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Who Really Won WWII?

23 September 2019 @ 17:19

Well…the Nazis, the Fascists in Italy and Japan lost — we know this.

In a series of Tweets from August and September instant, Daniel Hannan reminds of a few Facts that will play a part in my answer to the question.

His thread starts with this Tweet, but I will cite just the text from them for clarity’s sake.

23 August 2019:

The Nazi-Soviet Pact was signed 80 years ago #OTD. Two totalitarian ideologies united against the liberal West.

Worth remembering, too, that most Western Communists happily went along with the new line, effectively siding with Hitler against their own governments. Here is a little reminder.

01 September 2019:

Eighty years ago #OTD, Hitler’s tanks punched into Poland. Everyone remembers that. For some reason, though, Stalin’s invasion on 17 September 1939 does not have the same place in our collective memory. The two dictators spent the first third of the war united against the West.

On to my answer to the Question posed in the title of this post…

—The Soviet Union won in a big way.  It spent the first years of the War on the side of the Axis, yet ended-up controlling half of all Europe.  Not bad.  It rose to the status of Superpower and spent the next six decades trying to control much of the World.  It fell after a long struggle with America, the other Superpower.  It was able to Massacre many of it’s opponents.  It was able to Enslave many more.  True, it tried to exert Power And Control over Red China, but Failed.  It’s campaign to steal American Technology was, for the most part, successful, due to it’s successful Infiltrations of our Agencies and Businesses.  But it also was even more successful in helping The Left make it’s long march through our institutions, creating a substantial cadre of Fellow Travellers and Dupes along the way who plague us still today.

The USSR fell, but the groundwork it laid pretty much continued on, starting to be Revived with the coming of the Fascist Vladimir Putin.  Russia is still employing the same Tactics as The Soviets did.

—Great Britain was perhaps the biggest loser of the winners.  Because of the compromises it made with FDR and the effect this had on Britain’s Left, it lost The Empire.  The Chaos that ensued, and still ensues to this day, has roiled the World.  It has become a Pale and Trembling version of what it once was when the sun never set on The British Empire.

—America became a Superpower because (1) it believed it could be a better Superpower than The British Empire and (2) because some nation of The West had to counter The Communist Threat.

Unfortunately, we assumed the title with two major handicaps: (1) we were very reluctant to act like a Superpower must [when to use the Diplomatic Carrot effectively and when to use the Military Stick effectively] and (2) our Foreign Policy was placed in the hands of Evangelical Liberal Democracy types who thought they could impose our Way Of Life on nations that had no History of The Rule Of Law.

We’ve Stumbled and Bungled our way since the end of The War.

Our Superpower Status has always been in Real Jeopardy because of our Incompetence.

As the old British knew very well: there has to be a Competent Policeman patrolling this Fallen World.  And it must be a nation of The Anglosphere, which is the Pinnacle of Western Civilization.  We can’t afford to Isolate ourselves in this day and age, but nor should we get ourselves tied-down in more Vietnams, as it were.

With our Messy and Ignorant invasions and intelligence operations, we have managed to barely keep Order.  Which brings us to…

—The Middle East.  America’s only success there was the aid we provided the Israelis in setting-up and maintaining their great nation.

We very often forget that the Leaders of Islam supported Hitler.

One of the factors in the reawakening of Islamic Power was the Muddled way we handled them and continue to deal with them.  We’ve misunderstood where they are coming from and deal with these Barbarians as if they were Westerners.  They are most certainly not like us at all.

It hasn’t helped that all the governments of The West have been infiltrated by Arabists, who border on Anti-Semitism in their words and deeds [and now, because of Political Correctness, by actual Muslims, who have only Loyalty to Islam].  The biggest offenders in The West have been the two Bushes and their Administrations and Obama and his Islamic Sympathizers [there are some Reagan Officials who deserve blame as well].  As for Carter and Clinton…well….

Since Bush I, we’ve seen too many Administration Officials providing what can only be described as Aid And Comfort to our Enemies.


So…we return to the question: Who Really Won World War II?

Until their spectacular fall, The Soviets were the Big Winners.

Then Red China came in and filled the Totalitarian Gap.  It is now a True Superpower.

All the while, Islam was gearing-up for it’s moves against a Weakened West.

America was a Winner and we got an unprecedented Prosperity out of it.  But what good does that do when we’ve Botched things so badly on all other fronts?

Time will, of course, tell.  But, right now, we are not Winners.

  1. MMinLamesa permalink
    24 September 2019 @ 00:15 00:15

    Who takes us seriously when we are in Afghanistan for 19 years because of ridiculous ROE? When we know that elements in the Saudi government were behind 9/11 and we didn’t nuke Mecca? When we had Saddam’s army by the balls and Powell said it would look bad if we killed them all? I mean this shit goes on & on.

    In WWll our guys saw the Japs were most definitely not fucking around and took it to them. Since then, nope.

    The Romans knew how to put fear into fearsome. Why in the world we’re involved in a 100 places supposedly protecting our national interests when all we need do is let everyone know any attack of any kind on any American anywhere will result in your end. Period. No ifs and or buts. One example should be plenty.

    Years ago I read this satirical piece called Nuke the Moon, yet the basis of it, that is, those fucking Americans are crazy, holds plenty of water.

    But that’ll never happen when we have REgressives blocking traffic for the non existent problem of climate change with no repercussions. Lay our ineffectiveness right at the feet of our pussy ass pols.


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