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What The Future Holds…Very Soon

27 October 2019 @ 17:46

Anthony Daniels [aka: Theodore Dalrymple] comments on how weakened British Society has become since it began to transform itself into a Victim-Filled Culture [tip of the fedora to Kathy Shaidle]:

The question not unnaturally arises as to why British society should have become so enfeebled, so lacking in moral confidence. In this, it is probably only the worst case of a general malaise in the Western world. My provisional answer would be the expansion of tertiary education, especially in nontechnical subjects. Huge numbers of people have now been educated in injustice and grievance studies of one kind or another, which have had for their effect the dissolution of a sense of human beings as agents rather than mere victimized vectors of forces. If people such as Ewan Ireland [a Reprobate and Notorious criminal], and many like him, behave in the way that they do, it must be (as sociology, psychology, and criminology teaches) because of social forces beyond their control, and hence it is unjust to inflict punishment upon them. Punishment can only be justified where a man is a free agent and could have done otherwise than he did; but since he is never a free agent and could never have done otherwise than he did, it follows that punishment is never justified. Millions now believe this, thanks to tertiary education.

This way of thinking is a key part of the New New Left’s [see: ‘Obama, Barack’] Fundamental Transformation of American Society — one that is working quite well here.

The Left In America seeks to Brainwash us into believing that we have no Free Will, that we are not Free Agents and, therefore, responsible for our own actions.  No, no.  When we do wrong, we do so because Society led us to do it.

Klaus: It’s a fair cop, but society’s to blame.

Detective: Agreed. We’ll be charging them too.

—Monty Python, The Dead Bishop Sketch

By convincing the great majority of British People that their Crimes are not their Fault, The Left In Britain has, as Dr. Daniels said, ‘enfeebled’ that Society, which explains why it is Collapsing.

We have not come as far here, but we are damn close.

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