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Elections 2020: And The Plot Twisted From Side To Side

04 March 2020 @ 17:32

We may not have seen the last plot twist in this story.

Stacy McCain

ITEM #1:

I was wrong.

In previous posts, i offered the theory that the New New Left people in positions of Power And Control over at the DNC — in conjunction with the Radical Young Left — were going to do to Joe ‘Hill’ Biden what they’ve been doing to the Old Left and the New Left.

The only thing that kept him Viable is that Joe ‘Hill’ Biden was chosen by Obama to be his Vice President. Otherwise, he would have faded from The Political Scene.

The New New Left never really liked him and the Radical Young Left despise him.

What I see going on here is what I’ve noticed in a more subtle form since, at least, 2008: the New New Left, in an uneasy alliance with the Radical Young Left that will not last, is slowly and quietly ‘taking-out’, whacking politically, as it were, the now Old Timers of the Old Left and New Left. They’re going after state and local pols, along with DA’s, etc. It is a Slow Massacre of those not exhibiting enough Radicalism [ie: those suffering from ‘False Consciousness’]. The New New Left and the Radical Young Left are not coordinating their activities: the latter is always ready to shoot at the former.

Joe ‘Hill’ Biden is just the latest, albeit the most well-known, ‘Old Timer’ to get caught in the Crossfire.

That was at the end of last August.

Just a month ago, after the Iowa mish-mash, I wrote:

The Biden ‘No-Malarkey! You Young Whipper Snappers’ Campaign may well be, at the very least, Terminal after the Iowa Caucuses.

Joe ‘Hill’ was Doomed, eventually, from the start.

I refused to listen to that voice in my head that reminded me that all of the conventional political wisdom went out the window in 2015/2016.

For some reason only known to Baal, the DNC has decided the perhaps-Dementia-ridden Joe ‘Hill’ is the one to carry their torch.  I thought it would be Warren or Buttigeig — wrong again, Bobby Bel.

ITEM #2:

The trouncing of Squaw Elizabeth Warren [aka: Dances Badly In Pantsuits] in her home state of The People’s Republic Of Massachusetts surprised the Hell out of me.

It also made me laugh at her and those who foisted her upon The Bay State and then nationally, thinking that she was The Great White Hope of Modern Times.

She was only ever an Apparatchik…and a Dull and Depleted one at that.

Warren is still probably a contender for VP, but who knows?

ITEM #3:

If he is anointed, the Democratic Party’s choice for a VP for Biden is now taken-on a higher importance.  Can you say 25th Amendment?…or death in office?

ITEM #4:

How will the Radical Young Left and the Feministas react?  They Despise Joe.

For some valuable insights on this and other connected matters, please take the time to click here and read Stacy McCain’s analysis.

ITEM #5:

One more thing about Joe ‘Hill’ Biden: I forgot how the song, The Ballad Of Joe Hill ends [emphasis mine]:

I dreamed I saw Joe Hill last night
Alive as you or me
Says I, But Joe, you’re ten years dead
I never died, says he
I never died, says he

The Ballad Of Joe Hill

I was wrong.

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  1. 04 March 2020 @ 23:09 23:09

    I’m hypothesizing that Hizzoner and my Senior Senator (spit) made deals with Biden’s handlers. I wonder who gets what in the horse-trade?

    As for Warren, I hope she understands like the Swimmer after 1980, that being Senator for Massholes, there’s no where else to go.


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