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Ken Burns’s #CountyMusicPBS – Review Part I

22 September 2019 @ 17:19

Last week, I watched the first four episodes of the latest documentary by Ken Burns on the History of Country Music and I must say I was surprised.

Usually, especially since a became one of The Beautiful People with his The Civil War, the documentaries he Directs and/or Produces go something like this:

Subject, Subject, Racism, Subject, Racism, Racism, Raaaaacism, Subject, Subject, Racism, Subject, Racism, Racism, Raaaaacism, Racism… — you get the picture.

He is obsessed with Racial Relations in American History and it has clouded his obvious talents as a first-class Documentarian.

Jazz was became unwatchable rather quickly, especiall when nearly everything Blacks did in it was touted as ‘the greatest [name the performance] of all time!’.

Baseball was as off-putting.

Prohibition was okay.

The Roosevelts was hours of arse-kissing.

The West, which he Produced, got Obnoxious about halfway through [and my Great-Great Maternal Grandmother was full-on Cherokee].


With his latest, Country Music, so far he seems to have redeemed himself.  The obsession with Race is not there.  He treats the influence of Black Music on Country & Western, especially The Blues, with just the right amount of Respect it deserves.

As I said, I’ve just watched the first half of it.  We’ll see how the second half goes starting tonight, Sunday.

The first half covered up until the deaths of Patsy Cline, Cowboy Copas, and Hawkshaw Hawkins in a 1963 plane crash.

I certainly would recommend the first four parts.

I remain Hopeful, but, as always, Cynical.

-How about some Patsy…

-Then there’s Hank…

-Jimmie Rodgers…

-This song is played during one of the sponsor commercials and it’s great:


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    25 September 2019 @ 03:07 03:07

    Country, woot!


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