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#Wuhan And Male Homosexuals: Yin And Wang At South Beach

21 March 2020 @ 16:16

[REMINDER Before We Start: The best way to keep-up with Truth-infused news about the Wuhan Virus is to take my advice here.]

Upset The Balance Of Nature and you’ll pay…

From Stacy McCain we learn that a very large gathering of Male Homosexuals at Miami’s South Beach recently was bereft of the recommended precautions to avoiding getting the Wuhan Virus.

A highlight:

At least nine men who attended the March 4-10 “Winter Party” LGBTQ festival in Miami have tested positive for Wuhan coronavirus. The annual gay festival in South Beach attracted thousands of visitors….

Please do take the time to read Stacy’s full post here.

Drug- and alcohol-fueled parties were held where no protections were to be found.

This is typical of Homosexual Men [one of whom was under consideration by Joe ‘Hill’ Biden to be his VP].

Further on in the post, Stacy remarks:

So, in addition to the racism of calling this a “Chinese virus,” I suppose I’m now guilty of homophobia for calling attention to how Miami’s “Winter Party” helped spread the disease. Also, telling the truth about a Democrat’s “meth-fueled sexy orgy” makes me a hater, I guess.

Political correctness requires us to pretend we don’t know things that we actually do know, e.g., what happens when thousands of gay men travel to a week-long festival in Miami. Even when the consequences of such behavior include spreading potentially fatal diseases, we are expected never to mention the sordid reality involved. You could lose your job — or get banned from Twitter — if you refuse to cooperate with the “progressive” agenda of this compulsory make-believe game.

…Most Americans never stop to think about the motives behind political correctness: Why are some categories of behavior (and some categories of people) off-limits to criticism?

Once a special-interest group aligns itself with the Democratic Party, suddenly you’re forbidden to express a negative opinion of them. The rules of political correctness are always dictated by this partisan formula. Once upon a time, Catholics were a key constituency for the Democratic Party, which meant criticism of Catholic practices was prohibited. Once the abortion lobby and the LGBTQ crowd gained ascendancy among Democrats, however, denouncing Catholicism became more or less mandatory. Likewise, anti-Semitism was forbidden until the Democrats began soliciting support from Muslims, at which point Jew-haters like Ilhan Omar became the leaders of the party’s “progressive” wing.


I, for the same reasons as Stacy cites, am, it seems a HATER!!!™.

For me this is also History fairly-repeating itself.  When a treatment for AIDS came about and the disease went from Fatal to Chronic [ie: treatable over a long period], Male Homosexuals threw all caution the wind and began engaging again in reckless Sexual Behavior.

Men like to take risks and here was a Heavy Risk that most had Denied themselves before the Chronic Treatments were developed.  Some of the old bathhouses reopened and Discreet all-male gyms became popular meeting spots for Male Homosexual sexual activity, both Anonymous and Friendly.  As Rahm ‘Twinkle Toes’ [IYKWIMAITYD] Emanuel once said: ‘Never let a good crisis go to waste’.

When sex is conducted between men, their is not present the Balance that a woman would provide [although, in this Godless Age, far too many women have become acting like men for various Stupid reasons].

Sexually, men have little Sexual Restraint; it is the women who provide the Constraint — the trait of avoiding excesses — in a Normal, Natural sexual relationship.  Yin and Yang, a Natural Balance.

Of course, no ‘reputable’ government official or Leftist media person will report on any of this — only HATERS!!!™ like Stacy McCain.

Once again: Political Correctness is putting us in Danger.

RELATED: As for Lesbians: I suspect that the vast majority of them are not engaging in such behavior because they’re almost all Neurotic.

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  1. 22 March 2020 @ 16:49 16:49

    I am reminded of certain comments from various Information Ministers, including denials of where American troops were in 2003.


  1. In The Mailbox: 03.23.20 : The Other McCain

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