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The Left’s Abject Hatred

07 December 2019 @ 16:12

Dennis Prager has published an interesting essay over at American Greatness on the Left’s Abject Hatred of The Salvation Army.

A few highlights, accompanied by some commentary from your humble blog host…

We all know some individuals who are so obviously good and kind that we are certain if anyone were to dislike them, that’s all we would need to know about the person. We would immediately assume he or she is a bad person. To hate the manifestly good is a sure sign of being bad.

Sometimes, especially in War Time, Hatred is a Useful thing.  We are in a Cold War with Ideology that is getting hotter by the day.


Such is the case regarding the Left’s hatred of the Salvation Army. You don’t have to be a Christian — I am not — to appreciate the goodness of the people who run and work for the Salvation Army. They devote their lives to helping the poorest, the saddest, the loneliest and the most troubled among us — completely irrespective of race, gender, transgender identity, faith or no faith. And they do it for almost no money. They do it because of their Christian faith.

They provide these downtrodden people with not only food and shelter but also human warmth and love. And they offer the people they care for the one thing most likely to get them out of their predicament: meaning. They offer it; they do not coerce it. And while the vehicle for this meaning — Christian faith — may not be your faith or mine, so what? It takes a truly narrow-minded bigot to want to deprive people of meaning just because that meaning is rooted in faith or in a faith other than their own.

As long as these types of Organization offer Christian or Jewish Succor, I’m behind them, but we should never support an Islamic Version, as that Cult Ideology seeks to Enslave people.


Most depressing of all, Chick-fil-A, a business owned by a Christian and heretofore run according to Christian principles, caved in to LGBTQ organizations’ pressure and stopped funding the Salvation Army, while it has also donated to a left-wing group that hates the good, the Southern Poverty Law Center.

I never thought I’d see the day when the Salvation Army would be hated by a substantial number of Americans or lose the support of a Christian-run business.

But given the Left’s loathing of virtually all things good — such as America, Israel, traditional Christianity and Judaism, the Boy Scouts, the nuclear-family ideal, Thanksgiving and America’s Founders — it is not surprising.

As I pointed-out in my book, On The Causes And Effects Of THE PRESENT CRISIS In America [copies of which may be purchased by clicking here]:

It is rather obvious that the Leftists In America are animated by their Ideology, which is a system of ideas that seeks to defy Human Nature — actually, crush it under it’s jackboots of Perverse Logic — and Re-Engineer it into a caricature of something Human. Leftism is animated by a hatred of Life As It is, by everything the people of The West [the most civilized peoples in History] see as Beautiful and Decent. The Left exists in a sewage pit of Misery and wants to drag everyone down into their Hell. Strip all the Big Lies they tell you about themselves and you will discover that they are motivated by a wish for a Communal Death in a world-wide Nihilistic Conflagration, a Gotterdammerung.

More from Mr. Prager:

As I have said for years, the Left destroys everything it touches: music, art, Christianity, Judaism, economies, universities, high schools, late-night comedy, pro football, women’s likelihood of finding happiness, men’s likelihood of maturing, the Boy Scouts and the innocence of children (think “Drag Queen Story Hour” for 5-year-olds at public libraries), to cite some of the more obvious examples.

And while it destroys good institutions, the Left never builds a viable replacement. Is there a left-wing equivalent to the Boy Scouts, a left-wing institution that helps mold boys into responsible men? Of course not. The Left destroys, but it builds nothing — except state power. Or, to take the present example, is there a left-wing equivalent to the Salvation Army? No, there isn’t.

One of the great puzzles in contemporary American life is whether there is anything the Left could do to make Americans understand how destructive it is. If suppressing free speech at colleges and on the internet, fomenting interracial anger, supporting those who wish to annihilate Israel, allowing (and even encouraging) teenage girls to have their healthy breasts surgically removed if they think they are a boy and trying to crush the Salvation Army don’t do it, probably nothing will.

The only thing that, it seems to me, can be done is to always publicize the Left’s actions and proposals over all forms of Media we can, to Resist their Evil Machinations on the Local Level.  Hell, Nancy Pelosi is pretending she’s a Catholic-In-Good-Standing and very few are calling-out her Heresy.

Support The Salvation Army in any way you can.  Support only those Charitable Organizations and Businesses that do not cave to the Leftist Way Of Thinking.  Shun those Organizations that do.

Resist, Resist, Resist!

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  1. Adobe_Walls permalink
    08 December 2019 @ 20:38 20:38

    I always drop a few bucks in the kettle when I see one.

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