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A Non-Wuhan Post: Of Scoundrels And Fools

17 March 2020 @ 16:21

A few days back, Molratty posted a thread on Twitter after reading Kevin Williamson’s post, entitled: Joe Biden: Not a Socialist, Just a Scoundrel.

In her first Tweet, she wrote:

Brutal, but fair. He has the visage of a charming man, but is just below the surface a vicious, dishonest, scheming, lifelong machine politician.

A great summation of a Wasted Life.

In two subsequent Tweets, she continued:

If you don’t like people telling the truth about Biden because you think Trump is worse, you’re probably part of the same blind support problem you complain about re Trump.


They’re all bad. Maybe in different degrees, but all bad. Grow a pair and stop complaining because people point that out.

Dead Solid Perfect.

This Blind Worshiping — because that’s what it is — is to be expected by The Left, but should not be swimming freely on the port side.

We’ve seen this happen on the Right over and over again since the 2016 Election Season began in 2015.  Trump proclaims that he’s going to do A and many of his supporters cheer him loudly.  Trumpicus then does B and those same Worshipers switch their cheers to B.  It’s Repugnant and bespeaks of Caesarism.  It is Self-Delegitimizing for those who call themselves ‘conservative’.  Independence of Mind and Soul is the keystone of the Conservative Philosophy.  One could easily say that these Trumpites are Abandoning their God-Given Free Will.

This Self-Blinding has made me lose Faith in much of The American Right.  Read History, Dammit!  Read about Sulla.

The Murdering of our Constitutional Republic, which has been accelerating since 2006 thanks to The Left In America, is now being Aided And Abetted by this contingent of supporters of Trumpicus Pompey Maximus Sulla.

Question everything a politician does; look at his motives.  As Mol said ‘They’re all bad’.

Lional Mandrake [@LMandrakeJr] posed a question to Mol:

The question that hasn’t been adequately addressed is why our politics is now attracting the worst of the population. The stereotypical used car salespeople are a better class

She replied:

Because people get on their team and can brook no criticism of these politicians, regardless of their flaws. We’d be a lot better off if voters viewed politicians with a more robust level of contempt, even when they’re voting for them.


You’re not required to own every shitty thing the guy you voted for does. You’re not required to defend it. They aren’t kings and queens and you’re not their subjects.

Exactly: STOP thinking like Vassals…like Sheep.

Summon that ‘more robust level of contempt‘.

The Future of this already-damaged Republic is at stake.  We cannot afford Sullaism or Caesarism, if we are to have any Hope of Restoring Freedom And Ordered Liberty.


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  1. 17 March 2020 @ 19:07 19:07

    Agreed. Our political class needs to loose once a while, or get run out of town on occasion. Not to mention, our political process drives the sane and upstanding out as a single questionable event (like mine) means they’d never become candidates. The nutcases that run don’t fear their pasts catching up to them (see: MN-5).

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