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Three Cheers For England And Wales!: #Brexit Has Happened

02 February 2020 @ 16:12

After 1066, England was part of a larger kingdom extending far south from Normandy. The “English” kings spoke French until their holdings in France were taken away and they were “stranded” on an island. That separation from mainland Europe refocused all attention to being “English”. While I am not for blowing the Chunnel , separation from mainland Europe may once again bring clarity to being “British”. “There will always be an England”… as for a UK or even a GB… we shall see. For now, Britannia is no longer a slave…. sing it loud and sing it proud.

Mark Steyn Club Member Robert Bridges, Feb 1, 2020 at 01:03

It is a Wonderful cause for celebration that Great Britain has finally left the European Union [aka: ‘The Union of Fascist European Nations’, The UFEN].

As Mark Steyn put it:

…the [Members of the European Parliament] are taking it better than the BBC, whose three top Brexit headlines at the time of writing [late 31 January 2020] are:

500 Attend Pro-EU Meeting in Oxford

‘No One Can Be Sure What Brexit Really Means’

London Mayor ‘Heartbroken’ About Brexit

Whine on, losers. Throughout my life, all the way to Hong Kong in 1997, I have watched the Union Flag lowered o’er palm and pine at colonial independence ceremonies around the globe. It is rather moving to see the exact same thing occur as the mother country recovers its sovereignty.

You’ll, of course, have noticed that I only send my congratulations to England and Wales.  This is because, as the map shows below, they are only two peoples in the British Isles who voted to leave the UFEN…

A hearty further cheer also to The English who have returned, one hopes, to their Rightful place as the First Among Equals in the Isles.  It is up to them to secure their Dominance in the UK and save it [keep in mind, however, that too many of them have become Feckless].

However, as Mark warns:

This is not the no-deal “hard Brexit” I would have preferred: the Irish backstop is a provocation to sovereignty, and it remains to be seen whether Boris et al will break decisively with regulatory harmony at the end of the year. Furthermore, the Euro-corrosion of many pillars of the state (the judiciary, for example) will take years to reverse.

A lot of damage has been wrought on British Institutions during it’s membership in The UFAN.  Boris Johnson and his crew must make sure British Commerce, Courts, etc. are allowed to regain their Independence, but not maintain or increase their Liberty Without License and the cozy, Immoral relationships the they have with businesses and governments who remain in The EU.  Such relationships mirror those many Businessmen and Bureaucrats had with the Totalitarian Regimes of the early- to mid-Twentieth Century.

A capital ‘L’ Libertarian Attitude [ie: Ideological Laissez-Faire] failed before under Prime Ministers from Margaret Thatcher through Tony Blair].  This attempt to erase Nation-State boundaries brings nothing but Misery.

It’s a Delicate Balance: to maintain Free Markets and one’s Sovereignty as a Nation-State and prevent Utopian Globalism from creeping into such affairs.

Are Mr. Johnson and his Cabinet up for the job?

While The Flames Of Albion have lessened in their intensity by this happy occurrence, a Full and Functioning Sovereignty of the Right Kind must be Restored…or all of this will have been for nothing.

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