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#Impeach Trump – Beware Of Watergate II

26 September 2019 @ 16:59

Former Nixon Administration Assistant White House Counsel, Geoff Shepard, has written very well researched books about the Watergate Affair.  In them, he makes a solid case that Richard Nixon did not commit any Impeachable Acts and that many of those Prosecuted were, basically, Innocent.

As a teenager, I followed the whole Scandal and always felt something was wrong with it, but I couldn’t quite put my finger on just what that was.  I eventually came to believe that my affection for the Underdog was clouding my judgement.  It is now clear, with Mr. Shepard’s unearthed convincing evidence that my original Instinct was correct.

The Left back then were starring in a Dreadful story: Bring Me The Head Of Richard Nixon.

There were no ‘high crimes and misdemeanors’ committed by Mr. Nixon.

Through deliberate distortions of recordings and their transcripts, selective leaks to the Media, and outright Lies, the Prosecutor, ‘Judge’ Sirica, the Media, and the likes of John Dean, a False Case was made against The President, and many of his Aides were over-prosecuted or wrongly convicted.

The Rule Of Law was seriously Damaged and has never recovered, which is obvious if you look at the actions of the FBI, the Congress, and the Obama Administration in the past decades.

I bring this up at this point as a warning to my Fellow Defenders Of The Constitution…

We have to watch out: What happened to Richard Nixon could happen to Donald Trump in a sad repeat of the early 1970’s.

Do not enjoy the occasions of Schadenfreude you’re now experiencing as a result of the current Bumbling of The Left.  They’re as Relentless as they were during Watergate and will not stop their Machinations despite what they consider their small setbacks,

As I see it: so far the Democrats and their allies in The Media are mimicking the same tactics used by the Watergate Prosecutors, ‘Judge’ Sirica, and the Media…and they ended-up forcing Nixon from Office in a Haze of Lies.

Like President Nixon, President Trump may win Re-Election, but the Victory could be shorted-lived.

Keep Your Eye On The Sparrow.

I would highly recommend viewing Mr. Shepard’s lectures on C-SPAN and at Temple University, his articles over at The American Spectator, and, of course, his books and his website.

  1. mblanc46 permalink
    27 September 2019 @ 19:48 19:48

    I’m getting that same uneasy feeling. It doesn’t matter what Nixon did or didn’t do, or what President Trump did or didn’t do. What matters is 218 votes in the House and 67 votes in the Senate. It not clear whether the villains can turn 20 Repub Senate coats (but never underestimate the capacity for treachery of a Repub pol), but even if President Trump escapes removal from office, he may be so damaged as to be unelectable in 2020.


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