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No Place For Reality And Truth

14 September 2019 @ 17:55

Over at The Other McCain, Stacy takes apart the latest argument from long-time Nutball, Amanda Marcotte and, as usual, he does it rather well.

I intend here to offer some thoughts on what she [is that a permissible pronoun, Mandy?] wrote and what Stacy wrote [emphasis Stacy’s]…

…This week, however, Ms. Marcotte wrote a column at Salon-dot-com which she then publicized with an extended Twitter rant:

There are many reasons, no doubt, for the rising worldwide rejection of liberal democracy. But I suspect the biggest reason — and interestingly, the one that tends to be downplayed — is misogyny. It’s an international tantrum in reaction to feminism. . . .

It’s clear to me that a lot of men will choose fascism over feminism.

In sum, men around the world would rather burn down democracy than do the dishes.

I’ll add that I think one reason a lot of liberals, including feminists, downplay the centrality of misogyny to rising fascism is because of liberal sexism. We don’t want to admit that women are important enough to inspire a worldwide rise of fascism.

A lot of people, especially men, on the left want to relegate “women’s issues” to a boutique concern. They can’t allow the thought that women’s issues are actually central concerns that dictate the rise and fall of civilizations.

Mzzzzz Marcotte is correct — but only if you’re talking about Islam.  I’ve been saying for years that the strict rules imposed by The Koran and Sharia Law on women show that Muslim men Fear women.  So, it follows that they will write laws that restrict them and Suffocate their Individuality — these men have created societies that are all Yang and very, very little Yin.

Your women are a [field] for you to cultivate so go on your [field] as ye will.

—The Koran, 2:223

4:34 allows for men to beat [‘scourge’] their women.  As Robert Spencer wrote:

Muhammad was once told “women have become emboldened towards their husbands,” whereupon  he “gave permissionto beat them.” When some women complained, Muhammad noted: Many women have gone round Muhammad’s family complaining against their husbands. They are not the best among you.”* He was unhappy with the women who complained, not with their husbands who had beat them. At another point he added: “A man will not be asked as to why he beat his wife.”+ [* Abu Dawud, 11:2141 / + Abu Dawud, 11:2142]

—Robert Spencer,The Politically Incorrect Guide To Islam, Chapter 5

Muslim Men have always Feared women because, among other reasons, they know the Female of the Species is Strong and Resilient, the main teachers passing-on to their children the traits of how to be Civilized — and they don’t want their male children to be that way, least they end-up Rejecting Jihad.

However, the Muslim Males also know that women can tolerate an awful lot of Abuse, so they have written laws that allow themselves to ‘justifiably’ inflict severe punishments on women.  Over the centuries, since Islam began it’s Conquests, Muslim women have been brow-beaten and Brainwashed into believing that they’re worth less than dirt.

Liberal Democracy is nothing but a tool used by Muslim men to bore-into a government and take it over.  As soon as they achieve Power And Control, they gladly toss away Liberal Democracy like the shredded skin of a snake.  They are the Fascists.

Of course, in non-Muslim areas of the World, this ‘rejection of liberal democracy’ is only happening because either (1) the Ideologues are rejecting it in favor of out-an-out Socialism [which Fascism is a temporary stop along the way] or the Populists are revolting against their do-nothing, limp governments that have only the Pacification of The Elites as their goal.  Sometimes, it is a combination of the two.

Mandy, of course, is a Ingnoramus when it comes to understanding exactly what Fascism is.  The sloppy and Ignorant use of that term is in the same category as the term Raaaaacist! — it’s lost ALL of it’s meaning.  And that is not a good thing because there are regimes in the World that meet the standards of Fascism.

More from Stacy:

…the place to begin debunking it is with Ms. Marcotte’s first premise, i.e., that we are witnessing a “worldwide rejection of liberal democracy” and “a worldwide rise of fascism.”

You will have difficulty finding any pundit who asserted such a thing prior to Nov. 8, 2016. America came this close (picture me holding my thumb and forefinger half an inch apart) to the Triumph of Hillary, who would have become President had she not lost a handful of Rust Belt states by quite narrow margins, and yet Hillary’s defeat has been treated by many in the media as a catastrophic omen of incipient fascism.

Quite frankly, Democrats and the media (but I repeat myself) are guilty of believing their own bulls–t….

They have to.  Otherwise the Fragile House Of Cards that they believe gives them Legitimacy will collapse.  All Ideologies have this problem.


The rioting mobs of masked Antifa thugs were condoned by liberals as an authentic expression of democracy, whereas the man who won the election — 62.9 million votes, and an Electoral College majority of 304-227 — was an enemy of democracy. This weird reversal of reality, where “democracy” is no longer about who wins elections, and where violent street thugs are celebrated as exemplifying liberal values, is symptomatic of many things, but mainly it shows what happens when the media bubble generates a pervasive echo-chamber within which liberals can wallow endlessly in a warm bath of confirmation bias.

“TRUMP IS HITLER! ORANGE MAN BAD!” This was the essential premise upon which Democrats and their media allies constructed an alternative reality in the aftermath of Hillary’s defeat, and viewers of CNN and MSNBC were immersed in that distorted worldview.

Actually, Trumpicus Pompey Maximus is quite the Friend Of Democracy.  He has governed as one and may safely be called a Populist [okay: ‘Nationalist Populist’, if you prefer].

Democracy embraces both the Leftist ‘weird reversal’ theory of it, but also embraces Trumpism.

Mzzzzzzzz Marcotte, of course, has situated herself far away from Reality and it’s companion Truth for so long, she can’t see this connection.

Trump has taken a number of actions that have been good for the Restoration of Freedom And Ordered Liberty, but his motives are not conservative.  He is merely trying to please a Constituency that he hopes to grow even larger in time for the 2020 Presidential Elections.  Hence, in one example, he rescinds Regulations at the same time he tries to ban Vaping.  Trump’s most fevered supporters, who half-a-decade ago would have denounced some of his actions, now twist themselves uncomfortably into knots trying to justify ALL of his deeds.

As Jeff Goldstein wrote back in the Fall of 2016 in a very Perceptive column [The Alt-Right Is The Mirror Image Of The New Left] for The Federalist:

Declaring that the alt-right is on the Right in “both the American and European sense of the term” is utter rubbish, and you can no more declare that you are “on the right” than you can declare that your gender is fluid and not expect people to raise an eyebrow. You are on the Right because of what you believe, how you act, and what impulses and ideas undergird your philosophy.

And the fevered supporters of Trumpicus Maximus have shown themselves to be Opportunists, willing to Discard their old beliefs in order to keep our Neo-Caesar in Power.

Once more from Stacy:

Mere partisanship does not a political philosophy make, and anyone who mistakes Amanda Marcotte for a philosopher is a fool. How she dares even to speak of “the rule of law” is astonishing, given her commitment to fictional “rights” found nowhere in our Constitution, but imposed upon the nation in the name of imaginary “penumbras and emanations.”

She dares because she can get away with it and, I would suspect, secretly hopes she will once again be seen as a Leader of The Left In America.  This broken-down shrew is so Desperate not be continue to be Irrelevant.

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