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Hong Kong And America’s Dilemma

05 October 2019 @ 16:45

From Vodkapundit, we learn:

Fox News Host Stuart Varney said on Wednesday night’s “My Take” that we need to “call it what it is” in Hong Kong. And what it is, he said, is “urban warfare.” He continued, “There is blood on the streets. That is urban warfare. Both sides organized for battle. After that shooting, it’s now a clear-cut fight. Hong Kong versus Beijing — and neither side is going to back off.” Varney’s statement came in the wake of “one of most violent days in history” for the semi-autonomous city, as students went on strike after one 18-year-old student was shot in the chest at point-blank range by riot police.

The Independent reported on Wednesday that “more than 100 demonstrators were taken to hospital and 180 arrested,” following the shooting, while the victim is in stable condition. The outbreak of pro-freedom violence came as mainland China was trying to celebrate 70 years of Communist rule.

Earlier this morning it became known that Hong Kong police have “loosened guidelines on the use of force” against protestors. The same Reuters report indicated that China’s Communist anniversary involved firing “about 1,400 rounds of tear gas, 900 rubber bullets and six live rounds” at Hong Kongers.

Beijing doubled down — literally — in recent days, quietly doubling the number of mainland troops in Hong Kong. Reuters reported on Monday that it had been informed by local sources that there are now “up to 12,000 Chinese troops in Hong Kong,” brought in by Beijing with “trucks and armored cars, by bus and by ship.” Presumably, mainland troops have fewer compunctions about shooting HKers dead in the street than local police would.

As Stephen points out later in his article, the Red Chinese Regime is caught in a Dilemma:

Yes, Beijing could murder its way out of that problem — but at what cost, not only to one of its urban jewels, but to its all-important international trade? Tiananmen Square was perhaps 10,000 dead, quickly, and kept completely out of sight. And that was at a time when China’s international trade was too small to bother measuring, and the average Chinese had little to lose from an economic disruption. Any potential Hong Kong massacre would be a bloodier and — thanks to omnipresent smartphones — internationally televised affair.

You get the feeling that after months of escalating protests and official violence, that the fear of a “Tiananmen on steroids” getting uploaded to YouTube is maybe the only thing staying Beijing’s murderous hands.

Times have definitely changed for the Maoists who, with the Connivance of the Western Media, were able to hide what they did after Tiananmen.

The Tyrant leading Red China, Xi Jinping, must ‘save face’ or he will lose his expanding Despotic Power And Control internally and in the sight of the other Totalitarian Regimes.

How to ‘save face’ if you don’t Massacre the Dissidents or, at the very least, Arrest them and put them in Forced Labor or Thought Transformation Camps?

Taking such actions would Damage further a Red Chinese Economy that is already suffering under President Trump’s tariffs.¹

Xi is facing a very Serious Threat to his Tyrannical Power And Control.

But we are facing a bit of a Dilemma, as well.

Do we support the Hong Kong Dissidents?

And if we do, do we do it openly or covertly?

Let’s consider the latter option first…

—We could provide the Dissidents with secret aid, but, given such efforts have been riddled with leaks in the past, we would be putting the Hong Kong Freedom Fighters in serious jeopardy.  The Red Chinese Regime would use any evidence of our covert support to claim we are interfering in their Internal Matters.  And a Seriously Weakened West would be ‘Appalled!‘.  This would allow the Red Bastards to begin their Clampdown.

Maybe we should just say ‘Screw It!’ to what the rest of the World thinks and allow some of the Dissidents to be Sacrificed.

—As for doing it overtly, the already Souring Relations with the Red Chinese could Escalate us into Open War.

Maybe that’s a good thing because The Regime has been waging a Massive Covert War against us for decades.

The trouble is: our Military, especially the Navy, has been allowed to Decay over the last twenty-plus years.  Despite what our current President has tried to do to reverse this, it takes time.

No matter which course we take, we have to make sure the Nation Builders are kept out of any actions we take.  Theirs is tale of Consistent Failure.

Face it: We are The Policeman Of The World.  As I wrote back in September instant:

America became a Superpower because (1) it believed it could be a better Superpower than The British Empire and (2) because some nation of The West had to counter The Communist Threat.

Unfortunately, we assumed the title with two major handicaps: (1) we were very reluctant to act like a Superpower must [when to use the Diplomatic Carrot effectively and when to use the Military Stick effectively] and (2) our Foreign Policy was placed in the hands of Evangelical Liberal Democracy types who thought they could impose our Way Of Life on nations that had no History of The Rule Of Law.

We’ve Stumbled and Bungled our way since the end of The War.

Our Superpower Status has always been in Real Jeopardy because of our Incompetence.

As the old British knew very well: there has to be a Competent Policeman patrolling this Fallen World.  And it must be a nation of The Anglosphere, which is the Pinnacle of Western Civilization.  We can’t afford to Isolate ourselves in this day and age, but nor should we get ourselves tied-down in more Vietnams, as it were. [BB: As we have in Iraq and Afghanistan.]

With our Messy and Ignorant invasions and intelligence operations, we have managed to barely keep Order….

We can’t even Trust and put Faith in our Domestic and Foreign Intelligence Services because they have become Corrupted Politically.

Trump likes the Political Game too much to be Trusted.  The House is against anything he wants to do; the GOP-run Senate is Unreliable [they’re Wimps, beholden to the Whims of Democracy].

Ultimately, we have to think only, not necessarily exclusively, of what benefits us, what will Maintain or Increase America’s Security.

What to do?…….I don’t know.


¹ Although these high US Tariffs may be lowered as Trumpicus Pompey Magnus seeks help from the Red Chinese Bolshes in his effort to have Joe ‘Hill’ Biden and son Hunter investigated for their Corrupt Dealings with Red Chinese Businessmen.

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  1. bob sykes permalink
    06 October 2019 @ 08:42 08:42

    This is an existential crisis for the Chinese Communist Party, itself, as well as for Xi. They will put the demonstrators down, bloodily if need be, and many thousands will likely end up in re-education camps. There are no Gorbachevs or Yeltsins in China.

    It is widely reported that the US is already covertly aiding the demonstrators. They are well organized and well funded. But, neither China nor the US will let matters get to war. The consequences would be dire for the whole world.

    Many countries may decide that trading with China is distasteful if the crack down is bloody. But moving factories to Viet Nam or Indonesian will not help the US and our huge trade deficit.

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