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Wuhan-Corona Virus Info: The Best Reporting And Commentary

19 March 2020 @ 15:37

[NOTE: This post will be stuck up here at the top of this column for the time being.  Any new posts from me will be posted below this one.]

I neither have the time time nor the strength to keep fully up-to-date on the Wuhan Virus, but there are two Exceellant sources for both Real Reporting and Truthful Analysis of it…

The Other McCain


Steyn Online

Both are well-worth checking into frequently.

I will continue to comment, but these two men are the Best at what they do.

UPDATE on 25 MARCH 2020:

I’ve posted an Addendum to this post here.

SIDENOTE: Information on obtaining a copy of my book, THE PRESENT CRISIS is available in the right-hand column

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  1. Nicola Timmerman permalink
    16 June 2020 @ 05:18 05:18

    On the death of Jean Raspail of Camp des Saints: go to around 30 min mark for his commentary.


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