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Friend In The Ether @Dustbury Has Passed Away

11 September 2019 @ 17:39

NOTE: I’m late getting to this because I was away and offline from Friday until Yesterday — apologies.

Charles Hill, proprietor of the Dustbury blog, has passed away from horrific injuries he suffered in an auto accident recently.

From The Oklahoman, Steve Lackmeyer reporting, we learn:

Prepare to read the sort of column that absolutely would not have any approval from Charles Hill.

The beloved, quirky and sometimes grumpy writer was not just blogger, but was the original Oklahoma City blogger for almost a quarter century before he died Sunday after being injured in a car accident.

Charles was very kind to me when I very began blogging in 2008 and linked me — one of the few to do so back then.

He would especially like to eventually link some of my Rule 5 Posts when I posted them back in the day.  The man always appreciated a good-looking gal.

I never met Charles, but from reading what those who did have said about him makes me wish I had.

There’s not much more I can say excerpt that he was always kind to me and generous in his linking and seemed to have a dry sense of humor.

I would urge you to read all of Mr. Lackmeyer’s column to learn about this Wonderful Man [tip of the fedora to Dawn Eden Goldstein].

Requiescat in pace.

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