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Taking A Knee To The Knee-Takers

12 August 2019 @ 17:50

Ho hum…another athlete takes to his/her/xhyr/whatever knee during the playing of America’s National Anthem.

At first when I heard the story, I just sighed a sigh of Boredom and Dispassion, but, as Mark Steyn pointed out on Fox & Friends this morning:

Fox contributor Mark Steyn said that these protests were worse than the Colin Kaepernick protest. “I don’t agree with what Kaepernick does, but he is playing for some local sports team against another local sports team. In this case, this guy has been specifically invited to represent the country.”

Steyn added that standing for the anthem is “the most basic thing you can do.” He said that Imboden has chosen to “humiliate America on the international stage.” He said that no one is going to listen to Imboden if he doesn’t share enough with them to stand for the national anthem.

He’s right: this is different.

Considering the nature of this Fool’s actions, one can only conclude that he hates everything America stands for.  Well, Nancy-Boy Embolden, there’s nothing keeping you here, is there?  I mean, really, you’re free to go to a country more steeped in your kind of Utopianism.  And don’t give us that jive that you’re staying here to work to fundamentally transform America from within: that’s Treason…and it won’t be tolerated much longer.  That’s not a threat, but a fact.

In Mark’s Comments section, John Shuba remarks:

Brings to mind Sir Roderick Spode, his “Blackshorts” and his celebration of the “British Knee.” (Also Bertie’s observation that “Let me tell you something Spode, swanking around in footer bags does not make you a person of consequence.”)

Others have said this but I wholeheartedly agree — To make a splash in “popular culture” (at least for the last fifty years) you have to be “outrageous.” This “outrageous” behavior usually takes the form of something the media chicken heads view as “brave”, “fearless” and “transgressive” but is usually no such thing. In fact it is exhibitionism of the most ridiculous sort. That’s what we have here. The “taking of the knee” in response to the National Anthem is a childish display of virtue-signalling that carries absolutely no consequences to the kneeling party. It is simply being a brat. However the bratty knee-taker and his/her/it’s enablers act like they are death-defying members of the French Resistance fleeing through the forests after blowing up a Nazi troop train. That’s what really gets me — You get to be “outrageous” on the cheap with none of the blow-back that such behavior traditionally carried. Hail Spode!

Dead Solid Perfect.

Todd Lewis, in the same section, comments on The Virtue Signalers™:

This taking the knee business convinces me of my view about why leftism can be popular with so many people who should know better. I know plenty of people in my own family, as well as others, who are highly educated and successful (both young and old), but who openly admit to buying into leftist premises and regard the daily narrative as completely true and beyond criticism. To me, this boggles the mind. The only thing that can explain it is not rationality, principle, or evidence, but ego. I gather that the desire to identify with the supposedly cool and beautiful people, the rich and famous, all sorts of celebrities, and the arrogant and sanctimonious is too powerful a siren song for media hollowed-out souls. It’s pretentious virtue signaling 24/7. It is a form of addiction. This is the disposition of profoundly empty people, even if they are highly educated and successful. This is all absolutely worthless and destructive, but they don’t care. It is egomania on parade. This may be the most impenetrable of all bubbles. All species of virtue signalers are denizens of bubbles. Of course consequences are God’s big needle. I only hope the rest of us survive the pop.

Kill God and eventually you kill any Sense Of Community as you draw inside your own Egos.

Those aren’t bubbles, by the way: they are inflamed gangrenous cysts.

What these knee-takers need is a good knee to the groin.

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