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Apollo 11: The Ring-A-Ding-Ding Splashdown — 24 July 1969 – UPDATED

24 July 2019 @ 18:32

Fifty years ago today, the Apollo 11 Command Module returned safely to Earth.  Wikipedia gets it right in their description:

…At 16:44 UTC (05:44 local time) Columbia’s drogue parachutes were deployed. This was observed by the helicopters. Seven minutes later Columbia struck the water forcefully 2,660 km (1,440 nmi) east of Wake Island, 380 km (210 nmi) south of Johnston Atoll, and 24 km (13 nmi) from Hornet, at 13°19′N 169°9′W. 72 °F (22 °C) with 6 feet (1.8 m) seas and winds at 17 knots (31 km/h; 20 mph) from the east were reported under broken clouds at 1,500 feet (460 m) with visibility of 10 nautical miles (19 km; 12 mi) at the recovery site. Reconnaissance aircraft that flew to splashdown location originally planned reported conditions that Brandli and Houston had predicted.

During splashdown, Columbia landed upside down but was righted within ten minutes by flotation bags activated by the astronauts. A diver from the Navy helicopter hovering above attached a sea anchor to prevent it from drifting. More divers attached flotation collars to stabilize the module and positioned rafts for astronaut extraction.

The Hero Astronauts were brought safely aboard the USS Hornet.  The Mission was a resounding success.

With all the positive [and, sadly, negative] commentary on the Flight itself, Old Bob here thought he would do something different: celebrate The Mission with Moon Songs by The Chairman Of The Board…

-From Moonlight Sinatra, one of my favorites:

-From Sinatra with the Harry James Orchestra:

-Another from Moonlight Sinatra:

-Francis Albert with the Tommy Dorsey And His Orchestra:

[I don’t know if that’s the Great Bunny Berigan on lead trumpet, but the period is right.]

-He re-recorded this song as a solo artist on Sinatra’s Swingin’ Session:

-Another one with Tommy’s outfit:

UPDATE on 25 JULY: I forgot to include this song, which is a killer performance:

-I already posted the studio version of this song, so let’s watch Frank do it live with the Count Basie Orchestra…take it away Count…

Moon, June, Spoon, Spittoon — as long as Francis Albert is singing dem rhymes, I don’t care.

God Bless Frank Sinatra and God Bless America.

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