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Ruination, Corruption, And Lies: .@VDHanson Gets It

06 February 2020 @ 17:25

Written before the Senate acquitted President Trump in the Impeachment Trial, Victor Davis Hanson points out why, in the long term, The Left actually won the Battle.

The Left’s main goal was to, as VDH puts it, one of it’s main efforts of the ‘ruination’ of Protocols and Political Traditions.

Impeachment has been redefined as a mere vote of no confidence and will become a rank political ploy for years to come once an opposition party gains a majority in the House. It is taking on the flavor of a preemptory [sic] device, a vaccination, rather than a medicine, as if to prevent future hypothetical crimes in the absence of current impeachable offenses.

In other words: this Unjustifiable Impeachment was just another Death Blow to The Constitution, one of a Long Train Of Abuses.

VDH cites many examples that make this case [tip of the fedora to Dan Collins].  His comments are indented; mine follow…

Whistleblowers are now mere political operatives, who work with the opposition party to disseminate second- and third-hand rumor to prompt impeachment frenzies.

The Left has Corrupted the Whistleblower Statutes and Regulations.

The FISA court has been disgraced. It was revealed to be either incompetent or actively partisan in its failure to question the Steele dossier’s legitimacy, in ignoring the warnings of Devin Nunes’s memo, and in the court’s selection of hard-core anti-Trump partisan David Kris to monitor FBI compliance with the recommendations of the Horowitz report. At this point, the existing FISA courts should probably be dismissed and the laws authorizing their creation rewritten.

He is quite correct.  And we should consider whether FISA should be Reconstituted; it certainly needs a major Reform.

Further, we should consider whether the FBI should not be totally Reformed from the top down.  They’ve had their seats on the Abuse Train for quite a while.  After the death of Hoover and what went on during Watergate, the reforms imposed on this organization have failed Miserably.

In addition, the anti-Trump mob has now ended any idea that prior administrations should step aside, mostly stay quiet, and allow successors to fail or succeed on their merits.

Obama has corrupted this practice, perhaps inspired by Jimmy Carter’s actions these past few decades.  The former, however, has done most of his underhanded work behind the scenes because, as I stated many times here during his Administration, ‘Barack Hussein Obama’ is a Coward.

As VDH explains [emphasis mine]:

All those Marquess of Queensberry Rules of post-presidential decorum abruptly ended in 2017. What superseded them was, at best, a kind of British-style, European shadow government, in which mostly ex-Obama officials became nonstop activist critics of almost everything Trump has done.

At worst, the endless opposition turned into a slow-motion sort of coup in which progressive, life-tenured bureaucrats leaked, obstructed, and connived to stop the daily operations of the administration — as they often proudly admitted to the media. The subtext was that the Obama-progressive-media complex would create enough momentum to abort Trump’s first term. Or was it that Trump represented such an existential danger to the administrative-state way of doing business that any means necessary were justified to end his presidency?

Why not both, Mr. Hanson?

As he points out: John Brennan, James Clapper, James Comey, and others have played a major role in this Slow-Motion Coup.

And let us not forget John Kerry:

The most egregious shadow official has been former secretary of state John Kerry. During the controversies over Trump’s cancellation of the Iran Deal, private citizen Kerry met with his former counterpart, the foreign minister of Iran, Javad Zarif, and he lobbied EU officials to oppose the cancellation and tried to line up congressional opposition to Trump. After the recent killing of Qasem Soleimani, Kerry hit the airwaves blasting U.S. policy; at times he bordered on offering lamentations for the loss of the terrorist Soleimani. Kerry often seemed bewildered that anyone would dare ask him whether his sponsorship of huge cash transfers to Iran, well aside from the windfalls that followed from lifting the sanctions, had fed Iranian-directed terrorist operations in Syria and Yemen.

These Egotistical Drones are conducting a Coup, but they’re not the Best and the Brightest.

Kerry’s actions may well be Treasonous.

And what about what we now call ‘The Deep State’?…

The direct participation of former Obama officials of course is in addition to the so-called deep-state opposition, which has manifested itself in a variety of disturbing ways: leaking Trump private phone calls with foreign officials; seeding the Steele dossier among government agencies and cabinets; leaking confidential presidential memos to the press; bragging publicly about resistance efforts to impede the implementation of the Trump policy; warping the whistleblower statutes; and redefining impeachment as a partisan no-confidence vote, a preemptory check on future presidential behavior, and an election-year effort to unseat a first-term opposition president.

These Fanatical Misfits of the Bureaucracy have made clear where their [Dis]Loyalty lies.

Mr. Hanson asks: ‘What is behind this radical departure from past practice?…’

He believes the Personality of Trump is partially to blame and:

Fear also explains a lot.

For all the various protestations from John Kerry, Joe Biden, and Barry Obama that the Obama administration was “scandal-free,” it most certainly was not.

By the current standards of impeachment, once Obama lost the House in 2011, he would have been impeached for “Obstruction of Congress” and “Abuse of Power” for the Fast and Furious scandal and for invoking “executive privilege” to justify administration officials’ refusal to testify to Congress. Also impeachable by the new standard: political corruption at the IRS that was sicced on conservative groups during the Obama reelection bid; the lies and obstruction about the Benghazi disaster; the hot-mic quid pro quo promise Obama made to the Russians that resulted in the dismantlement of Eastern Europe missile defense in exchange for Putin’s good behavior to the benefit of Obama’s reelection campaign; the abuse of executive orders to nullify federal immigration law; the failure to consult Congress on the prisoner swap with the Taliban; the lying under oath to Congress by both the CIA director and the director of national intelligence; the secret monitoring of the communications of Associated Press reporters and Fox’s James Rosen, along with former CBS reporter Sharyl Attkisson; the deliberate nullification of the constitutional treaty-making prerogative of the Senate during the Iran deal, whose secrete accords were never disclosed to the American people; and the warping of the CIA, DOJ, FBI, and National Security Council respectively, in their unethical and often illegal efforts to mislead the FISA courts, surveil the Trump campaign, unmask and leak the names of U.S. citizens whose communications were tapped, and disrupt a presidential transition. Before 2019, none of these offenses would have been impeachable; all now, and things like them, will be in the future.

Yes…for anyone who Dares oppose The Left.  Don’t count on the GOP to Retaliate with any worthy effectiveness.

Though VDH doesn’t state it, I see these as a Long Train Of Abuses that continues until this day.

In short: The Left In America Corrupts every single thing it touches.  This is Intentional.  I write about this extensively in my book, THE PRESENT CRISIS.

VDH ends his essay with this:

The most baleful legacy of the current Trump hatred is a new model of out-of-power administrations that never quite leave. Instead, apparently from now on, the retired, the fired, the voted out, the emeriti, and the transitioned will become opposition activists who seek to destroy their successors whose record they cannot abide and whose agendas they deathly fear.

‘By Any Means Necessary’ was never a short-term Tactic — it has been, and will always be, for The Left a long-term Strategy.

The Left are not content to Murder The Constitution, as they did during The Obama Administration: they will continue to Desecrate it for a long time to come.


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  1. Adobe_Walls permalink
    08 February 2020 @ 12:54 12:54

    And we should consider whether FISA should be Reconstituted; it certainly needs a major Reform.
    A corrupt institution cannot be reformed by modifying the rules on procedures or adding another level of bureaucratic over site. Institutions do not corrupt themselves, they are corrupted by the people who run and work in them. In today’s America most of the institutions that have been created in these last several decades were created by corrupt people for corrupt purposes. In short it’s not even enough to eliminate the corrupted who run or work within the institutions. We must eliminate the corruption that created them.

  2. Adobe_Walls permalink
    08 February 2020 @ 13:28 13:28

    One of the most grievous failures of the movement commonly called Conservatism is the inability to grasp the actual nature of the foe we face. The refusal to come to terms with fact that this is war.

    Trump’s Twitter account is his way of living inside the media’s OODA loop, and the only way he has of cracking the media wall that surrounds him. I’m sure that Ben [Shapiro] would prefer a president who adopts W’s “lie back and think of the dignity of the office” approach to being gang raped by the media, Ben’s the high school debate club type, where everybody gets their turn to deliver measured responses. Unfortunately, we don’t live in that world anymore, this is a back alley knife fight and “With respect to the honored gentleman, I disagree” gets you nothing but 6” of steel in the belly. The media created, if not Trump, then the demand for someone like Trump. Until the MSM is destroyed utterly and completely, no other type of Republican president will accomplish anything, no matter how “nice” a guy he is. -—WeirdDave

  3. Thought Criminal permalink
    17 February 2020 @ 21:19 21:19
    WE THE PEOPLE of these fifty States have patiently suffered mounting government outrages against us — lies, corruption, legal plunder and terror. We have waited in despair for reforms and redress, but the outrages have only gotten worse. We can now wait no longer. The fundamental rights of the people must be restored now. Government’s role must be limited to protection of our lives, liberty and property.

    These are the crimes of the State against its citizens:

    They have erected a multitude of New Offices, and sent hither swarms of Officers to harass our People, and eat out their substance. The IRS, Justice Department, police, State and local revenue authorities and a growing list of other government agencies have engaged in an escalating orgy of terror, looting, and wholesale seizure of private wealth to feed the appetite of arrogant and rapacious bureaucracies.
    They have subverted the electoral process through unjust and exclusionary ballot-access laws. Vast sums of tax-extorted monies have been used to create a Congressional Monopoly and Imperial Presidency, which have crushed dissent and excluded any serious challenge to their power.
    They have multiplied laws beyond reason or humanity, subverting both the words and intent of our Constitution and Bill of Rights. There is not a single American who could not be arrested, imprisoned and impoverished for violating one of the millions of arbitrary and incomprehensible government laws and edicts now in force.
    They have instituted oppressive and destructive taxes; stolen over half of our incomes year after year; compelled us to testify against ourselves by filling out endless compulsory reports; made us into unpaid government spies and tax collectors; and destroyed our peace, security, and freedom in order to finance their oppressive bureaucracies, failed social programs, and wars of aggression.
    They have seized control of our economy and have dictated and controlled every aspect of how our businesses must be operated. They have issued edict upon edict, issued regulation on top of regulation, instituted fine after fine, treated us as common criminals, imprisoned us and seized our property.
    They have destroyed our financial security. They have debauched the currency, substituting worthless paper for gold and silver. They have clandestinely seized our banking system, inflating the currency and looting the economy. They have burdened us with enormous deficits and waste which have brought our nation to the brink of bankruptcy. They have destroyed jobs and stifled initiative with suffocating regulations and oppressive bureaucracies.
    They have hobbled and corrupted our system of justice by creating endless numbers of technical crimes against the State, and crimes without victims, making vices into crimes, dissent into treason, and sensuality into perversion. They have seized billions of dollars worth of property without due process of law, imprisoned countless thousands without indictment or trial, and have made equal justice under law impossible by manipulating courts and juries, terrorizing our attorneys, and seizing their fees.
    They have kept among us, in times of peace, Standing Armies. In direct violation of the Constitution, U.S. troops have repeatedly invaded and reduced to ruin foreign countries without declaration of war by Congress. They have used force to compel our children to fight and die in foreign wars far removed from their homes. In the name of the War on Drugs they have declared open war on the people of the United States, invading farm and field, village and home, and spreading terror across the land.
    They have perverted our relations with other nations, using their power to support foreign despotisms. They have bribed other nations with foreign aid, restricted foreign trade, and exported massive quantities of weapons of death and destruction, fomenting discord, repression and war throughout the world.
    WE SUBMIT that the government of the United States of America has abrogated its sacred covenant to protect the life, liberty and property of the people of this nation. With the collapse of major foreign threats, our own government has emerged as the greatest menace to freedom, prosperity and peace, both here and throughout the world.

    WE FURTHER SUBMIT that we, the people, have all but lost control of our political institutions and that government has ceased to be our servant and instead has become a terrible and tyrannical master. To restore the freedom, peace and prosperity of the people, we therefore demand:

    That a new Constitutional Convention be called to restore and strengthen the legal protection of each individual’s inalienable right to life, liberty and property.
    That a new, and stronger Bill of Rights be drafted which will guarantee the inalienable rights of the individual to life, liberty and property. That all laws be abolished which restrict freedom of speech, press, religion, assembly and enterprise; the right to keep and bear arms and the right to own and dispose of property. That henceforth it shall be a treasonable offense to pass any laws which violate the rights of the individual.
    That a “Citizen Veto” be created at federal, state and local levels, whereby all citizens can veto any new legislation, including revenue acts. We also call for the establishment of a universal citizen power of Recall so that unscrupulous politicians may be removed from power by citizen initiative.
    That the Income Tax and the IRS be abolished and that all persons jailed for tax evasion be freed.
    That sufficient government property be sold to retire the national debt. That all government agencies which are not engaged in the protection of the life, liberty and property of the individual, be privatized.
    To restore security to our banking system, we demand that the Federal Reserve, FDIC, FSLIC and currency laws be abolished, and that banking and insurance systems be left to the private sector.
    That all laws creating franchise monopolies in education, medicine, utilities, mail delivery and other public services be abolished.
    That State and Economy be separated, and that federal control of interstate commerce be confined to prohibition of tariffs and trade restrictions between States. That freedom of association be restored to enterprise, including freedom to hire, fire, contract and negotiate; that all capitalist acts between consenting adults be legalized.
    That all restrictions upon foreign trade be abolished, including tariffs, quotas, import duties, license fees, content laws, and “dumping” laws.
    That all federal laws restricting gun ownership be abolished, and that a trained, well-armed citizenry be encouraged, as a defense against domestic criminals, foreign aggression and domestic tyranny.
    That due process of law and the presumption of innocence be restored. That RICO statutes and other laws enabling the government to confiscate property without the owners being convicted of any crime be abolished. That the 7th Amendment to the Constitution, preserving the right to trial by jury in civil disputes be strengthened to include disputes between Citizens and the State.
    That the Fully Informed Jury Amendment be passed, and all juries henceforth be informed of their right to judge the propriety of laws as well as the facts of cases.
    That Sovereign Immunity, which makes government officers and agents immune from prosecution for their crimes be abolished. That presumption in trials in favor of government officials, police officers and other agents of the state be ended. That government officials and agents, and citizens be treated as equal before the law in all cases, both criminal and civil.
    That all victimless crime laws be abolished, including laws restricting the sale or possession of pornography and controlled substances. That the War on Drugs be ended, Drug Peace be declared, and all persons imprisoned for victimless crimes be immediately freed and their records cleared. That immigration laws and the INS be abolished. Henceforth the only persons restricted from immigration to the United States shall be known criminals or those carrying easily communicable diseases. That imprisoned illegal aliens be freed.
    That the function of the military be confined to defense of the territory of the United States, and that all U.S. troops be removed from foreign countries. Henceforth the sole purpose of the military shall be protection of the lives and property of U.S. citizens at home.
    WE SEEK to create an America in which the freedom and sovereignty of the people are restored; in which the functions of government are limited to protecting life, liberty and property; and in which each and every individual is again the master of his or her own destiny.

    WE SUPPORT this Declaration in the certainty that our rights are inalienable and innate and not subject to the whims of government; that the only rights which we will ultimately retain, are those which we are willing to defend; and that rapid yet peaceful reform is now America’s only alternative to tyranny and mounting social violence.

    TO CREATE a new dawn of liberty for America, and to secure a rebirth of liberty, justice, peace and prosperity for all, we mutually pledge each other our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor. We seek and will settle for nothing less than freedom in our time.

    Vincent Miller is current President of the International Society for Individual Liberty (ISIL).
    Jarret Wollstein is an ISIL Director.


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