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Mueller The Drooler? And Other Observations

26 July 2019 @ 18:56

Some observations on the Mueller testimonies, specifically, and this whole Sordid Fiasco of an investigation, generally…


Is this guy suffering from the beginning stages of Dementia?

Boston Herald columnist and radio host Howie Carr thinks so:

“I can’t answer that question … What was the question?… Outside our purview … I’m not gonna talk about specifics … I’m not gonna speak to that … This is an area I cannot speak to … I’m not gonna get into that, as I said at the outset … Questions such as that should go to the FBI … That went a little fast for me … Again, I cannot respond. …”

Dog Track Time?

Ready for the dog track — that’s how Don Imus used to describe anyone who appeared over the hill, shall we say.

Is it safe to say that Robert Swan Mueller is … ready for the dog track? Or is it the glue factory?

Is he rounding third? Has he reached the checkout counter?

On my radio show Tuesday, I asked why he was bringing a lawyer with him, when it was clear from his earlier press conference at the Justice Department that what he really needed was a nurse.

That was an understatement, as it turns out.

It’s clearer now than ever that Mueller was just a figurehead for his 19 angry Democrats, as President Trimp — er, Trump — called his staff of Hillary and Obama partisans and campaign contributors.

However, Howie does point out:

Did you notice how he couldn’t seem to understand any of the Republicans’ questions, but he had no such problems with the Democrats?

That’s what makes me very suspicious.  I guess I’m just a very Cynical Bastard, but one thing these Swamp People know how to do in public is act — act like their concerned and give a damn about regular people, act like they are compassionate to those they hurt and abuse, and, yes, when they need to, act like doddering old Fools.  I was in The Bureaucracy for nigh-on forty years: I know the tricks they use.

Mueller is a long-time creature of The Swamp — ’nuff said.  But if you want some proof, Howie summarizes it all in a column he wrote back in January: Mueller’s hands dirty in old FBI frame-up.


In the comments section of Mark Steyn’s post, Can’t Get Into That, Walt Trimmer remarks [re-paragraphing mine]:

The Mueller hearings proved several things yesterday. One commentator said that it should have been a counterintelligence investigation but it was turned into a criminal investigation. A counterintelligence investigation would require looking at Hillary’s campaign.

I loved when Mueller said that they wanted to keep the investigation from being influenced by politics. This was purely a political investigation. I think the saying applies that if the only tool you have is a hammer, every problem looks like a nail. You assemble a group of corrupt partisan Federal prosecutors in a special counsel investigation and not only will you have a criminal investigation, it will be a witch hunt.

Muller and Company knew exactly what they were doing but nothing will come of it because they have the perfect cover of hiding behind the protections given to prosecutors in this country. This is doubly true because any action against the players in this coup d’état would be brought in D.C. You couldn’t get a grand jury to indict or a jury to convict a Democrat there.

The Star Chamber that was supposed to be The Mueller Investigation™ flickered and then burned-out.


More from that comments section by Perry Pattetic this time:

Do we have some synchronicity going on? On both sides of the Atlantic, on the same day, the guilty parties of two attempted coups were defenestrated. Bent cops, bent politicians, bent spies aided by bent media and bent Tech, bending over backwards to subvert democracy.

Müller and his Democrat colleagues showed themselves to be without clothes in the most public fashion, and their British co-conspirators May and Hammond, who at the time headed MI5 and MI6, were evicted from 10 and 11 Downing Street.

Hammond and May, plus most of their dreadful cabinet and 80% of Parliament, have also been mounting a slow coup against the electorate’s demand for Brexit – and yesterday the “Mayist Tendency” EU insurgency was evicted in a counter-coup.

Happy Days.

I suppose.  But Trumpicus Maximus Pompey and Boris Catiline Joculator are no lovers of Constitutional Republics.  —Although, I must concede that I’m happy at what happened.  But, let us never forget that the fact that both nations are now Democracies is Dangerous to Freedom and Ordered Liberty.


From the Comments again, this time Sol:

With some congressional members at yesterday’s Mueller miasma performing adequately/admirably, it seemed for awhile The Republic Strikes Back but it was more The Empire Strikes Out. It’s very difficult for a true citizen legislator in Washington, DC to show up and not feel that he’s in the center of the spotlight and everything else melting away for that moment on stage. To the DC establishment, any outsider (from the 50 inferior states) is considered a foreigner; a threat that should be eliminated. DC is sovereign above the USA. Even in winning (by forfeit), the GOP shows almost no will to take back control of the nation.

The GOP lacks the Will as they have shown time and time again.  The United State [no ‘s’ any longer] will abide…and get more Intrusive and Destructive unless ‘by a supreme recovery of moral health and martial vigour, we arise again and take our stand for freedom as in the olden time’ [Winston Churchill, Speech on The Munich Agreement, 05 October 1938].

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