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Our Young: Can This Malignant Circle Be Unbroken?

21 September 2019 @ 17:21

There’s something seriously wrong mentally with the vast majority of young people today.

They claim that they’re always suffering from one kind of Anxiety or another, that they have trouble dealing with the every day problems of Living.  Feeling Down about something is enough to put them into a Woe-Is-Me Panic.  They exaggerate every little reversal of their fortunes into a life-threatening moment and expect us to offer them Syrupy Sympathy and, hopefully in their eyes, tell them it’s not their fault, that they are victims of a Cruel, Cruel World.

As John Rosemond puts it [tip of the fedora to KC Duffy][re-paragraphing mine]:

Because of “expert” psychobabble to the effect, today’s parents — those who want to do the best job possible — are petrified at the possibility they might do something that will upset their children’s supposedly delicate psyches and create conditions of permanent emotional turmoil.

As a consequence, all too many well-intentioned parent[s] are afraid of doing anything that might make their children unhappy, however temporarily. The ironic, darkly humorous upshot of this is that today’s parents are the first generation of Americans who were, as children, intimidated by adults and who are, as adults, intimidated by children.

In thirty-plus years, the parent-child relationship has turned upside down. The victims of this inversion include the American child, who never learns to respect authority and cannot, therefore, ever develop true self-respect; the American parent, who exists in a state of perpetual child-centered neurosis; the American family, which lacks both a stout helm and a competent helmsman; and finally, America, which wobbles on an increasingly weak foundation.

This ever-worsening situation will not be corrected until American parents retrieve the gumption to tell both their children and the “experts” to sit down and hold their tongues.

Dead Solid Perfect.

In the comments to Mr. Rosemond’s Facebook post, John Barillaro makes a spot-on point:

Part of the problem is that kids are almost expected to “have an issue”, and they know this. It then becomes a self fulfilling prophecy….

And they find it because they’ve been brought-up as the center of the attentions of Family and Family Friends.

Double-Amputee Veteran Johnny Jones:

Obviously, much of the blame belongs with the Parents, but most of our current Culture is designed now to Enable this kind of behavior.

I have a small bit of Sympathy for the Parents because they are encircled and encompassed by this Rottenness, but it only goes a short way.  Plenty of the young are taught by their Parents to be Virtuous and Responsible members of American Society.  Look at the men and women in our Military for one example.

However, when these young people enter Society, they are bombarded with the kind of thinking that can seriously Damage a Soul.  The high incidents of Suicide among our Military Personal shows that the Rottenness I spoke of has invaded even the Souls of these brave people.  These Suicides are a Tragedy in the truest sense of the word because these young people have had their Souls Weakened by The Cultural Climate [that’s the only climate change we should be concerned with] and it’s led them to be Feeble — Delicate and Fragile whose minds can be snapped like a small twig.  And, if you do not possess some kind of Inner Strength, you will eventually Fall into False Victimhood or, in the extreme, off yourself.

We see a Carelessness in our Young that exceeds even that of the Young in The Roaring Twenties.

Can this Malignant circle be unbroken?


What doesn’t help the situation is our strong tendency to Overreact to problems affecting our Young People.

I’ll leave ‘The Horror That is Vaping!!!’ and the so-called ‘Opioid Crisis!!!!!!!’ for another time and concentrate on something more Pervasive and relatively-speaking Mundane: the case of the, I believe, wrongly jailed Michelle Carter in The Commonwealth Of Massachusetts.

From The London Daily Mail, Luke Kenton and Snejana Farberov reporting:

Carter was convicted in 2017 of involuntary manslaughter in the 2014 death of 18-year-old Conrad Roy III. The now 22-year-old woman began her sentence in February.

A judge found Carter was responsible for Roy’s death because she urged him to continue with his suicide plan.

Carter was 17 years old and recently discharged from a psychiatric hospital when she encouraged her boyfriend, Roy, 18, to commit suicide on July 13, 2014.

The pair had been dating for two years, though had only met five times over the course of their relationship.

Evidence presented at trial showed Carter had suggested several ways in which Roy could commit suicide, regularly encouraging him to carry out the act as he had ‘promised’ her.

‘Drink bleach. Why don’t you just drink bleach? Hang yourself,’ Carter said in one text, before adding, ‘Jump over a building, stab yourself, idk. There’s a lot of ways.’

Both Roy and Carter suffered from clinical depression and had previously attempted suicide, two disheartening factors the young pair centered their companionship on.

Carter was some 30 miles away from Roy on that fateful July day. She sat on the phone with him and listened as he inhaled carbon monoxide in his pickup truck in a secluded parking lot.

At one point, Roy told Carter he was going to get out of the truck, but she ordered him to get back in.

The shocking admission was made in a text to a friend months after Roy’s death, which later served as one of the most crucial pieces of evidence against Carter at trial.

‘His death is my fault like honestly I could have stopped him,’ she said in a message to a friend.

‘I was on the phone with him and he got out of the car because it was working and he got scared and I f***ing told him to get back in.’

Carter was convicted of involuntary manslaughter in 2017 and was sentenced by a Juvenile Court Judge to serve 15 months behind bars.

The sentence was put on hold until the Supreme Judicial Court upheld her conviction, which unanimously rejected the defense’s arguments that Carter’s conversations with Roy and the dozens of text messages and emails that they exchanged before his death were protected speech under the First Amendment.

She began serving her sentence on February 11 this year.

‘Our common law provides sufficient notice that a person might be charged with involuntary manslaughter for reckless or wanton conduct, including verbal conduct, causing a victim to commit suicide,’ the SJC declared.

Carter’s attorneys have appealed the ruling to the US Supreme Court, which has not yet confirmed whether it will hear the case or not.

She was, just last week, denied parole.

No one made him carry through with his suicide.

She bears a Moral Responsibility for his death, but she did not make him get back in his car.

She should be Shunned and anyone who provides her aid and comforts should be Shunned, unless she Truly Repents.

The trouble is people want the instant justice they see on television.

This desire often leads towards roping the government into taking actions that set awful and offal precedents.  And, of course, the Politicians take advantage of this fully.

Leave her and her enablers to God. Shun her, don’t jail her.

She’s not a Legal Criminal because Conrad Roy had Free Will: Carter is a Moral Criminal and we shouldn’t use The Rule Of Law to assuage our Guilt as a Fallen Culture.

Also, let us keep in mind: the Precedents this kind of bending of The Law makes can be — and most assuredly will be — used against us.

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  1. Pyrthroes permalink
    24 September 2019 @ 08:42 08:42

    At age 8, sitting back-country corrals in Montana (dad was a writer memorializing the high-plains Mountain West), a grizzled ole bronco-bustin’ cowpoke came up to me and said, “Hey, you’re the Laramie Kid”.

    Suburban bourgeois though we became, from age 11 we’d “play hobo” by hitching freight-trains from DC suburbs to Virginia; then at 17, I shipped as a merchant mariner (Ordinary Seaman, messman and wiper) aboard wallowing T-2 tankers from Norfolk, VA to Bombay. Graduating a classic IV school, I waited USAF Security Service clearance bush-piloting for Anglican missionaries in Tanganyika, subsequently hitching overland, solo, from a remote-sensor site in the Aleutians across the Khyber Pass through Mideast and Turkey into Rhenish Germany.

    Looking back, this casual adventuring truly was not safe (three dead-stick landings in lion country, brushes with mountain bandits between Kabul and Kandahar)… but now, what memories! Indeed, the world has changed, dumbed down and tamped down, but sense is that from (say) 2020 – 2125 our pusillanimous posterity will see more changes than the last four hundred years.

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