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The Right, The Moral, Thing To Do

18 September 2019 @ 15:57

Low Rent Pundit is Dead Solid Perfect:

I flipped over to Fox News and saw a clip of Amy Klobuchar talking about how the Democrats are trying to create “national unity”.

And then I thought, “No. No you are not.”

…There are neo-communist progressives who hate you and their candidates for their party nomination are putting forward “we have to destroy the village to save it” policies that prove it.

Democrats don’t want unity unless “unity” means everybody adopts their ideology. They don’t want unity, they want to eliminate their opposition. In that respect, they are a lot like radical Islam, both give their enemies three options, 1) convert, 2) submit to their law. renounce your beliefs and pay the jizya (a heavy tax on the dhimma), or 3) die by the sword.

And they’re Ideologies have lead them to be the top Murderous Regimes in recorded History.


Their view of “unity” is the unity of Orwell’s 1984. Dissent will not be tolerated and the state will tell you what to believe.

I know it seems contradictory to say that American unity has always been about individualism — but that is the one thing Americans have always coalesced around. Individual liberty is the goal, mission statement and the core value of our founding documents. We seek the best ways to be alone together.

Liberty is the glue that has kept America together.

Democrats, like all communists, define “unity” as coerced “sameness” and are wiling to bring economies, industries, markets – and above all, people – down to achieve that sameness.

Now, for the first time in my lifetime, we are witness to a political party openly campaigning to take that liberty away because they claim the love of it has replaced the love of money as the root of all evil.

Democrat 2020: Convert or Die! is a far more appropriate slogan for the next national elections than any reference to “unity”.

I won’t say that “this is the most important election in history” because every “next” election is that — but what I will say is that, for the first time since before WWII, we are watching a wave of open communism wash up on America’s shores.

We have the power to turn back this tide.

Indeed, we do…and we must if Freedom And Ordered Liberty are to be Revived.

Don’t let this Propositional Nation [as Jeff Goldstein brilliantly labels it] go out with a Whimper.

Even if our Fight is Doomed, we must continue to wage War against the Enemies of America, especially those committing Treason From Within because it is the Right, the Moral, thing to do.


…We live in an important Period, & have a post to maintain, to desert which would be an unpardonable Crime, and would entail upon us the Curses of posterity.

The infamous Tools of Power are holding up the picture of Want and Misery; but in vain do they think to intimidate us; the Virtue of our Ancestors inspires us — they were contented with Clams & Muscles.

For my part, I have been wont to converse with poverty; and however disagreable a Companion she may be thought to be by the affluent & luxurious who never were acquainted with her, I can live happily with her the remainder of my days, if I can thereby contribute to the Redemption of my Country.

—Samuel Adams, Letter to William Checkley, 01 June 1774
[re-paragraphing mine]

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  1. GomeznSA permalink
    18 September 2019 @ 17:02 17:02

    Oh there is no doubt that they want “unity” – but it is their version of unity – IOW their way or no way.

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