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Hunter Is Not The Hunted: Joe Is

25 September 2019 @ 16:36

Why has the Democratic Party decided to pursue a matter than will show Joe and Hunter Biden’s Corruptions in their effort to Impeach Donald Trump?

From Low Rent Pundit:

Drummed out of the military due to a coke habit, yet somehow miraculously not dishonorably discharged. Deeply in debt and over $300,000 behind on taxes. Affair with the wife of his dead brother after which his wife filed for divorce alleging Hunter squandered his family’s money on “drugs, alcohol, prostitutes, strip clubs, and gifts for women with whom he has sexual relations”, indicating very “flexible” character and a taste for the good life.

All this plus very, very close ties to a particular high ranking government official.

Sounds like a perfect target for extortion and manipulation by foreign entities to me.

Alas Hunter Biden, we never knew ye.

Then he gets hooked up with a Ukrainian oil and gas company that paid him a rumored $50 large per month, a company partially owned by a crony of Putin’s.

Perhaps Daddy had something to do with that.

Kid’s gotta eat, right?

By his own admission, Biden had “visited Ukraine four times since 2014 and says he’s logged “close to a thousand hours on the telephone” with its leaders” (via a Feb. 29, 2016 Politico article).

If any of Trump’s kids had this kind of backstory, the Democrats would impeach him.

Oh, wait — none of them do but Democrats are pretending to impeach anyway.

The Impeachment Lite of President Trump is going to rip the scab right off old Joe’s knee.

The Democrats have worked themselves in to a position on the board where they can’t sacrifice a single pawn without clearing a path to their Queen. Best they can hope for is to run out the clock.

That’s why, if Trump asked me, I’d tell him and the GOP to call their bluff.[¹]

Having spent most of my Life living through the ways the Democratic Party have operated, I believe what is going on here, what is the real story, is that The Party has decided Joe ‘Hill’ Biden has to go.  The current Democratic Party Establishment is known to be Ruthless in the way it treats those of it’s members who it feels are bring it down, who may cost them in Elections, in increasing their Power And Control.

Combine this with a Radical Young Left who want Biden to go away because he is harming their efforts at promoting Socialism and the Democratic Party Establishment’s on-going search on how to Appease these Socialists, who they believe they are now a Power to be reckoned with and what you are seeing here is a move to remove Joe.  As I wrote back in mid-July:

Nancy Pelosi and her Apparatchiks, the New New Left, are in a political life and death struggle with the Radical Young Left for Power And Control. The latter group are determined to push the former into the same bin as the Useful Idiot GOP and their minions, but also with we Constitutionalists.

Nancy and The Apparatchiks [are] in a Desperate battle….

So…they have decided Old Joe Hill must go to his Political Grave because he has become an Embarrassment.  This is a Typical Leftist Tactic: once one your own becomes a Negative, a drag on your efforts, consign him or her or zhr to the dung heap of used-up Bolshes — in other words and Disown them Utterly.

In this case, their is another benefit for the Democratic Party Establishment: it believes this will help them in their efforts to Impeach the President.

Since the New New Left of Nancy Pelosi et. al. regained Power with the 2006 Congressional Elections, they have Systematically been Eliminating those Democrats who have not ‘gone along with the program’ of the Fundamental Transformation of America.  They’ve been especially successful on the State and City Level in accomplishing this, so there’s nothing preventing them from doing it on the highest level.

I dreamed I saw Joe Hill last night
Alive as you and me
Says I, “But Joe, you’re ten years dead,”
“I never died,” says he, “I never died,” says he.

Well…politically, at least, it looks like he’s terminal.


1 Let us not also forget: ‘In 2013, then-Vice President Biden and his son Hunter flew aboard Air Force Two to China. Ten days later, Hunter Biden’s firm scored a $1.5 billion deal with a subsidiary of the Chinese government’s Bank of China’. [source: Kin Barlow]

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