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Lizzie Boredom Heads To Happy Hunting Ground

06 March 2020 @ 16:43

Stacy McCain on the withdrawal of Liz ‘Dances With Lies’ Warren:

…A Harvard professor ran a campaign that appealed to the kind of people who are impressed by Harvard professors. Such people are very numerous among the media elite, but not so much among the rank-and-file Democratic primary voters. So now Elizabeth Warren is packing it in, and the presidential campaign becomes a choice between old white guys.

Lizzie Boredom, like John Forbes Kerry and Barack Hussein ‘The Magic Negro’ Obama, had the support of The Feminist Elite, who have degrees from Woke Universities and Colleges.  That group is, in the greater scheme of political things, rather small.  The Great Fake Red Hope couldn’t win with them alone.  ‘Obama’ had the motivated black vote on his side.  On the other hand, very few outside of TFE liked her because of her Lies and not-well-thought-out Prevarications.

As Howie Carr points out:

For the record, exit polls in Massachusetts showed her finishing third among women. They should be proud of themselves.

The Commonwealth is still populated, when it comes to women, by Blue Collar females who do not like Snooty Women…and Fauxahontas surely was that.  They voted her in for Senate because Scott Brown was am Idiot, who had the personality of used toilet paper, but they also did so because they saw her as the lesser of evils and to keep ‘Ted Kennedy’s Seat’ in the hands of a Democrat.

More Howie:

It was a long time coming, but many moons of utter political phoniness, of speaking with forked tongue, finally came back to bite her in the … well, you know.


…it’s all over. Add her name to the list of also-rans from the Bay State, two of whom joined on the ballot and in oblivion on the ballot Tuesday — Bill Weld and Deval Patrick.

And before them Ted Kennedy, Mike Dukakis, Paul Tsongas, John Kerry … and now Lieawatha. All their candidacies ended up in the Happy Hunting Ground. Not one became the Great White Father.

Well…I can’t add to that.

Bye Lizzie, we knew ye too well.


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