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And Iran / I Ran So Far Away

14 January 2020 @ 17:23

For in war just as in loving
You must keep on shoving
Or you’ll never get your reward.
For if you are dilatory
In the search for lust or glory
You are up shitcreek and that’s the truth, Oh, Lord.

—George S. Patton, Stanza 4 from the poem Absolute War

We have been at War with The Islamic Republic Of Iran for some forty years.

For that same time period we have been in Denial of this Hardened Fact…

The IROF seeks our Utter and Total Destruction.  Like those Protestant Radicals, it seeks to bring about it’s own version of Armageddon.  Unlike the PR’s, it’s motives are totally, completely Evil.  Islam worships a False God named ‘Allah’ — a ‘Moon god’ that, in Reality, Despises all Judeo-Christian Values.  The Protestant Radicals believe that they must help to bring about The Apocalypse by non-violent means; Islam seeks to bring it about through Fire and Death and the infliction of Misery.

This is why the Iranian Shia — the most committed sect of Islam to Apocalypse — must be stopped very soon or it will gain Nuclear Throw Capability and threaten the whole of the World.

In a Perceptive article over at American Greatness, Angelo Codevilla looks at the situation.  This essay was written just before we got Iran’s response to our Justifiable Elimination of Soleimani, but that does not Diminish his Observations in any way, shape, or form.

Some highlights:

Does the U.S. armed forces’ killing of Qassem Soleimani, leader of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps’ foreign wing, and his subordinate, Abu Mahdi al-Mohandes, outside Baghdad’s airport increase or decrease the chances of war with Iran? Does it mean a continuation of our disastrous endless wars?

These questions reflect confusion about war in general and the U.S.-Iran conflict in particular, engendered by two generations of incompetent U.S. statesmen….

Methinks it’s a mixture of Incompetence and the Influence of Leftist [Utopian] Thinking on the situation.  In other words: it is the Deliberate Product of the consequence of:

…a system of ideas developed in the sterile laboratories of the minds of it’s creators, far away from Reality. It is a system constructed with Fantasy and Fables and Frenzied Whims as it’s main building materials.  [On The Causes And Effects Of THE PRESENT CRISIS In America, Chapter 3, Section II]

Our so-called Statesmen see the world through a fun-house mirror, where Truth and Reality are Distorted.  Thus, their Schemes for dealing with the situations in The Middle East are always doomed to Fail.

As Mr. Codevilla cites:

President Obama tried to transcend it by surrender. Choosing peace largely on Iran’s terms, he gave up U.S. claims on Iran, dropped economic sanctions, released some $150 billion in frozen Iranian assets, and paid nearly $1.4 billion in U.S. hundred dollar bills. He hoped that Iran, appeased and strengthened, would balance other forces in the Middle East and allow America to “pivot” away. It was a coherent approach. But it did not secure peace because Iran, for its own reasons, judged it an insufficiently total surrender. We do not even know what the Islamic Republic’s notion of peace might be. In fact, it has chosen to continue, and even to increase its war on America—confident that America would keep it sub-critical.

I disagree with him on one point: Appeasement, which is what ‘Obama’ sought, is never ‘coherent’.  It is forever and at all times destined to be a Prelude To War.  It Emboldens the Aggressor Nation.

Iran’s goal is Total Surrender of The West, especially of America.

On the Chronic Failures of our supposed ‘Statesmen’:

Wars, once begun, almost always end with one side bowing to the other’s version of peace. What is important is how wars end.

Everywhere, however, the U.S. government’s “best and brightest” have convinced themselves that military conflict is a chronic condition of life, that peace and war are outdated categories. Consequently, never having taken seriously the fact of war with the Islamic Republic, they tried to evade the question of how to establish peace — whether by surrender to whatever demands the Islamic Republic might impose, or by crushing it. But nothing cancels out the basic choice between war and peace.

As the Islamic Republic murdered U.S. Marines in Lebanon in 1983, killed U.S. troops during the U.S. occupation of Iraq from 2003 through 2009, and captured and humiliated a boatload of U.S. sailors in 2016, the U.S. government complained loudly and retaliated weakly. Dumb. If you are going to absorb a beating, crying advertises your impotence.

America’s responses — unserious sanctions — have been mindless compromises between trying to defeat Iran’s war and merely bearing it. All administrations judged that confrontation with Iran must not get in the way of their priorities. All have wanted out of this quandary. Nevertheless, all have acted to stay in it — with one partial exception.

Here Mr. Codevilla cites Obama’s Appeasement [as quoted above].

But Trumpicus Pompey Maximus Sulla hasn’t stopped Appeasing in his own way:

Trump had been elected promising to withdraw from the Middle East’s wars and to be tougher on Iran.

Iran’s 2019 attacks on ships in the Strait of Hormuz were surely meant to force Trump to choose between two potentially incompatible promises. Trump’s initial reaction was to order a strong response. Then he countermanded his order, perhaps conscious that the American people rightly fear that U.S. bombs would eventually be followed by U.S. soldiers kicking down doors to try pacifying another “shithole” country; or perhaps because he, too, could not imagine harsh action against Iran that did not lead to just that. But since public opinion barred him from doing nothing, he imposed some inconsequential sanctions and pretended.

But Iran pressed its tactic, and, as 2019 ended, killed and wounded Americans.

Killing Soleimani and his associates raised the stakes, but did not “change the game.” Yes, the general was very good at his job and is unlikely to be replaced by anyone as competent. But Iran’s strategy never depended on him.

Yes, the U.S. government action showed remarkable military technology. But Iran has always known about that. Nor was this any intelligence coup, since it seems Soleimani was traveling quite openly.

There is every reason to believe that Iran will continue its provocations, especially given the upcoming U.S. election because—and this is the key point—there is no discussion within the U.S. foreign policy establishment of how actually to force Iran to be peaceable.

Remember: Obama tried surrender and failed.

The old saying applies: ‘You cannot have your cake and eat it too’.

The President’s bold move was followed-up by a seemingly Weak response by The Islamic Republic, and then we reacted in the same old way.

Nothing really has changed: Iran continues it’s Subversive efforts all across the globe and we pat ourselves on the back for being Clever and ‘Decisive’.

More from AC:

Tit-for-tat cannot secure peace because it does not settle the war one way or the other. The U.S. establishment seems to believe that it can continue in the quandary so long as attacks do not outrage American public opinion as 9/11 did. In which case . . . what?

The 9/11 attacks forced the establishment to act. But in acting the establishment did not and does not ask: “How do we end this war?” It knew only bombings, invasions, and occupations aimed at “democracy.” How do we re-establish the respect and fear which had made peace possible? And if we don’t do it now, how do we do it after Iran acquires nuclear weapons?

The War With Iran, specifically, and The War With Islam, in general, both Abide.

Mr. Codevilla has a very good suggestion to begin to turn our efforts towards Victory:

Because America is the world’s sine qua non economic power, U.S. “secondary sanctions” — meaning we will not trade with anyone who trades with the target country — are potentially deadlier than atom bombs. Trump added secondary financial sanctions as part of his revocation of Obama’s “Iran deal,” reducing Iran’s oil sales to a trickle. Compared to that measure of war, bombing a few ports would have been nothing.

Were the United States to place secondary sanctions on all manner of goods, especially food, the effect would be far greater than an invasion by the entire U.S. army. How the Iranian people would deal with the choice between starving and ending their government’s war on America would be their business.

As it should be.

Look: Iran is a Grave Danger to the World.  It must be Conquered and Destroyed to secure the continuation of The Pax Americana.  If we can do so by not putting very many American Lives in Harm’s Way, great, but we must change our Attitude and start to take measures that Assure our ultimate Victory.  We must be Fully Prepared to go to Full-On War with Iran.  We must find the Resolve to.

So let us do real fighting,
Boring in and gouging, biting.
Let’s take a chance now that we have the ball.
Let’s forget those fine firm bases
In the dreary shell-raked spaces,
Let’s shoot the works and win! Yes win it all.

—George S. Patton, Stanza 5 from the poem Absolute War

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  1. 14 January 2020 @ 18:39 18:39

    The Iranians learned well from the Bolsheviks about the value of terror. But I think we(the CIA) taught them how to make IEDs. I remember during my radar school down in Mississippi, all the Iranians we were training on our military bases in the early/mid seventies.

    The US has been fighting terrorism since at least the late 60s early 70s, ie. the Weather Underground, the Manson cult, ect. When I was overseas in Europe, the Red Brigade tried to blow up then Commander NATO Forces, Alexander Haig during a visit to NATO in ’79. I was in theater not to far from where it happened.

    Then November 4th, 1979 happened. We’ve been in a constant state of low scale war with Iran ever since.


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