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The Kennedy Klan: Curse Or Tragedy?

02 August 2019 @ 17:04

If he were alive, William Shakespeare could have written a series of Tragedy Plays about The Kennedys.

However, he might have passed on this task because, in none of the tales, is there a hero we can root for — perhaps JFK before he became so corrupted…perhaps…but there would have to be a lot of fictionalizing of his story.

Now comes word that another one of them has died via a drug overdose [history repeats in The Kennedy Klan].  From The Guardian, Caroline Davies reporting, we learn [tip of the fedora to Kathy Shaidle]:

A granddaughter of the assassinated US presidential candidate Robert F Kennedy has died following an apparent overdose, in the latest tragedy to hit the political dynasty.

Saoirse Kennedy Hill, whose father Paul Michael Hill was one of the Guildford Four wrongly convicted of an IRA bombing, was found on Thursday [BB: Some reports say it was Tuesday] at the home of her grandmother, Ethel Kennedy, in Hyannis Port, Massachusetts and pronounced dead at Cape Cod hospital. She was 22.

She was the only daughter of Hill and Courtney Kennedy, the fifth of Robert and Ethel Kennedy’s 11 children.

The family released no details of cause of death [BB: Of course not — they only release things to the media when it furthers their reputations]. But the New York Times cited two unnamed sources, described as close to the family, saying Hill had apparently suffered an overdose at the Kennedy family’s summer compound.

Kennedy Hill reportedly spent part of her childhood in Ireland. Her name means “freedom” in Gaelic.

But, apparently, she never broke free from The Klan [if she ever desired to at all] like Jackie O tried to do with her two children [although that effort failed as Caroline has become a Naggish Aristocratic Shrew and John was just another Pretty-Faced Aristocratic Ignoramus].

Rosemary Kennedy decades after her Father, Joe Kennedy, forced her to undergo a Lobotomy when she was just 23.

So…for the next few days — again — we’re going to hear endless bemoaning of THE KENNEDY CURSE STRIKES AGAIN!!!™ — the same old song and dance that has been sickening for decades here in New England.

It should rightly be called The Kennedy Tragedy. There is a Fetid and Depraved self-inflicted air that surrounds these people.  A Tragedy is: ‘A serious drama where the protagonist is overcome by social or psychological circumstances or personal failure’.

It would seem that this girl suffered from both.

  1. john permalink
    03 August 2019 @ 10:56 10:56

    Who exactly is cursed here, them or us? Remember (as if you could forget) that Teddy Boy was the main up-front pusher of the disastrous ’65 immigration “reform” act, the single act that killed not only the nation but perhaps Western Civilization as well.

    • 03 August 2019 @ 16:30 16:30

      We were, and continue to be, most certainly Cursed by that Family.

  2. bob sykes permalink
    04 August 2019 @ 08:10 08:10

    There is a tragedy in the Kennedy saga. It is that Joseph, Jr., John, and Robert are smeared with the actions of Ted and others.

    Joseph, John, and Robert served our country with courage and distinction. Joseph and John were war heroes. Joseph died in combat, and John nearly did. Robert served in the naval reserve at the end of the war, and never saw combat. John and Robert were murdered in the service of our country.
    It might be pointed out that Joseph, Sr., also served our country, and that his fortune was acquired legally under the laws of the time. That his speculative practices were later banned does not make him a criminal. That he played by the rough Irish Catholic politics of Boston also does not make him evil. So did James Curley, Tip O’Neil and others of the era. Trump is a throw-back to that time. Our present effete and effeminate leaders are useless, and they do nothing for the majority of the people.

    Both John and Robert were inspirational leaders. You had to have been there to get it. John was also a philanderer, like his father, but Robert was a straight arrow, like his mother.

    That Ted was corrupt and dissipated in every way possible, including actual treason and negligent manslaughter, is a stain on the family. That the children of privilege and great wealth became depraved degenerates is a common theme in rich families. It signifies nothing about the founders.

    The Kennedy family gave three sons, heroes all, to the service of this country. Three dead sons. What the hell have you done?

  3. 04 August 2019 @ 12:02 12:02

    Shanty Irish.


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