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A Victim In Every Pot!: On Johnson & Johnson And Free Will

27 August 2019 @ 16:59

From Fox Business, Rachel Tesler reporting, we learn:

An Oklahoma judge found Johnson & Johnson and Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies liable for stoking the opioid crisis in the state and said the company must pay $572 million, far less the $17 billion that the state was seeking.

Well…I guess that lowered amount is something.


Judge Thad Balkman, of Cleveland County District Court in Norman, Oklahoma, is the first judge to rule in the opioid cases brought to trial by thousands of state and local governments against opioid manufacturers and distributors.

His precedent-setting ruling was being closely watched as 2,000 other pending suits await to be heard before a federal judge in Ohio in October.

The Lord High Justices Of Victimhood filed their suits and their Victim Creating Peers have spoken.


J&J said it plans to appeal Balkman’s ruling and that the decision was “flawed.”

“Janssen did not cause the opioid crisis in Oklahoma, and neither the facts nor the law support this outcome,” said Michael Ullmann, Executive Vice President, General Counsel, Johnson & Johnson….

That is correct.  The only Victims here are Tragic Ones — those who abused the opioids they had been prescribed.  In other words: they brought it upon themselves — that is the true definition of Tragedy.

One hopes Johnson & Johnson will appeal this Injustice as far as they can.

More from the reporting:

Oklahoma Attorney General Mike Hunter brought the case to trial for seven weeks, arguing the pharmaceutical company executed an intensive marketing campaign that overwhelmed the market and mislead consumers about the addictive risks of the drug.

I don’t care if they did [and I’m not so sure they acted in this way].  We all have Free Will.  No one or one company forces us to take a drug.

Now, J&J may bear some Moral Responsibility if they did lie in their marketing, but they didn’t hypnotize or brainwash anyone.

According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, opioids were responsible for more than 400,000 overdose deaths from 1999 to 2017. Hunter seeks [sic] $17 billion to cover all costs related to the state addressing the epidemic for the next 30 years, including treatment and prevention programs.

There’s another problem right there: these so-called Guardians Of The People will inevitably fail if they continue to misguidedly treat drug and alcohol addiction as a disease, when, in Reality, it is ultimately a Mental Illness.  Labeling it a ‘disease’ is taking the blame for it occurring from the user to some murky force beyond his control.  In other words: the user is a Victim.


Oklahoma lawyers dubbed J&J an opioid “kingpin” and alluded to its marketing tactics as a public health nuisance, under law….

Exaggerate much?  Our Lords are trying to get us to make the issue an Emotional one exclusively [something the Left does].


…However, J&J absolves itself of any misconduct and presented research that said its painkillers, Duragesic and Nucynta, comprised a fraction of opioids prescribed in the state.

Give them an inch, Legitimize their thinking, like you just did J&J, and you will inevitably lose in the end.  Wimps.

More Wimps:

Oklahoma escalated the trial after resolving claims against OxyContin maker Purdue Pharma LP in March for $270 million and against Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd in May for $85 million, with only J&J remaining as a defendant.

Stand-up to these Shysters, these Ideological fermenters.  Big Business today is run by Cowards.  Damn you all.

As I’ve shown here many times, the Left cares more about Ideas than they do about People.

This whole FAKE micheghas has already made Doctors fearful of prescribing pain killers to people who are Chronically in Pain for fear of running afoul of our Lords And Masters.  Good people are suffering because of some Losers.  Some of the former have even killed themselves because they can no longer get relief from the Excruciating Pain they suffer from.

Of course, these Lord High Justices Of Victimhood are not going to stop with pain meds [emphasis mine]:

Plaintiffs’ lawyers have compared the opioid cases to litigation against the tobacco industry that led to the landmark $246 billion settlement in 1998. The city and county lawyers hope this decision could provide a model for future resolutions in public health issues like firearms and climate change and pollution.

Rapidly our Free Will is being stripped away from our Control.

FULL DISCLOSURE: In early 2007, after extensive and intensive Chemotherapy treatments, I became chronically ill in both feet with Neuropathy, which is a disease of, usually, the peripheral nerves.  Every day I suffer pain in both feet — a pain that is so intense that I had trouble thinking and, therefore, working.  Since that time, I have been taking Vicodin every day to tamp-down the pain, so I can function.

Over these past twelve years, I have never abused this opioid.  I made myself fully aware of it’s dangers and have acted, if I may say so, in an adult way in my dosages [the example of Rush Limbaugh losing his hearing abusing Vicodin helped].

Since my present Cancer problems began in late 2016 [lung cancer in my left one metastiszing to the right, then to my brain], I have continued to monitor my dosage very, very closely [the Chemo I received for my lower-left lobe lung removal made the Neuropathy worse, so I’ve increased my dosage by a full pill, on average, a day to four a day].  I know that, if I took anymore than this, I would have too much of the drug in me to function.  So, you see, it’s my Responsibility to regulate my opioid use.  No company is to blame if I eventually begin to abuse it.

‘But what about those who aren’t as determined as you; what about those with Weak Wills?’

Every single Human Being is born with Free Will.  We have been given this Magnificent Gift that allows us to be Individuals.  No matter what happens to us outside of our Control, we have the Power [and Responsibility] to deal with it.  The same holds True for when our Hubris brings about Nemesis.  Free Will, for example, means that, though we may be unjustly jailed [see: Solzhenitsyn, Aleksandr¹] we can still be, in the end, Free.

Every abuser of drugs is obligated to search his or her own Soul.  You are not Victims.


¹ From The Gulag Archipelago, Volume II, The Ascent:

”Know thyself!” There is nothing that so aids -and assists the awakening of omniscience within us as insistent thoughts about one’s own transgressions, errors, mistakes. After the difficult cycles of such ponderings over many years, whenever I mentioned the heartlessness of our highest-ranking bureaucrats, the cruelty of our executioners, I remember myself in my captain’s shoulder boards and the forward march of my battery through East Prussia, enshrouded in fire, and I say: “So were we any better?”

When people express vexation, in my presence, over the West’s tendency to crumble, its political shortsightedness, its divisiveness, its confusion I recall too: “Were we, before passing through the Archipelago, more steadfast? Firmer in our thoughts?” _

And that is why I turn back to the years of my imprisonment and say, sometimes to the astonishment of tl\ose about me: “Bles.! you, prison!”.

Lev Tolstoi was right when he dreamed of being put in prison. At a certain moment that giant began to dry up. He actually needed prison as a drought needs a shower of rain!

All the writers who wrote about prison but who did not themselves serve time there considered it their duty to express sympathy for prisoners and to curse prison. I . . . have served enough time there. I nourished my soul there, and I say without hesitation:

“Bless you, prison, for having been in my life!”

(And from beyond the grave come replies: It is very well for you to say that-when you came out of it alive!)



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  1. GomeznSA permalink
    28 August 2019 @ 19:41 19:41

    This reminds me of the vicarious liability lawsuits around 40 years ago. Anyone else remember them and perhaps more importantly, what ever happened to them.
    Seems to me that the liars er um lawyers come up with a new way to try to fleece the public every time they can. Most of us realize that it is just another form of “lawfare”. The only positive note I recall that has resulted is the PLCAA – and they are constantly trying to figure out ways to circumvent that (think Sandy Hook lawsuits).

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