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The Colors Of #OUTRAGE: Blue And Red

20 August 2019 @ 16:50

Well…Ideologues and Surface-Pro Dingbats¹ on the Right — joined by Mensheviks who have nothing to lose on this issue, only to gain — have succeeded in getting a supposedly anti-Right film shelved, The Hunt.

On Facebook, Kathy Shaidle has [sometimes patiently] tried to explain that this movie is a Parody and that the Good Guys — ie: The Right — end-up triumphing over the Elite Leftist Hunters of Deplorables.

I believe she has made some headway.

Interesting point she made: ‘…Guys: When BRIAN KILLMEDE understands the basic concept of this film and you don’t, check yerselves’.

Today, she links to a damn fine article by David Cole, entitled: Right-Wing Boob Job.  He takes on the Right Wing Ideologues² and Surface-Pro’ers, while offering some insider’s take on the script.

A few highlights:

…we used to bitch about how Hollywood never makes movies with conservative heroes and leftist villains.

Well, Hollywood (and the son of a Friend of Abe) did just that, and you buffoons killed it with Stonewall Jackson-style friendly fire, proving once again that the cancer of speech suppression may go into remission for periods of time among ideological zealots, but it never quite goes away.

Steven Molen, the son of conservative Producer Gerald Molen [who was a member of the Friends Of Abe, ‘the “secret” (and boozy) organization of Hollywood conservatives’], made the movie.  As Mr. Cole describes:

Molen’s son Steven worked side by side with his dad on many of the elder’s projects. And then Steven co-produced exactly the type of movie us Abes used to drunkenly pine for: a nondocumentary that would appeal to rightists. That movie is called The Hunt, and it’s a riff on the venerable “Most Dangerous Game” scenario (hunters hunting humans), but with villainous, hate-filled, intolerant leftists kidnapping innocent right-wingers and hunting them for sport. Even a retarded gibbon would have understood from the trailer that the “deplorables” in the film are the ones the audience is supposed to root for (especially the kick-ass blond female lead). But right-wing bloggers tend to fall below tardigibbons on the IQ chart.

Harsh, but fair if you’re talking about Pundits and Politicians who should know better.  The Average Joe depends on the former to summarize issues clearly for him in his busy life [a good chunk of which has to be dedicated to meeting bureaucratic requirements].³

Mr. Cole zeroes-in on a few who stand Guilty, including Matt Margolis, Lara Trump, Andrew Torba [founder of Gab], Tim Young, Dan Gainor [MRC], Tammy Bruce, Derek Hunter, Ace Of Spades, and Trumpius Maximus Pompey.

When the film was pulled from release by Universal, Todd Starnes weighed-in:

Fox News host Todd Starnes cheered the film’s suppression, gleefully taking credit for it:

The decision came in no small part thanks to the gun-toting, Bible-clinging audience of my nationally syndicated radio program as well as my Fox Nation show, “Starnes Country.”… The Deplorables demonstrated that we can facilitate change without having to march in the streets or burn down city blocks. We led the charge on my radio program and on “Starnes Country,” proving that when gun-toting, Bible-clinging patriots stand together we can accomplish great things.

“Great things”? Sweet Jesus.


Back in April, script reader and blogger Carson Reeves reviewed The Hunt’s screenplay. This was before the hullabaloo began. Reeves laid out the entire story (except for the climax). Sorry, Ace, but the film is set in Croatia, where the evil globalist lefties have their “hunting preserve.” So, no “Hispanic immigrant” families in the vicinity.

I asked Reeves if there was some kind of twist at the end where the deplorables turn out to be the villains, and the leftists the good guys. His reply:

The funny thing about this is that the script (or at least the draft that I read—who knows if they changed things since) is extremely pro-Conservative. This movie makes liberals look quite bad (specifically rich liberals). The ending is pretty straightforward. The main character, the woman in the trailers, who’s conservative, wins. She kills the big bad liberal elite (Hilary Swank), and rides off into the sunset. It’s very much a satire about how the liberal elite is getting out of control and therefore a movie you’d think conservatives would want to come out.

So there you go. This is what you killed, “conservatives.” And now, thanks to you, Universal gets to bury the film while taking credit for “listening to the needs” of conservative protesters. “See? We’re not intolerant of the right! They asked us to kill the movie, and we did.”

Is it possible that changes were made during production, and the final film deviates from the screenplay? Of course it is. But even if that turns out to be the case, it would have no bearing on these three simple truths:

Attempting to suppress political or artistic speech is always wrong.

Blaming movies for “making” people do violent things is as stupid as blaming guns.

The “conservatives” who shitcanned The Hunt without at least attempting to read the screenplay first are frauds.

Some of them may well be Frauds, but I think many just aren’t thinking these issues through.

Both the Right and the Left suffer from Overactive Sensitivity. Now the Left suffers from this condition because, in order to be a Leftist, they must renounce Right Reason and embrace an all-encompassing Emotional State Of Mind.  The same goes for the Ideological Right.  As for the rest of us: we are surrounded by the Hysteria in the air and a justified Anger at the way America is declining.

We need to learn to hesitate to react until we can gather-in more of The Truth.  It’s going to be hard for us, but I know we True Americans can do it.

Semper Fi, Americae.


¹ The kind of people who only read headlines and short commentaries on Twitter, Facebook, etc. and never look down deeply on an issue.  They help fuel The Right Wing Outrage Machine™.

² As I explained in The Present Crisis:

The 1970’s saw the rise of what was labeled the ‘New Right’. It consisted of (1) young people who had been brought to the Conservative Philosophy as a backlash against the Lawlessness, Disorder, and Revolting Behavior of the New Left, (2) Evangelicals who were upset by the Democratic Party’s embrace of McGovernism and it’s accompanying belief in Moral Relativity, (3) those inspired by Ronald Reagan’s Crusade, and (4) the Neo-Conservatives — former Radical Leftists who had been ‘mugged by reality’ and came to see the Wisdom inherent in Conservative Philosophy. These groups — along with long-time conservatives who had supported Barry Goldwater in his Presidential Campaign and who had a great Respect for people like William F. Buckley — were the main driving force behind Mr. Reagan’s winning of the Presidency, the retaking of control of the Senate by the GOP, and the Re-legitimizing of conservative and Classical Liberal thinking among the American People. All fine and good — it was, indeed, Morning In America again. However, a seed had been planted within the New Right that was poisonous and would grow to sicken and weaken the Conservative Cause.

This bad seed was Ideology.

It was carried-in and planted by the Neo-Cons, by some of the Evangelicals, and by some of the young people.

Despite having rejected their Radical Pasts, the Neo-Cons had not rejected, had not shaken off, their Ideological way of thinking nor their habit of approaching the solving of problems by filtering their solutions through the lens of Ideology. They, therefore, offered solutions that were systems of ideas — grand plans designed in Think Tanks and in what were, in a very real sense, conservative cell meetings, modeled on the kind of gatherings they had participated in when they were Radicals.

Those Evangelicals who sought to set-up rigid tests to determine whether or not someone could be considered a ‘real conservative’ were people who came from a long tradition of support for the Democratic Party going back it’s founding by Andrew Jackson in the 1820’s.

This type of Evangelical grew-up to embrace the New Deal and the thinking behind it — that of a Paternalistic and Maternalistic way of governing. And they brought this way of thinking with them when they moved to the GOP.

A good number of the young people who helped form the New Right entered the scene suffering from the effects of the Relentless Leftist Brainwashing / Propagandizing they had (1) been exposed to since they entered school and (2) been subjected to by the growing Dominance of Leftism in American Society.

They knew nothing but that everything was Ideological in nature, so it is no surprise that these young people filtered their thinking and actions through that lens.

As they matured in years, they began crafting what were, in a very real sense, doctrines of thinking that have to all be followed to the letter or they would kick you out of the Conservative Movement
for the Right Wing version of ‘False Consciousness’.  [The Present Crisis, Chapter 6: Dereliction Of Duties]

And don’t get me started on the capital ‘L’ Libertarians.

³ I have to admit that this Average Bob suffered about a half-hour’s worth of OUTRAGE!!! before I came back to Earth and listened to people like Kathy Shaidle.  We Average Joes and Janes have to be careful.


  1. Adobe_Walls permalink
    24 August 2019 @ 18:33 18:33

    Neo-Cons never became conservatives. They are/were leftists who became War Hawks, but never gave up on most left ideology. Harrington was right when he characterized them as Socialists for Nixon.

    • 25 August 2019 @ 16:59 16:59

      You mean Michael Harrington was right on one thing!


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