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Therapeutic Culture And Madness

21 August 2019 @ 17:23

Over at The Other McCain, Stacy analyzes the case of one Nicholas Giampa, who murdered his Girlfriend’s parents and then tried to off himself [he was unsuccessful].

He lays out the story in all it’s harrowing detail, including how such a Human Monster developed.

Please do take the time to click here and read the whole column.

A few highlights from it that caught my eye…

From Stacy:

The first thing you need to know about Nicholas Giampa — besides the fact that he murdered two people — is that he had been diagnosed with autism, depression and a social anxiety disorder, according to his mother. From an early age, Giampa was “troubled,” and was a target of bullying. He attended five different schools during an eight-year period and by 2016, was enrolled at The Dominion School, a private school in Springfield, Virginia, for teenagers with “special needs.”

From his Mother:

Nicholas had no friends and was badly bullied.

“We tried to make up for the fact that he had no friends,” Marilyn said, with trips to Guam and the Grand Canyon, golf and saxophone lessons but nothing could make up for his isolation. Nicholas’ mother noticed a hardening in him.

As a teen, Nicholas called himself a “freak” and “retarded,” falling into very long, dark depressions….

She had hope when he eventually got a girlfriend.

However, things soon went south because the girl’s Mother, Buckley Kuhn-Fricker: ‘“Almost on day one of them dating this summer [my daughter] told me that Nicholas is very good at history and she said, “Did you know that the Jews are partly to blame for WWII?”‘

Stacy remarks:

Nicholas Giampa was a teenage neo-Nazi, an obsession he cultivated via the Internet, where he apparently became a fanboy of a notorious terrorist cult known as the Atomwaffen Division (more about that later). Giampa was the autistic Romeo and his girlfriend, Amelia Fricker, was the special needs Juliet, whose progressive parents were horrified when they discovered Nazi Nick’s obsession with Hitler.

The Parents of the girl ordered Giampa to stay away from their daughter.

To make a long story short, two days before Christmas 2017, Nicholas Giampa murdered Amelia’s parents with a pistol, then turned the gun on himself, attempting suicide. Giampa survived the self-inflicted gunshot to his head, although his brain injury was such that a judge ruled him incompetent to stand trial. This story has become part of a liberal media narrative about “white supremacist terrorism,” and the deaths of Amelia Fricker’s parents have been added to a body count total that is being blamed on President Trump. However, even if you condemn Trump as a “white supremacist,” it should be obvious that he doesn’t advocate teenage boys murdering their girlfriends’ parents, a crime that had more to do with Giampa’s psychiatric issues than with any political ideology.

But I have no doubt that Ideology played a part in this situation and in the situations of the other Boy-Men who have either committed Murder or were, thank The Good Lord, stopped before they did so.

Ideologues encourage these Misfits in their Delusions.

Ideology of any type advocates a Fantasy World that can never come true in The Real World. It is:

…a system of ideas developed in the sterile laboratories of the minds of it’s creators, far away from Reality. It is a system constructed with Fantasy and Fables and Frenzied Whims as it’s main building materials.  [The Present Crisis, Chapter 3: Leftism]

When The Vision™ fails, it always brings about a Supreme Anger, a Relentless and Ever-Growing Rage, in the person it has failed.

More from Stacy:

But as with the case of El Paso shooter Patrick Crusius (“very much a loner,” “the nerdy quiet kid” who was “picked on” in school), the case of Nicholas Giampa shows how a certain type of young white male seems to be particularly vulnerable to recruitment by online extremists. And this is not an accident: The neo-Nazi site Daily Stormer has described its target audience as “the ADHD demographic.” Emotionally disturbed young loners — “misfits,” to use the term Eric Hoffer applied to them in The True Believer — are always looking for something that will give them a sense of belonging. And it so happens that the guy who founded The Atomwaffen Division fit the same profile.


…the fact is that these killers fit a certain profile, with mental issues that make them particularly vulnerable to online recruitment into a neo-Nazi worldview, in much the same way as vulnerable teenage girls are being recruited into transgenderism.

Stacy then goes on to show how these Mentally Ill children are being disgustingly exploited by The Left.

Please click here to read it all.

A few thoughts from your Humble Blog Host…

-I was badly bullied in Junior High and High School.  However, I made friends with other ‘rejects’ and, through it never washed me clean of my Anger [which persisted for some fifteen years afterward], these friendships provided me with a refuge that helped me remain Civilized.  There’s no reason you can’t seek-out such Brothers-In-Arms, as it were — and I was maddeningly super-shy.  Trouble is such Untainted B-I-A’s are hard to find these days.

-The Coddling of our Children in a Therapeutic Culture over the past several generations has damaged damn-near all of them to varying degrees.

The broadening of what is considered ‘Autistic’ is part of this Pampering.  Instead of preparing kids to become adults, we smother them.  We say that they are Special and go on to stunt their growth into Maturity.

As Evi put it in the Comments section:

…the term “autistic” almost doesn’t mean anything anymore because it is such a broad spectrum. Might as well call him retarded.

I prefer addressing what is really at the root of this issue. You have a kid who was deeply alienated and picked on who adopted evil out of his own isolation and self pity (rather than resisting it)[.]¹

Think about it: a kid spends his life being told straight-out that he has ‘mental health issues’ that, in an un-PC phrase, he is ‘retarded’.

He absorbs that and starts believing that he is a ‘freak of nature’ and that ‘he doesn’t belong’.  Self-Isolation follows, then a Burning Desire to join other ‘freaks’ in a twisted community of Berserkers.

This Therapeutic Culture is severely damaging our children. They don’t know Life and are very easily molded, especially because they are in Distress.

Stop The Madness, People.

Flush Leftist Thinking out of your Souls.


¹ As Evi states in another comment:

ADHD is not a disability. It is a plus if you have a job like construction foreman, ship captain, running a logging crew, or any other profession where you have to think and act quickly on a variety of points continually. ADHD personalites do very well with that sort of multi sensory challenge, linear thinkers often get paralized and do poorly.

But in a school setting we punish boys (it is a male trait generally) for that ability. We should be channeling it and encouraging it.

  1. Andrew B permalink
    22 August 2019 @ 16:57 16:57

    I was badly bullied in Fifth Grade then, thanks be to God, grew about 6 inches over the summer. When 6th Grade started I was the biggest kid in my class. I beat the living Hell out of the bullies one by one. I didn’t leave one standing, and it worked wonders. I was never bullied again, and I trust that a certain number of smaller kids may have benefited from my protection. Bullies are uniformly cowards and, once they get a vicious blow to the kidneys, they move on to other–less painful–pursuits.

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