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The Small Businessmen: Guardians Of The Free Market

04 October 2019 @ 18:04

While the makers of Arts and Entertainment have been portraying the Businessman as a Power-Hungry Parasite seeking to achieve Power And Control over all of us, including our Governments, the Truth is that Big Businessmen and our Governments have been in Collusion [oh, that word] ever since Companies became Big.

Throughout the history of this Corrupt Relationship, it is what we call the ‘Small Businessman’ [which includes small and mid-level businesses] who has suffered because of this Cozy Affinity.

Both sides of this Immoral Marriage have, separately, but more often together, used their Power to restrict the Small Businessman in a Crony Capitalistic Fashion.

Big Businessmen have always sought to gain Unfair Advantages in The Market and sometimes in the past they were often opposed by the Governments overall but, they bought certain Politicians.  In the Past one could muster a fight against both sides.

However, in the past several decades the relationship between the two has grown more Intimate.

Part of the reason this has occurred is because the Newer Generations of Big Businessmen have been Infused with the Leftist Virus.  Since our Governments at all levels already suffer from this Monstrous Malady, it Logically follows that the two will more easily Conspire together.  Today, in this Age Of Leftist Hegemony, those Big Businessmen who haven’t drunk enough of the Radical Kool-Aid have been softened-up and feel Compelled to play-along with their Comrades, fearing they will be attacked by Governments which have replaced The Rule Of Law with The Rule Of Whim.

These Big Businessmen think they will ride-off into The Future arm-in-arm on their Woke horses with their ‘friends’ in Government.  But, as I wrote in The Present Crisis

It is interesting then that Leftists — who seem to be obsessed with eliminating ‘evil corporations’ and denouncing ‘corrupt Capitalists’ [‘Capitalist’ is a term coined by Marx] — would make alliances with such people, but let us never forget that Leftists have rejected Morality and Honor, that they believe in achieving their goals ‘by any means necessary’. So, if they have to ‘dance with the devil’ for a while, then, why not?

For the Left, this alliance is one of pure convenience. It is designed to be merely a means to their end, a type of association [aka: Fascist or Corporatist] useful for the moment, but devised to be discarded as soon as it is possible to do without it. The Left will use the Businessmen until they have wrung out of them all that they need to progress further towards their goal of Utopia.

The Big Businessmen have ultimately Doomed themselves to Enslavement, just as did those in Nazi Germany.  They will discover too late their Idiocy.

So, it would seem, it is to the Small Businessmen that we have to turn to for Allies in our War to Restore our Freedoms and Ordered Liberty.

There are two problems, however, in our efforts to recruit Small Businessmen:

—There is a Naivete among many of them because they have been working so intensely hard to build their small businesses.

—The Wokeness of the Big Businessmen has seeped down into the Small Business Community, with some of these being Woke Enterprises to begin with, so Invasive has been the Leftist Cancer.

I’m cheered by the fact that less Small Businessmen these days are suffering from the former.  They have Awakened in the Positive sense, especially since 2006.  A good number have experienced first-hand the Malignantly of the Fascist / Corporatist Alliance and they’re ‘not going to take it anymore’.

Small Businessmen have a Duty, a Moral Obligation, to be more involved in their Local, County, and State Communities, including in Politics.  Leftist Control of elected offices and boards is Essential.

The American Culture must be Restored, as well.  They must Refuse to take part in things like Product Placement in, Refuse to sponsor any Entertainments which seek to, ultimately, Destroy said Culture.

The national government is dead, The Constitution has been Murdered.  All Hope rests within The Sovereign States.

Refugium inveniemus in provinciis
[Find refuge in the provinces]

Again from The Present Crisis

…I believe, there is still hope for the Small Businessmen to ‘Come To Jesus’ before it is too late.

These men must rediscover their Moral Imaginations, their Virtue, and join the fight to restore our Freedoms and Liberties.

All the greatness that America stands for, all that made it possible for budding entrepreneurs like themselves to have a chance to Thrive and Prosper, is slipping away very quickly. The Businessmen are the front-line soldiers in the battle to Preserve, Protect, and Defend the Free Market. They have to arm themselves properly with the right weapons and start taking their Duties and Responsibilities seriously as the Vanguard in their theater of operations in this War.


¹ I am finally preparing to properly publish The Present Crisis in book form.

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