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On Gramsci, Father And Son Buttigieg

29 February 2020 @ 17:41

Angelo Codevilla has written another Magnificent analysis of the current state of affairs [tip of the fedora to Smitty].

He warns that Pete Buttigieg [SIDENOTE: What self-respecting Man runs for any elected office using his nickname?] is not so much a Leninist or Stalinist or Maoist, but a Faithful Studeent of Gramsci, and Evil Man, who I would contend is, perhaps, the creator of one of the worst of the Leftist Viruses — The Black Plague and Ebola rolled into one.

In the first part of his essay, Mr. Codevilla explains who Antonio Gramsci was.

Some highlights…

Gramsci’s critique of what he judged to be Lenin and Stalin’s insufficiently thorough totalitarianism followed from his Machiavellian dissent from Karl Marx’s doctrine that human thought is “superstructural,” that is, a mere reflection of people’s relationship to the means of production. Machiavelli had realized the overwhelming power of ideas, expressed in language, especially religious language. Orthodox Marxists—like Lenin and Stalin, down to Fidel Castro and, yes, Bernie Sanders—believe that seizing control of people’s livelihoods, secured by police forces, confers ultimate power.

Machiavelli, however, recognized that no amount of physical coercion could erase memories of lost freedoms. As circumstances changed, these memories could always overthrow the regime. Ultimate control requires erasing memories of former ways from human minds. Only by changing the meaning of words can the regime make it impossible even to think of alternatives to its power.

Hence, Gramsci and his followers have stressed that laying the foundations of ultimate, unshakable Communist power requires establishing absolute “hegemony” over culture, and especially over religion.

As the late and very much missed Andrew Breitbart said: Politics is downstream from Culture.  Control The Culture, Corrupt it from within to suit Leftist Philosophy, Overturn the meanings of words, and what you get is a Gramscian Tyranny [maybe George Orwell read Gramsci and it influenced his development of Newspeak in Nineteen Eighty-Four?]


Lenin and Stalin destroyed church buildings and murdered priests. That did nothing to make people forget Christianity. Gramsci thought that Mussolini’s approach—paying the priests, helping to choose bishops who talked of less of Christ than of patriotic duty, and of Christ in Fascist-friendly terms—was likelier to kill Christianity by co-opting it.

In short, Gramscian Communists want to attack the whole civilization by seizing the culture’s commanding heights, and changing the meaning of cultural icons—as well as backing that up with police power over livelihoods.

You see, Buttigieg is not simply a follower of Gramsci: he and his Father have been deeply immersed in that Italian’s thinking for quite some time:

…young Pete assisted his father, Notre Dame English professor Joseph Buttigieg, president of the International Gramsci Society, in editing the English translation of Gramsci’s works—writings about which it is impossible to be neutral.

Far from neutral, the elder Buttigieg was among the world’s biggest fans of that most totalitarian of totalitarian theorists….

In the second part of the essay, Mr. Codevilla shows how Buttigeig is quite the A+ student of Gramsci.  ]The same theory was put forward by Insightful people about ‘Barack Hussein Obama’, but he was actually a mixture of Lenin, Mao, and Gramsci.]

From AC:

A few political commentators have noted the incongruity in Mayor Pete’s self-proclaimed moderation. Loudly, he vows fidelity to all manner of American cultural icons: Religion above all, family, the military, capitalism, and so on. But the not so fine print of what he says about each and all of these is at variance with how most Americans understand them.

If these commentators had read Gramsci — whom Pete has read as an editor reads — they would not merely say that he has one foot in the moderate camp and another in the radical one. No. From a Gramscian standpoint, Pete’s views make perfect Communist sense.

Mr. Codevilla then cites some examples…


Start with Creation. “Male and female created He them,” says Genesis, so that they may “be fruitful and multiply.” But the party says that sex is a social construct. Jewish law prescribes death to punish homosexuality. Pete and the party don’t object to calling Jesus homosexual and insist that opposition to homosexuality is un-Christian. Their Christianity also requires no control of immigration.

“He who does not work, neither shall he eat?” By their Christianity, St. Paul is un-Christian. So is anybody who stands in the way of killing babies who survive abortions. For the party approved version of Christianity, the Decalogue’s protection of innocent human life is anti-woman.

Is there any doubt that adherence to this version of Christianity is all about making Christianity anathema to Christians in a way that Lenin and Stalin could never manage?

No doubt about it.

The Family [emphasis mine]:

Family? Mayor Pete, who has counseled a 9-year-old boy to “come out” as a homosexual, touts that he is “a happily married man” who looks forward to having and raising children. To describe a homosexual couple taking adopting children generated by someone else and raising them in their own image remains repugnant to most people. Americans will not vote to place a pair of homosexuals into the White House as paragons of family life. Lenin and Stalin and Mao tried to abolish families by making life difficult for them. Gramsci would have done more by transforming family life into an off-putting parody.

My fear is, though it seems Trumpius Sulla is likely to be Re-Elected, what will happen in 2024?

The majority of Americans seem to have accepted this Fantasy known as ‘Gay Marriage’ and will probably not hold Buttigeig’s Perversions against him in five years.

Those are just two examples.

In the third part of Mr. Codevilla’s essay he looks at what he rightly calls The Tightening Gramscian Grip:

…were Antonio Gramsci to survey today’s America, he would be hopeful.

Thanks to our dumbed-down, politically correct educational system, more and more Americans are susceptible to identifying religion, economics, and morality in the way our corrupt ruling class embodies them. Because our ruling class—religious leaders, politicians, professors, corporate officials, Hollywood, the media—are redefining the icons of American life in their own corrupt images, people increasingly are willing to turn their backs on them.

Gramsci would have reason to hope that, soon, Americans will no longer remember who they once were, and that, not wanting anything to do with what they now misunderstand that older America to have been, will be unable to resist the party.

Too many of us are slowly coming to Love Big Brother Antonio.


…Listen, I’ve summed them all up: the teacher who laughs with the children at their God and at their cradle is ours already.  …Schoolboys who kill a peasant for the sake of a thrill are ours.  The juries who acquit all criminals without distinction are ours.  A public prosecutor, who trembles in court because he is not sufficiently progressive, is ours, ours.  Administrators, authors — oh, there are lots and lots of us, and they don’t know it themselves.

On the other hand, the docility of schoolboys and fools has reached the highest pitch; the schoolmasters are full of bile; everywhere we see vanity reaching inordinate proportions, enormous bestial appetites.  [pause] Do you realize how many converts we shall make by trite and ready-made ideas?…  [re-paragraphing mine]

Peter Verkhovensky, The Devils by Fyodor Dostoyevsky

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