misery and bondage.

-Reverend Elizur Goodrich, The Principles Of Civil Union And Happiness Considered And Recommended, 1787

On The Democratic Revolution In America

03 May 2016 @ 20:38

…the majority however composed, ultimately give the law. Whenever therefore an apparent interest or common passion unites a majority what is to restrain them from unjust violations of the rights and interests of the minority, or of individuals?…

…Place three individuals in a situation wherein the interest of each depends on the voice of the others, and give to two of them an interest opposed to the rights of the third? Will the latter be secure? The prudence of every man would shun the danger. The rules & forms of justice suppose & guard against it. Will two thousand in a like situation be less likely to encroach on the rights of one thousand….

—James Madison, Vices of the Political System of the United States
[under the Articles Of Confederation], April 1787

This election season, so far, has brought to the fore the grand clash that is shaking America to it’s core.  I’m speaking of the War between those Americans who believe this country’s turning into a Democracy is an occurrence to be celebrated and those who believe that a Republican form of government must be Restored if Freedom and Ordered Liberty are to once again flourish here.

Judging by the way the nomination process for both major Parties has proceeded, I think it is clearly evident that a majority of the American People are devoted to maintaining the governments of this country as Democracies.

This Majority is divided by different visions of how the American Democracy should be structured and how it should function:

-The supporters of Bernie Sanders want to speed-up the transition — put into overdrive by Barack Obama and The Jarrett Junto — from the Moderate Statism [‘Statism-Lite’, if you will] of the Wilson/FDR variety to Fascism, and, finally, to Socialism.  Because, make no mistake, that is their end goal: a country governed by the Ideology of Leftism unfettered.

-The supporters of Hillary Rodham Clinton are fully behind what the present Administration has done and how it wants the situation to evolve next.  This flavor of Progressivism certainly wants to see America reach the Fascist Stage, where private property still exists and is still the responsibility of the owners of it to maintain, but where the government regulates and controls it’s use in every aspect.

The unknown is whether this group of Leftists really, ultimately, cares if the next stage, Socialism, is reached, because it’s adherents are more concerned with having and exerting Power And Control — possessing it exclusively — than with what form of government will allow for their Dictatorship to exist and survive.  So, if a Fascist government allows them to conduct their Despotism unchecked to their satisfaction, then why bother with the next step?  After all, for them the ultimate goal is the possession of the Power And Control necessary to remake us all in their Ideological Image — the form will follow the function.

-The supporters of Donald Trump want a Strongman, a Caesar/Sulla, who will ride in on his white horse, take control of the situation, and rule in ‘The Name Of The People’ — using whatever means are necessary to ‘Make America Great Again’.  These supporters want the government to protect them from what they perceive are our foreign dangers and more efficiently provide them with the benefits they believe they have ‘earned’ and/or ‘deserve’ [ex: Healthcare].

They believe Trump will be their Tribune, their Shield, their Guardian — that he understands their needs and will do whatever it takes to protect them.  They are willing to surrender many of their Natural Rights into his care because they believe the situation is so desperate as to require this.

All three of these groups want to maintain the Democracy that this country has evolved into since the Progressive Era.  They all believe that the ‘Will Of The People’ should reign in America — their definitions of this concept vary, but possess the same root meaning.

Democracy means the Majority should be firmly in charge of the governments at all levels.  They especially want to see the central/national government have effective control over the State, County, and Local governments because such Control will guarantee that their form of Democracy and what they believe to be it’s benefits will be available in every corner of the country.  That’s the only ‘fair’ way, as they see it, to go about having a ‘Good Democracy’.

The leaders of all three of these Groups believe they know what is the best way for America to be run.  These leaders believe they possess the Extraordinary and Unique Wisdom [the Secret Knowledge, or ‘Gnosis’] necessary to govern, to lead, The People to ‘A More Perfect Union’.

The followers of these leaders believe that a Democracy will ensure that they, The People [Praise Be Unto Them], acting as a Majority, will be able to keep a check on the leaders they choose.

This is their Hubris.

And, as History has shown in every single case where Democracy has been implemented, their Hubris will bring about their downfall [Nemesis].  Every Democracy eventually turns into a Tyranny and the Majority [or those members of it allowed to live] devolve into the Slaves of the Tyrants they have placed in Power And Control.

There is an alternative and it is a return to the Republican Constitution and the mindset that animated The Founders of America.

But, as it stands now, the Devotees of Democracy have the upper hand and may well end-up securing the nomination of both major Party’s Presidential Candidates.

The situation is grave.  We have been experiencing a Democratic Revolution in this country for many decades, but it has been a slow overthrow.  However, we have finally reached the inevitable stage in this process of Revolution where the pace has quickened considerably and we are on the verge of the completion of the overthrow and destruction of our Freedoms and Liberties.

The majority of Americans are now Disciples Of Democracy, the false religion relied on by Tyrants to achieve their ends.

In other words: the majority of Americans have become the Fellow Travellers and Dupes of Despots.

God help us.

The evils we experience flow from the excess of democracy. The people do not want virtue, but are the dupes of pretended patriots. In Massachusetts, it had been fully confirmed by experience, that they are daily misled into the most baneful measures and opinions, by the false reports circulated by designing men, and which no one on the spot can refute.

—Elbridge Gerry, Constitutional Convention, 31 May 1787

…the general object was to provide a cure for the evils under which the United States labored; that, in tracing these evils to their origin, every man had found it in the turbulence and follies of democracy; that some check therefore was to be sought for against this tendency of our governments.

—Edmund Randolph, Constitutional Convention, 31 May 1787

Every man of observation had seen in the democratic branches of the state legislatures, precipitation—in Congress, changeableness—in every department, excesses against personal liberty, private property, and personal safety.

—Gouverneur Morris, Constitutional Convention, 02 July 1787

[Source of the three quote above found in Debates In The Federal Convention Of 1787 by James Madison]

Bob Highly Recommends: A Lecture By Gordon Wood

01 May 2016 @ 20:38

On 20 October instant, Gordon Wood gave a lecture at the New York Historical Society on the arguments presented in the Library Of America’s two volume collection, The American Revolution: Writings from the Pamphlet Debate, 1764-1776.

In the course of the presentation, Professor Wood provided a very clear explanation and summary of the issue of where Sovereignty lies.  This is an argument that must, in my opinion, be contemplated and discussed by all of us who want to see the Restoration of Freedom and Ordered Liberty, because understanding where Sovereignty lies is essential to understanding how we can affect a proper Restoration, one that will last longer this time.

C-SPAN does not, it seems, allow embedding of it’s videos, so please follow this link.

NOTE: While I do not agree with every conclusion Mr. Wood draws here and in his writings, he is one of the most honest scholars of this period, a man worthy of serious attention.

During the course of the lecture, Mr. Wood quotes this from Samuel Adams:

There are, my Lord, fundamental rules of the constitution, which it is humbly presumed, neither the supreme legislative nor the supreme executive can alter. In all free states, the constitution is fixed ; it is from thence, that the legislative derives its authority; therefore it cannot change the constitution without destroying its own foundation.  [From: THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES OF MASSACHUSETTS TO THE EARL OF SHELBURNE. JANUARY 15. 1768. Samuel Adams, principal author.]

On Ted Cruz And The Restoration Of The Republic

29 April 2016 @ 10:59

You hear comments like this rather frequently these days:

Even if Cruz is the Savior, he’s too little way too late. And he’s just another pandering, manipulative pol, anyway.

Mr. Cruz has never – unlike a certain New York Megalomaniac or a particular Red Diaper Spoiled Brat – proclaimed himself to be The American Messiah. Mr. Cruz is not so shallow or Narcissistic to believe he can be Our Political Jesus.

He believes that he can put together a group of conservatives, backed by enough of the Sovereign People, to begin the Restoration of the national government.

Mr. Cruz is mistaken, because the central government is so corrupted by Leftism that it is terminal. It’s too far gone to fix; there’s not enough flesh left on it to restore to a Normal appearance.

I believe any hope we have of achieving a Restoration of our Freedom and Ordered Liberty lies in the Several States, if we can work together and take over a few of them and then stage a Rebellion against the National Despotism [and the attendant State Despotisms], with the ultimate goal of reconstituting The Constitution down the long road ahead.

However, I believe Mr. Cruz will be able – has what it takes, has The Right Stuff – to reconstitute the effectiveness of our National Security, so that we can get about our business on the State Level with less concern for foreign invasions of all kinds. Also: while he will not be able to save the Federal Patient, he will be able to move it a bit out of the way of our efforts domestically.

Throughout his public career, Edward Cruz has proven he is the opposite of a ‘pandering, manipulative pol’. If you honestly believe he is one, then you have either been imbibing the Leftist Kool-Aid or binge-eating Trump Steaks – or both – and you’ve rendered yourself philosophically Morbidly-Obese.

Time is running out.

We must decide whether we will fight against Tyranny or prepare ourselves to be locked into the cold chains of Despotism.

Non serviam.
Aut mori aut liberos vivere.

(I will not be a slave.
I will either live free or die.)


Response To The Plea Of The Trumpists

20 April 2016 @ 09:56

Over at Protein Wisdom, in a comment left on a post by Jeff Goldstein, SteveAZ made a plea in the aftermath of the the New York Primary:

Now that Trump has bested Cruz in NYC I think it’s time for all of us to seek common ground behind the GOP candidate with the best chances for winning in Nov. We at Jeff’s site have much more in common than you would gather from this comments thread.

Let’s seize on these shared concerns and forge a united front going forward.

This is something I suspect we’ll be hearing from a lot of Trump Supporters in the next few days.

My response to them all…

So Steve: you’re saying we conservatives and Classical Liberals should find common ground with those of you who support a man who would do nothing to halt the hardening of this country into a Statist Regime?

You’re saying that we should make our peace with the inevitability of Statism? That we should seek to preserve those few Freedoms and Liberties we have left, while accepting the ‘Reality’ of the situation [ie: be Pragmatic]? That we should work with you to promote a would-be-Caesar because, unlike with Mzzz. Rodham, we have a chance of cutting little deals with Citizen Trump? That we should accept that the best we can hope for are scraps liberated from the Despotic Table?

‘Time to make peace with Caesar’, eh?

Samuel Adams and Company wouldn’t work with the Loyalists who, like the Trumpists, wanted to work within the Corrupt System to reform it. As noble as men like John Dickinson were, they were pathetically blind to the fact that working within the Corrupt System meant compromising and betraying their beliefs because that was the only way to effectively get anything done within a Debased, Depraved, and Immoral System.

When you allow your own Soul to be infected with Corruptions, you can never trust your motives or actions any longer. Corruption is a virulent Cancer.

The answer is ‘No’ — a resounding, unyielding ‘Nay!’

Non serviam!

The Danger is general; and should we succumb under the heavy Rod now hanging over us, we might be esteemed the base Betrayers of the Common Interest.

—Samuel Adams, letter to Wymberley Jones, 16 July 1774


19 April 1775 #NeverForget

19 April 2016 @ 19:41


Republished from two years ago:

William Billings composed this magnificent piece of music to commemorate the British occupation of Boston in the aftermath of the battles at Concord and at Lexington…

This version was performed by The Essex Harmony at the Old South Meeting House on 11 April 2010.

By the Rivers of Watertown we sat down and wept,
We wept when we remembered thee, O Boston,
When we remembered thee, O Boston.
As for our prayers, Lord God of Heaven,
Preserve them, defend them, deliver, and restore them unto us,
Preserve them, defend them, deliver, and restore them unto us again.
For they that held them in bondage
Required of them to take up arms against their Brethren

Forbid it, Lord – God forbid
That those who have sucked Bostonian Breasts
Should thirst for American Blood.

A voice was heard in Roxbury which echoed thro’ the Continent,
Weeping for Boston…
Weeping for Boston because of their Danger.
Is Boston my dear Town, is it my native Place?
For since their Calamity I do earnestly remember it still!
I do earnestly remember it still!

If I forget thee, yea, if I do not remember thee,
Then let my numbers cease to flow,
Then be my Muse unkind,
Then let my Tongue forget to move and ever be confined;
Let horrid Jargon split the Air and rive my nerves asunder.
Let hateful discord greet my ear as terrible as Thunder.
Let harmony be banished hence and Consonance depart;
Let dissonance erect her throne and reign within my Heart.

[It should be noted that I am publishing this post to honor the memory of those died for Freedom and Liberty at Concord and Lexington on 19 April 1775.  This post has nothing to do with the whole maudlin and seemingly endless ‘Boston Strong’ wailings and lamentations.  —Bob Belvedere]

In 1775, men, such as Samuel and John Adams, Paul Revere, Dr. Joseph Warren, and Captain John Parker, were OUTLAWS.

In 2016, we are the OUTLAWS.

And we should act accordingly.


Thank You, Supporters Of @RealDonaldTrump!

28 March 2016 @ 10:19

For many years now, I’ve been trying to come to a better understanding of why The Roman Republic fell, hoping to be able, thus, to see the signs and light the warning beacon for this Republic in time to prevent History from repeating here.

My understanding is now much more complete, so I wish to thank those on the Right who support Donald Trump and have been engaging in defending their candidate and his campaign’s actions. You have provided me with a fairly clear view into the mindset of those Roman Citizens who helped bring about the Downfall of The Roman Republic that led to the rise of the Tyrannical Empire Of Rome.

I will now set about gathering faggots and rushes to make the beacon glow much more brightly.

Once again: thank you Trumpkins.

Hail Trump Magnus!

Should Levity & Foppery ever be the ruling Taste of the Great, the Body of the People would be in Danger of catching the Distemper, and the ridiculous Maxims of the one would become fashionable among the other.

I pray God we may never be addicted to Vanity & the Folly of Parade! Pomp & Show serve very well to promote the Purposes of European & Asiatick grandeur, in Countries where the Mystery of Iniquity is carried to the highest Pitch, & Millions are tame enough to believe that they are born for no other Purpose than to be subservient to the capricious Will of a single Great Man or a few! It requires Council & sound Judgment to render our Country secure in a flourishing Condition.

—If Men of Wisdom & Knowledge, of Moderation & Temperance, of Patience Fortitude & Perseverance, of Sobriety & true Republican Simplicity of Manners, of Zeal for the Honor of the Supreme Being & the Welfare of the Common Wealth — If Men possessed of these & other excellent Qualities are chosen to fill the Seats of Government we may expect that our Affairs will rest on a solid & permanent Foundation.

—Samuel Adams, Letter Elbridge Gerry, 27 November 1780

When the People set up a Great Man of their own, their Jealousy is asleep, & they are in Danger of a Master.

—Samuel Adams, Letter to Samuel Phillips Savage, 10 November 1778