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Joe ‘Hill’ Biden Went Up The Hill…And May Have Fallen Off It

04 February 2020 @ 15:26

The Biden ‘No-Malarkey! You Young Whipper Snappers’ Campaign may well be, at the very least, Terminal after the Iowa Caucuses.

As Stacy McCain comments over at The American Spectator:

The way Democrats run their Iowa caucuses is difficult to explain briefly, but the result Monday was clear. Within an hour of the beginning of the complicated process, the totals of the first-round voting began to be reported via social media, and from precinct after precinct came the same phrase: “Biden — not viable.”

Apparently, the results were so bad the Dems have temporarily hidden the results and plan on only releasing about half of them at 1700 today [are they waiting for their Precious Counting App to ‘reboot’ itself?].  It doesn’t matter: enough people know the Truth that Bozo Biden lost Bigly.

More from Stacy:

The irony is that the impeachment may have hurt Biden worse than it did Trump, because for week after week, coverage of the impeachment story reminded voters that Hunter Biden got an $83,000-a-month gig with a Ukrainian natural gas company. That arrangement looked shady, and no amount of media spin (or huffy lectures from Adam Schiff) could make it look otherwise. For caucus-goers in Iowa who cared about integrity, the impeachment saga didn’t help Biden….

…The Sanders campaign, however, knows how to count votes. According to a tally compiled by their staff, the Iowa numbers were 29.7% for Sanders, 24.6% for Buttigieg, 21.2% for Warren, 12.4% for Biden, and 11% for Minnesota Sen. Amy Klobuchar. The fact that Biden barely edged out Klobuchar for fourth place in Iowa is a resounding death knell for the Democrats’ allegedly most “electable” candidate[.]

In Iowa fifteen percent is required to be considered ‘viable’.

As I wrote back in September [emphasis in the original]:

Having spent most of my Life living through the ways the Democratic Party have operated, I believe what is going on here, what is the real story, is that The Party has decided Joe ‘Hill’ Biden has to go.  The current Democratic Party Establishment is known to be Ruthless in the way it treats those of it’s members who it feels are bring it down, who may cost them in Elections, in increasing their Power And Control.

Combine this with a Radical Young Left who want Biden to go away because he is harming their efforts at promoting Socialism and the Democratic Party Establishment’s on-going search on how to Appease these Socialists, who they believe they are now a Power to be reckoned with and what you are seeing here is a move to remove Joe….

In late August I wrote this:

What I see going on here is what I’ve noticed in a more subtle form since, at least, 2008: the New New Left, in an uneasy alliance with the Radical Young Left that will not last, is slowly and quietly ‘taking-out’, whacking politically, as it were, the now Old Timers of the Old Left and New Left. They’re going after state and local pols, along with DA’s, etc. It is a Slow Massacre of those not exhibiting enough Radicalism [ie: those suffering from ‘False Consciousness’]….

Joe ‘Hill’ was Doomed, eventually, from the start.

I gather that Stacy believes Biden’s Campaign is on life support:

Biden’s best hope for rescuing his candidacy is to win the February 29 primary in South Carolina (where black voters are believed to be solidly in his favor) and then win big in the March 3 “Super Tuesday” primaries, where more than 1,300 delegates will be at stake. Even in that most optimistic scenario, however, Biden would still face an uphill battle, and even if he got the Democratic nomination, the party would be fractured, with Sanders’ supporters angry that they’d been cheated once again….

Pulling back the Focus to low-space orbit, I’d say: This is what happens when Utopian Emotionalism clashes with Reality.  The Presidential Election’s outcome has shifted: It’s now President Trump’s to Lose.

SIDENOTE: I shall miss Joe ‘Hill’ on the campaign trail, especially Tom Shillue’s impression of him.  He was the Emmett Kelly of the Leftist Sham-Show.

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