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If Hillary Runs, The Left Will Biden Her

01 October 2019 @ 17:23

I’m starting to hear more and more frequent talk about Hillaria Tiberius jumping into the 2020 Democratic Presidential Race.

I’ve become convinced she wants to, especially after what she said the other day about Mentally Ill Climate Change Fantasist Greta Thunberg.

From PJ Media, Nicholas Ballasy reporting, we learn:

Calling Thunberg’s remarks “powerful,” Clinton specifically applauded the portion of the speech where Thunberg told world leaders they had “stolen” her childhood. Clinton said the speech should be “required reading for every lawmaker.”

“She spoke for so many in her own generation when she condemned world leaders’ lack of urgency in responding to climate change by saying, ‘you have stolen my dreams and my childhood with your empty words.’ Now, I know she engendered a backlash from the climate-change deniers, from the anti-anything coalition that takes on those who stand up and speak out and actually live in an evidence-based world instead of a fact-free world,” Clinton said at Georgetown University during the presentation of the Hillary Rodham Clinton Awards for Advancing Women in Peace and Security.

Tip of the fedora to my Friend In The Ether Teecee Lynch who remarked: ‘She is SO gonna run again’.

Hillaria certainly sounds like a candidate.

I think she certainly wants to…wants to very badly.

Hillaria believes ‘she wuz robbed!’ in 2016 [thank the Good Lord and The Founders again for the Electoral College].

The question is: Will she throw her pantsuit into the ring one more time?

Knowing her and the sniveling toadies around her, I would bet against it.

But there’s a problem — a Big Problem — if she does: like Joe ‘Hill’ Biden she’s a certifiable…er…certified member of the New Left.

As I mentioned last week, the New New Left of Obama, Pelosi, et. al. are on a campaign…

…The current Democratic Party Establishment is known to be Ruthless in the way it treats those of it’s members who it feels are bring[ing] it down, who may cost them in Elections, in increasing their Power And Control.

Combine this with a Radical Young Left who want Biden to go away because he is harming their efforts at promoting Socialism and the Democratic Party Establishment’s on-going search on how to Appease these Socialists, who they believe they are now a Power to be reckoned with and what you are seeing here is a move to remove Joe.  As I wrote back in mid-July:

Nancy Pelosi and her Apparatchiks, the New New Left, are in a political life and death struggle with the Radical Young Left for Power And Control. The latter group are determined to push the former into the same bin as the Useful Idiot GOP and their minions, but also with we Constitutionalists.

Nancy and The Apparatchiks [are] in a Desperate battle….

So…they have decided Old Joe Hill must go to his Political Grave because he has become an Embarrassment.  This is a Typical Leftist Tactic: once one your own becomes a Negative, a drag on your efforts, consign him or her or zhr to the dung heap of used-up Bolshes — in other words…Disown them Utterly.

In this case, their is another benefit for the Democratic Party Establishment: it believes this will help them in their efforts to Impeach the President.

Hillara Tiberius is A LOSER.  She has pissed-off many on her side with her and her husband’s Mafia-like actions.  La Cosa Clinton has, I believe, used-up what ever Patience the New New Left had for her.  They also gave their all in supporting her candicacy in 2016 and she Botched It big time.  I think Pelosi and her Comrades are sick-to-death of Hillaria and will see this as a perfect opportunity to get rid of La Cosa Clinton once and for all.

I hope she runs.



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