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The Berlin Wall Falls On 09 November 1989

09 November 2019 @ 07:49

I think it safe to say that most Millennials and Gen-Z’ers [and, sadly, a decent number of Gen-X’ers] don’t know much about the History of The Berlin Wall and why it meant so much to us when it finally fell thirty years ago today.

There will be things written about this that are published today, some Good, and a lot written by the Losers on The Left, who have never gotten-over The Fall Of The Soviet Union.

All I can advise is to Ignore the latter and seek-out the former.

I’m writing this two days before today because I will be out house-hunting on the ninth, but I wanted to Commemorate this Wonderful Event in some way.

The Fall Of The USSR meant that we no longer had to fear a rival Superpower.  That we botched the Aftermath is no reason not to Celebrate this Victory in The Cold War.

Two songs from the era of The Berlin Wall capture the feeling we Anti-Communists felt…


-Sadness and Heartbreak:

Let us Never Forget those who died trying to make it over/through/under the wall…

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