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Meet The New Berserkers

25 August 2019 @ 16:40

A fanatic is one who can’t change his mind and won’t change the subject.

Winston Churchill

All Ideological movements find themselves ‘cursed’ by Fanatics, who take the Ideologies to the Extreme.

It’s actually an outcome that is Inevitable, because Pure, Unemotional Logic sets-up a road map for the Fanatics.  And, since an Ideology is a system of ideas and not a movement based in the Real World, the only way one can ‘progress’ in it is to proceed down that road.

There is a deep desire among the Ideologues to be more and more ‘perfect’, with the hope that they will, eventually, achieve Full Enlightenment.

Since the 18th Century, that term’s meaning has been Corrupted.

It used to mean achieving a closer relationship with God and His Works.

Now, we think of it — if we consciously think of it at all — as a movement that is the not-always-Loyal Opposition to The Transcendent.  Most of The Enlightenment’s adherents, most especially in France, rejected God and His Works and claimed [and still claim] that Reason governed all.  What is interesting is that, before the 18th Century, Reason was connected intimately with The Transcendent — what Edmund Burke labeled ‘Right Reason’.

This new form of Enlightenment rejected such a marriage and proclaimed that only REASON! should govern man.  Of course, as you might have expected, the Rejection of the Governing Merciful Hand of God left the governing Power to Mankind.  So, Men became gods, with each Individual [so the Theory went] determining what is best for himself or herself.

As when any such Logic was implemented, Anarchy ensued.  One problem was that Man is a Flawed Being who needs a non-Human Hand to guide him.

What to do?  What to do?

The more cunning of The Enlightened Ones declared themselves Masterminds, Gurus to the Masses.  They first tried to convince The People that they deserved to lead them.  When this Failed very miserably, they took action by trying to take Power And Control — sometimes successfully, sometimes failing.

When The Enlightened Ones succeeded, they Imposed their form of ‘enlightenment’ on the people they now controlled.  The death toll over the past three centuries has been in the hundreds of million; the Misery inflicted has been many times higher [In countries where Soft Socialism (actually, a form of Fascism) has been implemented, while the death toll has been usually low, the amount of Misery inflicted has been very high.].

Throughout it all, the Ideologues have never lost their Fanaticism.  And it’s interesting to note that, as the Ideologues have been more Frustrated in their attempts to Immanentize The Eschaton, their Fanaticism has grown much more Rabid and Relentless.

These New Berserkers cannot be reasoned with.  One thing to keep in mind when dealing with them: their definition of ‘reason’ is totally Corrupted — it has nothing to do with Reality.

The Triumph Of Leftist Thinking in The West means that such Irrational Behavior has seeped down deep in too many families.

And example: news from Australia [tip of the fedora to Richard Fernandez]:

An Australian couple, who fed their baby daughter a strict vegan diet resulting in severe malnourishment, have avoided jail time, according to CNN affiliate Seven News.

The mother and father, who are both in their 30s and who cannot be named for legal reasons, pleaded guilty to failing to provide necessities in life and causing injury to the child. The couple were sentenced to a 18-month jail term to be served as a community order.
Authorities discovered the couple’s child so malnourished that at 19-months she weighed just 4.9 kilograms (10.8 pounds).
Further medical tests revealed that her bones had not developed since birth. Her development was so stunted she didn’t even have any teeth, Seven News reported.
Her parents said they had kept the girl on a strict vegan diet. The child hadn’t been vaccinated and hadn’t received any medical care since birth, reported CNN affiliate Nine News.

This Innocent Child was on the verge of Death, all because her Rabidly Gnostic Ideological Parents and their Devotion to ‘Enlightenment’.

As Mr. Fernandez commented [which was the inspiration for this post]:

Fanaticism lives under many aliases. The most common is “enlightenment”.

The Modern Ideological Monsters are Victor Frankensteins — beware their creations.

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