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On Abortion, Complicity In Moral Treason, And Repentance

19 September 2019 @ 15:52

Over at Da Tech Guy Blog, Baldilocks offers a succinct and insightful argument against Abortion.

As she points out, via a quote from Dave Perkins: there are two kinds of response a woman who has had an Abortion can choose from…

1. To seek Forgiveness from God; or

2. To [as Mr. Perkins puts it] adopt a…

…FURIOUS ANGER at anyone they believe might possibly be entertaining a tiny bit of anything like judgmentalism against them for having done that. (…)

They don’t seek forgiveness; they want JUSTIFICATION and will punch in the face anyone who won’t acknowledge their act was not unjust.

(…) Not wanting to face something so horrible about yourself is a very strong motive for activism and high loud moral outrage, folks. Don’t undervalue that.

Baldilocks remarks:

It’s difficult to face the fact that you have murdered, and that the victim is the one person over whom you have total control. If you refuse to face it, that person loses sentience in you mind and becomes just a clump of cells, like your fingernails or your hair.

To avoid the kind of Guilt that should follow such an act, many women put on the Victim Suit and go on to blame everyone but themselves.  They try to direct the death rays of said Guilt to others, most especially those of us who see Life as a Gift from God.  They are Mentally Ill [Hysteria] and need our Help.

Juliette continues [emphasis hers]:

But there’s more to this phenomenon than the non-personing of unborn babies. The refusal to see the reality of one’s iniquities leads to blindness of the spiritual variety. This blindness seems to turn what is obviously murder into an issue of power.

For the women who justify abortion, the notion that her body is not her own is infuriating. “My body, my choice” is more than just a statement of personal sovereignty; it’s a statement which refutes God’s ownership of each individual.

Murder Of The Innocents

God gave us Life, therefore, the Ultimate Sovereignty over our Death is His and His alone.  This same bit of Right Reason also goes for Euthanasia.

God gives us Free Will, but it is restricted at the highest level by His Ultimate Sovereignty.

More Juliette:

It’s not a coincidence that many abortion activists are atheists, or they subscribe to a caricature of “God” – a god who let’s them do whatever they want. I think that latter god is real. Some call him Lucifer.

And whoever may act to not allow them to do whatever they want — or even those whose speak out against what they want — is deemed as evil. So it is that, any tactic used against this enemy is fair game.

One more thing. Here’s how I know that this spirit is from the Adversary — besides the fact that it involves murder. The activists want every level of society to be complicit in the abortion industry, starting at the level of the money in your pocket.

The Ideologues [Left and Libertarian] want your monies, but, more importantly, they all want you to participate willingly in their daily Two Minute Hate against those of us who are waging War to overthrow The Culture Of Death.  Thus their Relentless attempts to get us to adopt their Twisted Logic, to make us Complicit in their Moral Treason, to draw us in to their Calderon Of Evil.

As for Sathan, The Lord Of This World: I subscribe, like JRR Tolkein, to a Dual view of Evil:

—I believe what Aleksandr Solzhenitysn wrote:

If only it were all so simple! If only there were evil people somewhere insidiously committing evil deeds, and it were necessary only to separate them from the rest of us and destroy them. But the line dividing good and evil cuts through the heart of every human being. And who is willing to destroy a piece of his own heart?  [The Gulag Archipelago, Vol. I, The Bluecaps]

Though our own Free Will we have, throughout our whole lives, the Freedom to do Good or do Evil.  We are the generators of both.

—I also believe there is a Force that was unleashed on the World that is Evil.  It can possess Souls, which is why Exorcism is necessary.  This Force has existed ever since The Fall [or since Man became Sentient, if you prefer].  It can only occupy your Soul if you let it in.  The Temptation to do so is a Strong one.  It is related to the former, but it exists on it’s own.

Those Doctors who perform Abortions, those who assist the Doctors in performing Abortions, and those who willingly Abort their Babies are all Guilty of the most Heinous of Mortal Sins.

Fortunately for them, Redemption is possible through Sincere Repentance.

The gift of repentance, which perhaps more than anything else distinguishes man from the animal world, is particularly difficult for modern man to recover. We have, every last one of us, grown ashamed of this feeling; and its effect on social life anywhere on earth is less and less easy to discern. The habit of repentance is lost to our whole callous and chaotic age.


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