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Why The Sudden Ramp-Up In Gun Control Measures?

31 January 2020 @ 17:57

Over on Facebook, Dave Scipio commented:

Ya just gotta wonder what they’re planning with this unprecedented push against guns.

Good question.

Is it just a Presidential / Congressional Election Year tactic?

Did the Left think they could sneak such state measures through while all the Impeachment Nonsense was sucking-up all the attention?

I could go on.

From the Comment section on Mr. Scipio’s FB post:

Kerry Shaw Brown:

Occam’s Razor. They want to trigger an isolated shoot out that gets a number of people killed — ideally cops and bystanders. That’s what they want because they think that’s a crisis worth exploiting.

Just a quick reminder: The Left cares not for Human Life.  To them we are but potential broken-eggs wrecked in the making of their Utopian Omelette.

Mrs. Brown offers a theory:

My fully laid out thoughts about VA are that they do want a confrontation but first they’ve sent this 2A onslaught through the assembly and they want it to be challenged in a lefty VA court… then they’re hoping to get it to SCOTUS which unless we add one more Scalia-type, is not a sure bet with Roberts.

It is most certainly in the realm of Leftist Thinking.  This is Plausible.  Chief Justice Roberts has proven himself to be one of The Conservative Beautiful People.¹

It is very, very important that this issue be investigated, because what Sun-Tzu wrote is so True:

Now the reason the enlightened prince and the wise general conquer the enemy whenever they move and their achievements surpass those of ordinary men is foreknowledge. [The Art Of War, Chapter XIII: Intelligence and Espionage]

We must know the Tactical Intentions of our Enemies: The Left In America.  We have to suss-out what Motives lie at the root of these latest moves.  Foreknowledge is the key to mounting an effective Defense — and possibly, eventually an Effective Counter-Offensive — against those who seek to Deprive us of our Ancient Rights.

None of our other Natural, God-Given Rights matter if we do not have the means to Defend them against Despotism, against a Tyranny that seeks to Enslave Us.

It is said that if you know your enemies and know yourself, you will not be imperiled in a hundred battles; if you do not know your enemies but do know yourself, you will win one and lose one; if you do not know your enemies nor yourself, you will be imperiled in every single battle.

Sun-Tzu, The Art Of War, Chapter III: Strategic Attack


¹ As I wrote in my book, THE PRESENT CRISIS [copies available for $8.00 here]:

Considering the Utter Stupidity they have exhibited time and time again [which has allowed the Left to make fools out of them], the GOP Establishment — the French Republicans, the Conservative Beautiful People, the Deweyites, the Quislings — are certain to accomplish only one thing: be cannon fodder for the Left In America, shields for the Malevolent Malcontents who populate the port side in The United States.

John Roberts, it seems, wants to be loved by The Establishments.  Cue: Public Image Limited.

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  1. 01 February 2020 @ 09:51 09:51

    Why? Because they can. Because, with Republican help, they are successfully seizing power through a policy of racist colonialism, and they now have the power in Virginia, at least, to simply dictate to the natives. Because the idea of “Magic Dirt” so beloved by clueless conservatives has shown itself to be a complete fraud and civilizational disaster. I’m sure the left would love to have less gun crime, particularly among blacks, but the main thrust is always about disarming whitey. The left knows who it is committing genocide against and who it is subjecting to racist exploitation, they fear the day that the crooks at the top of Conservatism, Inc., the crooks who’s job in the system is keeping whitey on the victimizing plantation, will no longer be relevant. And that day is coming – foriegn votes means they no longer really need conservative quislings, they’ll rule through brute power, and all the folderol about diversity being our strength will be revealed to even the stupidest white conservative as the racist robbery and oppression it actually is.


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