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The Menace That Is Red China — UPDATED

29 July 2019 @ 18:52

It seems people are starting to fully wake-up to the Intense Menace that Red China poses to the World.  Drip-by-drip, the stories of their massive espionage efforts, their Utter Ruthlessness, and their plans, very Chinese in origin, for World Dominance are being unmasked.  But will we end up putting the drops in a single container to view the whole before it’s too late?

[Tips of the fedora to Bruce Hanify and Lawrence Reed for turning me on to the following two columns.]


In a very good introduction the major column, Jeff Minick writes in his column:

Every once in a great while an online article will reach out from the screen of my laptop, grab me by the shoulders, and shake me until my teeth rattle.

In “When the Lion Wakes,” Sarin analyzes the imperialistic policies of the Chinese Communists, the state of their current oppressive government, and their plans for the future.

Given these offensive maneuvers, and more, all Americans, indeed all lovers of democracy and liberty, should read “When the Lion Wakes” for three reasons.

First, Sarin’s essay is lucid and easy to understand. He performs a miracle here in addressing such an enormous topic, covering many points, and explaining exactly what the CCP are undertaking.

Second, Sarin’s essay is a bugle blast warning us against the Chinese Communist Party’s treatment of its own people and its imperialistic ambitions around the world. Sarin has sounded reveille, and it’s up to us, particularly our leaders and diplomats, to rouse ourselves from our sleep and resist.

Finally, the next time some young person you know advocates communism or extreme socialism, or says that communism “isn’t so bad,” direct that starry-eyed progressive to “When the Lion Wakes.”

I couldn’t have said it better myself [except for the word ‘democracy’].

The major column, When The Lion Wakes, is an actual must-read for anyone who cares about our National Security.


How much has Red China grown in the last several decades?  Mr. Sarin:

Harvard political scientist Graham Allison treats us to a selection of these in his recent book Destined for War. He tells us that China’s GDP was less than $300 billion in 1980, a figure that had risen to $11 trillion by 2015. The country’s total trade with the outside world came to just $40 billion in 1980, but in 2015 it was $4 trillion — a hundredfold increase. Allison has plenty more shockers up his sleeve: “For every two-year period since 2008, the increment of growth in China’s GDP has been larger than the entire economy of India. Even at its lower growth in 2015, China’s economy created a Greece every sixteen weeks and an Israel every twenty-five weeks.” In fact, since the Great Recession of 2008, 40 percent of all the economic growth in the world has occurred in just one country: China. Allison quotes Lee Kuan Yew, Singapore’s founding father, for the coup de grâce: “It is not possible to pretend that this is just another big player. This is the biggest player in the history of the world.”

It has certainly spent most of it’s time making itself a major player on the world stage.  The Chinese Communist Party is Relentless.


But, of course, let us not forget…

If Lee was right, then there can be only one outcome. “This world will be China’s,” says the brother of Ye Cheng, the Communist Party billionaire who now controls Australia’s Port Darwin. It is time for China to “change the world where rules are set by foreigners,” according to Wang Jianlin, chairman of the Dalian Wanda Group and China’s second richest man. China will “lead the entire world on political, economic, military, and environmental issues,” in the words of president-for-life Xi Jinping. But when men like this use the word “China,” they mislead us. It will not be the Chinese people who rise to inherit the earth, who wake to shake the world. It will be the Communist Party.

There are three groups in play here: the Chinese Communist Party, the Captive Peoples Of Red China, and the Free Chinese in Taiwan.  [When referring to the first grouping, I always call them ‘Red China’ and the third ‘Free China’.]

We should be doing whatever we can to Undermine the CCP for the sake of our Security and for the sake of the Captive Peoples.  Ultimately, of course, the former trumps the latter — that is the way of the World.


Regarding the Captive Peoples:

Chinese citizens have been indoctrinated for decades with the idea that Party is country. The idea was introduced by paramount leader Deng Xiaoping soon after the Tiananmen Square Massacre of 1989. He realised that as long as the state and the people were seen as separate entities, then the door would remain open for recognition of the Party’s many historical crimes — and also for recognition of the ongoing subjugation of the people by the Party. He wanted to make sure that citizens would never again rise up as they did in 1989…

This was the Key Move and it has, so far, succeeded brilliantly.  Dengism is now it’s own branch of Leftism.  Hong Kong and what it’s people are going through now is a different situation.


….Today, the Communist Party stifles criticism and dictates policy far beyond Chinese borders,3 controlling NGOs and businesses, silencing dissidents, and filling Western university boards with CCP sympathisers. Academic institutions are increasingly reliant on Chinese money — $12.55 billion in student tuition fees in 2016 — and so it’s easy to buy their silence. “We don’t talk about Taiwan independence,” says Perry Link, Professor of East Asian Studies at Princeton University. “We don’t talk about the occupation of Tibet. We don’t call the June 4 Massacre ‘massacre.’” The same subjects are off-limits for British lecturers, who have been warned by staff from London’s Chinese embassy that they should never talk about “the three Ts” (Tibet, Tiananmen, and Taiwan)….

Cowards…but they are certainly not the only ones [although, at one time, long ago and faraway, we expected Academia to speak ‘Truth To Power’; now they either Sympathize with the CCP or cower in Fear of their Displeasure].

With the Fall Of The Soviet Union, The Détenteists fully shifted their attentions to Red China.  These Utopians, Republican and Democratic alike, view the world through rose-colored glasses.  Détente failed in Russia and China.  When will they ever learn?


The Party’s iron grip extends to society far beyond academia. Many foreign companies with business interests in China have been forced to apologise for referring to Taiwan or Tibet in the ‘wrong’ terms. The German manufacturer Leica made the mistake of referring to the Tiananmen Square Massacre in one of its adverts, and was forced to issue a full apology. Meanwhile, Mercedes-Benz was forced to apologise for quoting the Dalai Lama in an Instagram post. The quote itself was as banal as you might expect: “Look at the situation from all angles, and you will become more open.” But Party stooges quickly registered their displeasure online, and so Mercedes-Benz deleted the offending post, adopted the penitent posture, and issued the ritual confession: “We will promptly take steps to deepen our understanding of Chinese culture and values, our international staff included, to help standardise our actions to ensure this sort of issue doesn’t happen again.”

This craven behaviour is making the Party confident — so confident, in fact, that it has begun arresting the citizens of other countries….

And Mr. Sarin goes on to give some disturbing examples.  Here are a few:

…The Party’s thugs have physically assaulted journalists in the US for publishing anti-CCP content, they have kidnapped and tortured booksellers in Hong Kong, and they have attempted to murder independent journalists in Australia. They locked British businessman Peter Humphrey into an iron chair inside a steel cage and drugged him in order to elicit a confession. They hounded New Zealand academic Anne-Marie Brady, punishing her for researching the CCP’s foreign influence by sending their goons to break into her home in Christchurch, tamper with her car, burgle her office, and send her threatening letters.

You might argue that this behaviour simply shows that the Communist Party wants to gain power abroad to increase its own standing—its prestige or “face.” The projection of a strong image will allow it to more effectively protect the country and be taken seriously by big players like the United States. But the kidnapping of journalists and publishers on the other side of the world reveals another attitude entirely. The Chinese authorities apparently believe that the citizens of all countries come under their jurisdiction. This is more than aggressive nationalism, this is imperialism.

Drunk with self-confidence, the Party is now attempting to fully absorb Hong Kong….

And, sadly, it looks like they will.  It was Prime Minister Thatcher who set this situation in motion in 1994.  She was a Great Leader, but not Infallible.


While the Obama Administration and his Comrades in the Congress were absolutely influenced by Lenin, Gramsci, and Alinsky, let us not forget that Maoist and Dengist influences played a part too.  We had [and still have] a Cornucopia of Totalitarianism in play — Treason Within, if you will.

They were aided, of course, by the Useful Idiots of the Republican Establishment.

The Obama Administration took a very soft-line with Red China, continuing a tradition that went back to H.W. Bush.  But special damnation must be reserved for the Clinton Administration, which allowed the CCP to steal so much of our technology — technology that they’ve used to build-up their Military to a very dangerous level.


…the Party adopts the same imperialist approach further afield, and without the mask of international agreements. Much of the world has been intimidated into pretending that Taiwan is part of China simply because the Party says that it is—even British Airways lists the country as a Chinese province, and Taiwan’s Olympic competitors are made to perform under the banner of “Chinese Taipei.” Jaushieh Joseph Wu, Taiwan’s minister of foreign affairs, explains the reality of the situation:

Taiwan is a sovereign democratic state. … We elect our president and legislators, have our own armed forces, issue passports and visas, and conduct international relations with other countries. Taiwanese enjoy all kinds of freedoms: speech, press, assembly, religion, political participation, the rule of law, and, since May, same-sex marriage. … The great majority of Taiwanese have zero interest in being part of a police state that monitors its citizens with social credit surveillance, puts Uyghurs in mass internment camps, suppresses religion and dissent in Tibet, throws human rights lawyers in jail, and limits access to the internet.

Xi Jinping is not listening. He has stated that Taiwan “must and will be” unified with the mainland, and his tone is urgent—he says that the “problem” of unification cannot be put off for another generation. He calls on the Chinese military to be prepared to fight “bloody battles” to achieve this. All the signs indicate that the Party will not stop at Hong Kong and Taiwan….

Regarding Taiwan: I’m reminded of something the character of Tom Hagen said in The Godfather II: ‘It’ll be like she never existed’.

Let us hope that President Trump is willing to protect Free China.  If we lose Taiwan to the CCP, our National Security will be affected and a people we promised to protect will sink into the Maoist Mire.


…If the cowardice and appeasement continues, then soon enough the lion will sink its claws into Western countries. Indeed, this is already the plan: He Yafei, deputy director of the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office, told senior Party cadres that “China” (by which he means the Communist Party) will “carve out a bloody path and smash the West’s monopoly and public opinion hegemony.”

Mr. Sarin then explains and lists the tactics the Red Chinese are already using on their own people, practicing for applying them to the World.

Appeasement.  It seems to be the tactic The West has never given up despite the fact that it always fails.  It’s taken-on the mantle of Communism, which, as we know, has never really been tried™.


Mr. Sarin, again:

The time has come to take the Chinese Communist Party very seriously indeed. Successive Western governments have dealt softly with their counterparts in Beijing, hoping for the gradual emergence of a Western-style democratic regime. We convinced ourselves that if you leave lions alone then they will become completely different animals. Now we must deal with the consequences of that mistake. The Communist Party will never change, it will only get worse—and already it begins to threaten the liberty of people all over the world. We need a new approach. Wang Dan, one of the exiled student leaders from Tiananmen Square, has found cause for hope in the recent US-China trade war. “In the 1990s,” he told the New York Times, “when Washington linked the granting of China’s most favourable trading status with human rights, the Chinese government bowed to the pressure by relaxing its political control and releasing me and several other dissidents. But once trade and human rights were delinked, the situation there deteriorated drastically.” Perhaps we could cage the lion by refusing to compromise on human rights, and by insisting on the association of political reform with trade.

But equally important is the support of the Chinese populace. We must decouple Party from people, making it clear that the former threatens us, not the latter. Language is crucially important here. If ‘the Communist Party’ and ‘China’ are separated in the political discourse, then Chinese citizens will be liberated to criticise the Party themselves, just as Deng Xiaoping feared. Another Tiananmen Square movement will become possible. Once this happens, then we can avoid a repeat of the 1989 massacre by ensuring that the international community stands with the Chinese people throughout. If we provide continual support and coverage, ignoring the Party’s inevitable barrage of bribery and bullying, then we may be able to avoid the Orwellian future that Xi Jinping has planned for us all.

Hope is a wonderful thing. But, unless it is of a kind dealing with Reality, then we shouldn’t bet on it.

Sadly, War with Red China — of a type not of us yet really understands — is Inevitable, I fear.


People’s Republic of China
Body Count: 73,237,000
1949-Present (57+ years and counting)

R.J. Rummel originally estimated China’s body count between between the years of 1949-1987 to be 35,236,000 (Rummel 1994). This excluded 38,000,000 million that died of famine during the Great Leap Forward. After the release of Mao: The Unknown Story, Rummel became convinced that the Chinese government was directly responsible for the famine, thus increasing his original estimate by 38,000,000 (Rummel 2005). 1,000 was added for Tienanmen Square in 1989 (Courtois 1999).


Commentator Charles Walsh reminds me that I should have added to the murder count the number of Innocent Girls who have been Aborted:

I don’t see dead people, so the unpleasant evidence of 100 million bare branches, make me think you’ve undercounted the number of deaths due to CCP. Female infanticide counts.

He links to a report from 2013 in The London Daily Telegraph that says: ‘…at least 336 million abortions, have been performed in the name of the one-child policy, China’s Health ministry revealed…’.

I apologize for missing the Savage, Cruel, Barbaric toll the One-Child Policy has taken.

Amending the figure above — which was, by the way, a conservative estimate — the Murderous Red Chinese Regime has slain nearly 400 Million of it’s own people.

  1. Charles Walsh permalink
    01 August 2019 @ 12:08 12:08
    I don’t see dead people, so the unpleasant evidence of 100 million bare branches, make me think you’ve undercounted the number of deaths due to CCP. Female infanticide counts.

    • 01 August 2019 @ 16:12 16:12

      Thank you.

      I put your comments and the link in a post UPDATE.


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