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#CoronaVirus – When Will We Ever Learn?

12 February 2020 @ 17:41

As I’ve commented on my two Coronavirus Updates [most recent one here]: ‘I would doubt the totals coming out of any Totalitarian Regime — they are probably higher, especially in Red China.’

Totalitarian Regimes and their supporters Lie.  They have to, especially when it comes to the mistakes they have made.  All such Tyrannies are Fragile Things that will Collapse if they’re penetrated by The Truth, because they are based on Fantasy, a view of the World through a funhouse mirror; they are based on a Utopian Idea that was developed in a sterile laboratory, far away from Reality.

The only ways Totalitarian Regimes can survive are through Lies and the holding of all Power And Control.  They must instill Fear of the regime in the people they lord over — and in their Adversaries.

The nations of The West have long tip-toed around Red China so they don’t ‘awaken The Beast’, as it were.

In a very useful column, over at Intellectual Takeout, Jeff Minick collects together reports that are seeping out of Red China regarding the Truths about the Coronavirus.

Some highlights:

We now know that Dr. Li Wenliang of Wuhan raised early warnings about the coronavirus. Taken into custody, the doctor was “reprimanded by Wuhan police and forced to sign a letter acknowledging he had made ‘false comments’ on the Chinese Internet.” By trying to conceal the virus, the Communist Party of China (CPC) allowed it to spread not only in China, but also around the world.

Chinese authorities report that Li, age 34, died February 6 of the virus.

One has to ask, given the history of Lies, if the Brave Doctor’s death was hastened.  Remember: Leftist Tyrannies live by The Lie.

On February 7, Breitbart News reported that the Epoch Times, which Breitbart describes as “a Chinese-American anti-communist newspaper,” sent investigative reporters undercover to crematoriums and funeral homes in and around Wuhan. These reporters found that the numbers of bodies being cremated greatly exceed the official reported numbers. They also discovered that authorities might be incorrectly attributing many deaths to diseases other than the coronavirus.

Employees in these crematoriums are working around the clock to dispose of the dead, with many of them complaining of exhaustion and lack of protective clothing and masks. Google “crematorium workers overwhelmed in China,” and you’ll find a dozen news outlets reporting the massive numbers of bodies requiring disposal.

Mr. Minick concludes:

All nations are different from one another. China sports a communist government, America a republican one. Other countries range from democracies to dictatorships. Each of these countries has enemies and friends. Each lives by a different philosophy, a different set of laws, different views of faith, and different visions of the future.

The coronavirus and other infectious diseases stand outside these human constructs. It is, as I say, the alien invader wreaking death and damage with no regard to its victims.

Because our world is shrinking through such technological advances as air travel, we need to regard such diseases as a threat to all humanity, not as some scandal to be covered up or denied. The shame in the case of coronavirus belongs not to the outbreak of infection in China, but to the Chinese government for its foot-dragging and suppression of the facts.

If ever we should cooperate as human beings rather than as antagonists, it is in the face of a crisis like this one.

When plagued with such alien invasions, we are all on the same team.

But a team only wins if it members will openly Cooperate.  And Red China will never do so for many reasons, including, but limited to, it’s Fragile Nature mentioned above and it’s Desperation to not Lose Face.

The Free Nations of The World are on their own.

Never, ever trust a Totalitarian Regime — didn’t we learn that lesson in the waning days and aftermath of World War II?


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