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La Cosa Obama: Return Of The Living Dead?

11 March 2020 @ 15:32

…But, the Truth is: it was never dead.

Many thought Bernie Sanders was a Bolshevik — tough, unrelenting, no-holds-barred — but he is and was not.

Mark Steyn provides us with a very telling example:

~To modify T S Eliot in “The Hollow Men” (whose theme seems not inappropriate), this is the way the world ends, not with a Bern but a whimper. As I said on Rush the morning after Super Tuesday, Senator Sanders blew the 2016 election with a single line — his crotchetty insistence to Mrs Clinton that he was “sick and tired of hearing about your damn emails”. That told Hillary that he wouldn’t go after her on the subject of her corruption and lawlessness. Which in turn told Hillary that Bernie wasn’t serious.

And so it proved.

Four years later, he was now, I said on the radio, making the same mistake again – in a pitiful Super Tuesday speech too gutless to mention Joe Biden by name. If he didn’t butch up before Michigan, he’d be over. That means not oblique references to unspecified candidates whose positions on Social Security and 2008 bailouts he disagrees with, but clobbering Biden by name on a) his decades-long corruption; and b) his more recent but increasingly obvious cognitive impairment. Only if a Democrat makes either an issue will the court eunuchs of the American media be obliged to cover it. Absent that, in the post-Iowa/New Hampshire avalanche of primaries, people vote on a vague recollection of Joe Biden from fifteen years back, when, by comparison with a Castroite crank flapping his arms around, he seemed “likeable” — or, in the dreary clichés of presidential politics, the candidate you’d enjoy sharing a beer with — even if Joe had no idea he was sharing a beer with you and was convinced he was sharing a margarita with Esther Williams and Mikhail Gorbachev.

Bernie blew it. The closest he got was tiptoeing up to the issue by noting that, while he himself was out there giving hour-long speeches, Biden’s were now down to seven minutes. If you’re paying attention, you kinda sorta know what he’s hinting at, even if trumpeting the charms of a stump speech eight times longer than your opponent isn’t the most persuasive way to sell it.

But again he needed to say it, and he didn’t. America’s Castro turns out to be not a real revolutionary, just a Vermont weekending flatlander of a revolutionary, a Ben & Jerry’s novelty ice-cream flavor of the real thing — Stalinist Swirl, Beria Blast, The Choctober Revolution, Hammer & Brickle…

What a joke.


I am reminded of the situation in Russia in 1917-1918 when the Mensheviks seized power.  They were overthrown by the more Determined and Committed Bolsheviks, who were Bold and Brazen.

Bernard likes to think he is emulating the latter, but, as Mark shows, he is nothing but a Feckless former [as the Mensheviks all were].

Like the Failed Mensheviks, he is a Blowhard, who talks the talk, but needs a walker to walk the walk, but refuses to use one.

As for Joe ‘Hill’ Biden: he has been raised from The Political Dead by, I think, New New Leftists [pronounced ‘Nu Nu’; see Teletubbies, The] who fear, and they are quite justified, that a Sanders Nomination would Doom their chances of regaining full Power And Control [they never gave it up all the way because the Deep State was working for them since Trumpicus took Office].

So, it appears that the La Cosa Obama Crime Family has been working behind the scenes to push for whatever candidate will sweep them back in.  With the other Dems gone, they’re left with Joe ‘Hill’, but they see this as merely a bump in the Road To Regain Power And Control.

The way things have been going since 2015-2016, I wouldn’t be surprised if La Cosa Obama is not already planning this and how their administration will run.

As Mark Steyn Club member, Kathryn Maxwell, remarks in the Comments section of Mark’s post:

I fear that the Dems will insert Mrs. Obama into the VP slot to capture the Bern youth and the black voters. They will also choose the cabinet members. Shortly following his inauguration (God forbid,) the cabinet will meet and solemnly declare that they unanimously deem him to be incompetent. Voila! President Obama II. 12 years.

I agree with KM about the first part, but I don’t think they will move on Invoking the Twenty-Fifth Amendment clause as long as they can control Biden.  As long as he Dutifully serves as the New New Left’s Mad King Joe, they’ll keep him as President so that he can take the shite and they can proceed with furthering The Revolution.

I think it very likely that Michelle will be his VP running mate.  Like Hillaria Tiberius, she wants to Shine on her own.

However, as Club member, Segnes Schonken, comments:

I guess we should engage in a little politely subdued rejoicing while we can. It should be qualified, at any rate. The notion of socialism now has a legitimate place in American political discourse….

If and when Joe ‘Hill’ Biden gets The Nod and if he chooses Barack’s Klingon Wife, Trumpicus Pompey Maximus Sulla will have a harder time winning.

Caveat: I’m just trying to make sense of it all — have been since 2015-2016.  I freely admit that I sometimes forget that ‘all of the conventional political wisdom went out the window in 2015/2016‘.

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  1. Fergus permalink
    11 March 2020 @ 16:45 16:45

    Wow who could resist voting for a senile old fool if one also gets Obama’s husband as an added extra. Sure to win all the states that would have gone for Trump. I mean the allure of Obama’s husband and another 8 years of growth, stability, and a domestic policy that made Jimmy Carter look like Augustus.

    I mean Caligua Obama? Why the hell not.

    • 13 March 2020 @ 16:03 16:03

      I DON’T want to be conquered by the Klingons ’cause you know they’ll bring in the Romulans.

  2. John permalink
    13 March 2020 @ 08:29 08:29

    Everything is downhill from (Republican supported) mass immigration. Without the locked-up foriegn vote the Democrats wouldn’t dare support the present radical agenda. The Republicans committed murder-suicide against the nation and themselves with their support of open borders over the last several decades. They did it for the money and the press. Now there’s not much you can do about it. Everything Stein says about Bernie is true of the Republicans too.

  3. 13 March 2020 @ 21:12 21:12

    I’d be surprised by this, but considering the attraction power has had on people for millennia, I’m not surprised they are trying to get back into the spotlight.

    Considering that prior presidents under 70, unless they loose an election, have an amazing ability to start sniffing around the office again. I’m not surprised.

  4. Adobe_Walls permalink
    15 March 2020 @ 09:58 09:58

    The Bernie Bros have no loyalty at all to the Democratic party. The party is simply a vehicle to ride on their way to the revolution. I think it’s highly unlikely that the Bros are any more likely to vote for Biden no matter who his VP is. They didn’t vote for Hillary in 16 and many would not have voted for Warren then or this time. While the Left in general may think the Wookie is dreamy and would make a dreamy president the Bernie Bros in particular do not.
    While we on this side of the great divide consider all significant Democrats revolutionaries the Bernie Bros most certainly do not.

    • 16 March 2020 @ 15:05 15:05

      Adobe wrote: ‘…While we on this side of the great divide consider all significant Democrats revolutionaries the Bernie Bros most certainly do not.’

      That’s why Menshevik vs. Bolshevik popped into my mind, but you’re right.

      Perhaps I should have used a Russian Anarchist Nihilist vs. Democratic Socialist comparison?

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