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Coronavirus Update: 2020-03-01 (featuring @steynonline)

01 March 2020 @ 18:06

With apologies to Robert Service…

I’m one of these cynical chaps
Who sit in my office drinking;
A most improper taste, perhaps,
Yet conducive to my thinking…

I don’t place any Trust in any government to take the Proper actions regarding the Coronavirus [although the verdict is still out on The United State Of America].

Mark Steyn is just as Cynical as I am…and he has provided an update on COVID-19 [sounds like a top-secret, super-duper operation of the SAS] that I will quote the newest part in full, as it represents what I would have written if I had his talent.

It is titled: When the System Infects You:

As we were saying…

China officials knew of coronavirus in December, ordered cover-up, report says

Shame on the halfwit faux-conservative suck-ups who over the last third of a century mortgaged the global supply chain (including basic medicines) to a totalitarian dictatorship. And nuts to the technocrat Napoleon and Politburo shill Bloomberg who presumes to save America from a future he helped arrange.

In other developments:

Coronavirus: 2 dozen first responders quarantined in Washington state

In China over three thousand health workers have been infected by COVID-19, and have thus helped spread the virus and infect many others, including those already weakened by other ailments who made the mistake of going to hospital. I hope startling carelessness in America and Italy and elsewhere will not result in similar outcomes throughout the west. We have been here before. What ought to have been one of the most disturbing aspects of the SARS outbreak is that in Canada the disease was spread by the medical system itself. Here’s what I had to say in The National Post on April 24th 2003….

Mark then goes on to reprint a column, which is a True Must-Read [please click here].

Will the Deadly Bungles happen again?

One of the reasons I’m especially, intensely Cynical is because I know how Bureaucracies work, having been inside one since the late 1970’s at the state level and having dealt with Local and Federal ones on a regular basis during those years.

SteynOnline commentator Diane Guy remarks:¹

…A good majority of the world unquestionably accepts whatever panacea their ‘betters’ dish up. Unbridled bureaucracy not subject to common sense oversight will be the death of us all.

And that is exactly what has happened since The Bureaucracy [aka: The Administrative State] began it’s Morbid Obesely Bloat under FDR.  They have become, at all levels, a separate branch of government, especially in their promulgation of Regulations that have the Force Of Law, even though The Sovereign People’s Representatives have never voted on them — this is just one of their Unconstitutional Sins.

The World War II Generation put their faith in FDR and his ‘Brain Trust’ and subsequent Generations have accepted The Bureaucracy they and their minions created.  At one point during my tenure in that Enemy Territory, I came-up with a simple summation of them, a unofficial motto, a guiding philosophy if you will of these Vultures who feed-off the carcass of America: If it makes Sense, DON’T do it.

We have no idea the course the spread of the Coronavirus will take.

I’m just advising that you be very Cynical of what Governments tell you.

Take precautions for your Family and keep your friends in the loop…and, if you’re the praying-type, Pray.

SIDENOTE: The N95 Respirator Mask is the mask to buy.


¹ I urge you to join The Mark Steyn Club and help support Mark in his efforts to Expose threats to American Freedom And Ordered Liberty and threats to the Survival of The West.  If you are unable then I would urge you to make frequent stops at SteynOnline.

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  1. 01 March 2020 @ 18:34 18:34

    I’m kind of worried because I have to fly to KC the middle of next week. Not for me as such, but for my better half. She has Primary Shogrens Disease. It’s an autoimmune disease so if I get sick, I’ll have to stay away from the house until I’m well. Even a common cold is bad for her.

    I’ve got some N95 masks, but having a full beard, they won’t help me unless I get sick, then they’ll help contain any coughing or sneezes.

    • 05 March 2020 @ 16:35 16:35

      Tough dilemma, Mike.

      I have a Compromised Immune System, so Mrs. B. and me are being careful. The N95 masks are being delivered. Luckily, there have been no cases in our area so far.

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