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Medieval Is Not Evil

03 October 2019 @ 18:48

As you know, there were two Enlightenments in the 18th Century: the French one and the English [often called ‘Scottish’] one.

Both have had, and continue to have, tremendous influences on the World, like all such things they are both Good and Evil.

Much more of the latter is to be found in The French Enlightenment.

But, it must be said, although I’m not saying there is necessarily a Moral Equivalence between the two, both have been responsible for the weakening of, simply put, a Belief in God and Right Reason and Traditional Morality.

There is a direct line between the French version and all forms of Leftism.  After all, we can thank the French for the Insidious development of Ideology.¹

Among the Sins of The English Enlightenment, which has been pretty much a source for Good, is the encouragement it has given to a Self-Interest deprived of Virtue.  The most extreme advocate for this so-called ‘Virtue Of Selfishness’ has been by Ideologue Ayn Rand.

On 29 September, instant, Richard Fernandez wrote on Facebook [tip of the fedora to DB Hawthorne]:

The last 3 yrs have been revealing. Washington is corrupt. China is Communist. Saudi Arabia is incompetent. Europe is an aspiring superstate. Russia is one big conspiracy. Google is watching you. A lot of celebrities are perverts. Most news is a lie.

Otherwise we’re fine[.]

What appears to be a rather Naive statement by RF [I state that because the World has always been this way, has always been Infused by this Spirit of All-Encompassing Corruptions of all kinds] is redeemed, at least partially at worst, by him in an article he wrote two days later:

Perhaps the worst illusion of politicians is that they are in control; that we can determine the climate or we can create an end to history. But often we cannot. Human affairs will remain vulnerable to external events whether it is from a disaster such as a meteor arriving undetected from outer space or unlooked-for salvation from people like Stanislav Petrov, who saved the world during the Cold War by ignoring a faulty Soviet missile alert. The future is an alien signal. It’s bound to surprise us.

Mr. Fernandez seems to ‘get it’.

Secularism, which has reached it’s highest point in the belief that God is dead and Evil does not exist, has invaded our Souls.  Consequently, The West has been in Decline; it’s Soul has been left to starve a long, slow Death,

As Ben Sixsmith wrote in a review of Tom Holland’s latest book, Dominion: How the Christian Revolution Remade the World

Some secularists write as if everything good about the modern world is the result of the Enlightenment and its promotion of the natural sciences, liberalism, and secularism. Holland has no time for this. Was the idea of the preeminent significance of the individual not rooted in the idea that each man is equal before God? Did the idea of the separation of church and state not go back to Augustine? Had Aquinas not said the Holy Scripture “naturally leads men to contemplate the celestial bodies”? One could mention previous Christian achievements on which liberalism depended, such as the promotion of monogamous unions and the prohibition of cousin marriage.

The True Enlightenment happened with the coming of Christianity and it’s liberation from the Roman Empire.  In other words, it is a Legacy of the Medieval Era [another example: the belief in Unalienable Rights goes back in the English-Speaking world to 1215 and Magna Carta].

The English Enlightenment, for the most part, promoted a Stronger Arrogant Individualism — the results of this have, in many ways, not been Good.

Since the French Enlightenment, we have expected too much out of Human Beings.  I prefer the Medieval take.


¹ The British and French Enlightenments, interestingly, combined to create the one Right Wing Ideology: capital ‘L’ Libertarianism.

² I highly recommend all of Tom Holland’s books.

  1. dangerdaveo permalink
    03 October 2019 @ 21:01 21:01

    Good stuff Bob, But there appears to be a missing ending to the last sentence in the paragragh that follows: Mr. Fernandez seems to ‘get it’ that currently reads …it’s soul has been (?)

    Perhaps you could explore the socialism/communism to secularism relationship if you write a follow-up on this post.

    Til then ,

    • 04 October 2019 @ 15:22 15:22

      Thanks for pointing out that error; it’s now fixed.

      I’m hoping to explore the ‘socialism/communism to secularism relationship’ in the future.

      I’m mentally locked-and-loaded.

      Good to hear from you.

      • Adobe_Walls permalink
        04 October 2019 @ 18:18 18:18

        Great read. I don’t get by here (or anywhere else for that matter) near often enough. Work Work Work.

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