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Bring Me The Head Of Donald Trump And The Killer Elite

22 November 2019 @ 16:56

One of the most Insightful commentators on Twitter, Educating Liberals, has published a thread of his theory on this whole Impeachment micheghas:

“Does anybody on Twitter actually know how impeachment works?

My guess is 99% of you don’t.

So let me explain why Trump WANTED to be impeached….

If the Judiciary Committee calls for a vote, & a simple majority of the House agrees, it goes to a trial in the Senate.

The Senate then requires a two-thirds majority to convict him.

And what crime has Trump committed?

NONE. Also, the Republican Party holds a 53-47 majority in the Senate, so there won’t be enough votes.


The Senate trial is the REAL TRIAL.

Trump will have his own lawyers putting on his defense.

And he’ll declassify everything he needs to in order to defend himself.

A trial in the Senate would lead to the exposure of everything the media has tried desperately to ignore.

Every news outlet will be forced to cover the trial daily.

And the country will see evidence of unprecedented criminality committed by the Dems.

If Trump goes on trial, he’s going to expose every single crime the Dems have committed going back to January of 2009.

-I witnessed the Coup Against Richard Nixon.  A lot of the hearings tool place when I was off from school during the summer and I read accounts and partial transcripts in the MSM of the time.  As I wrote here recently:

As a teenager, I followed the whole Scandal and always felt something was wrong with it, but I couldn’t quite put my finger on just what that was.  I eventually came to believe that my affection for the Underdog was clouding my judgement.  It is now clear, with [Former Nixon Administration Assistant White House Counsel, Geoff] Shepard’s unearthed[,] convincing evidence that my original Instinct was correct.

The Left back then were starring in a Dreadful story: Bring Me The Head Of Richard Nixon.

There were no ‘high crimes and misdemeanors’ committed by Mr. Nixon.

The details are available here: #Impeach Trump — Beware Of Watergate II.

While the Left and their Dupes and Useful Idiots didn’t end-up passing Articles Of Impeachment against President Nixon, they were most certainly relieved when Mr. Nixon resigned — doing so made the Democrats safe from being Exposed during an Impeachment Trial for their Perfidy and Lawlessness.  The President did the Honorable Thing.

EL refers to this as a possibility, that Trumpicus Pompey Magnus wants to be Impeached.  But does he have the Testicular Fortitude to Resist?  We shall see.

Unlike like, Mr. Nixon, who despite his penchant for crossing Legal Rubicons, Mr. Trump has no Honor.  So he might be willing to let the pieces fall where they may and not, like RN did figuratively, take a loaded Luger into his study and ‘do the right thing’.

-I also witnessed the Clinton Impeachment, whose long trail of Stupidity, gives one Hope the EL is a prophet.  However, when it comes to ‘playing’ Politics, the GOP is at the very least one step below the Democrats in the evolutionary chain.

-I have read rather deeply into the Impeachment of Andrew Johnson and in a good number of ways it rhymes with what the Left and the Useful Idiots of the Republican Party are trying to do to President Trump.  The Radical Republicans lost the Trial of President Johnson by one vote.  They just missed pulling-off their Coup, which would have Damaged the Republic, perhaps Fatally [they certainly did a lot of damage in other areas].  The RR’s were Proto-Fascists, who would eventually evolve into the Progressive Republicans.


In 1974, the Leftists did succeed in their Coup and The Rule Of Law was Damaged severely.  We have been living with the Fallout ever since [‘Borking’ comes to mind].

Tyranny surrounds us.  We must be ever-watchful, ever Vigilant.

I hope the President does not get Impeached, nor forced from Office.

He has committed no ‘High Crimes and Misdemeanors’.

In the conduct of Foreign Affairs, Presidents have often had to use threats against other Countries that are seeking to Damage American Interests.

While Trumpicus may have sought a quid pro quo with Ukraine, there is nothing that prevents him from doing so in The Constitution.  To switch over, as the Left and their Useful Idiot comrades in the GOP have done, and call it now ‘bribery’ is, well, Orwellian.  No monies for any personal gains were exchanged.

I am no fan of this President, but to see him Impeached and then found Guilty by The Senate would be a High Crime.

What’s left of this Glorious Republic would not Survive, then, much longer.

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  1. Adobe_Walls permalink
    24 November 2019 @ 15:42 15:42

    There are more differences between Nixon and Watergate than similarities to Trump and whatever the hell the Moonbats think this is. In the first place there was at least an actual crime committed on Nixon’s behalf and on his payroll. In the second place the entire country was riveted to the hearings or the news broadcasts about them after work. This could have been largely due to the fact that there were very few alternatives with the big three all broadcasting the hearings every day. In the near/long term the most important difference the fact that the Republican Party as a whole isn’t going to bail on Trump the way they did to Nixon.

  2. Pat Thomas permalink
    25 November 2019 @ 12:14 12:14

    I smell swamp gas….. Barry, is that you?

  3. millard fillmore permalink
    25 November 2019 @ 22:06 22:06

    The Wild Bunch in the House of ‘representatives’ certainly are following the lead of the obsessed Major Dundee of the Impeachment Inquiry,although he’s more like the southern end of Dundee’s northbound horse.Their evidence is all Straw Dogs,and they’ll need plenty to Noon Wine to fortify them for the Convoy to the Senate.but they aren’t going to Ride the High Country to get there.Even Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid would team up against them.When Trump declassifies material for his defense,the democrats won’t find The Getaway very will be Much Too Late For Goodbyes.No Iron Cross for them(well,except for Katie Hill),even if they do act like Germans of a certain party.That was fun,can we switch from Peckinpah and do John Wayne movies now?Just kidding,the article was really interesting.I watched the Watergate hearings during the summer,too,and really wondered why even that circus added up to removal from office for Nixon,but election stealing, constantly threatening,always corrupt Lyndon Johnson had a free ride from the congressional coward class.


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