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Out Of The @PatriarchTree Of Life I Just Picked Me A Plum

02 August 2019 @ 17:40

From a remark Stacy McCain made in the Comments section of a post he published on Wednesday:

One of the consequences of Democrats investing in social welfare programs — and this has been true since the 1960s — is that this drains away money from the basic services of local government. If you ever drive around Washington, D.C., you experience this reality. The streets of our national capital are a lumpy patchwork of repairs, as decades of neglect have prevented the kind of extensive resurfacing the streets require.

It’s the same in all of the cities no matter what the size.

And let us not forget our decaying water and sewer systems, where it seems pipes on the former break every week.  [Does the City Of Boston still have wooden water pipes (made from hollowed-out logs) like they did some twenty years ago?]

Not all of the fault lies with the Politicians and their Bureaucrats.  How about spreading some of the blame to those of us who elect the bastards?  How about some blame for those of us who fight rate increases on Utility Companies when they want to modernize their systems?  —They’re decaying at a rapid rate.  And just why are any electrical lines still above ground?

The Politicians and their Minions play the Populist Game and they get away with it because we live in a very Selfish Society that has grown very Dependent on receiving governmental services and, for the ‘chosen’ Identity Groups of the moment, social welfare programs that keep them quiet for a few moments in time [they always comeback for more].

What a mess.

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