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On Immigration And #GOP Degeneracy

23 July 2019 @ 17:54

Yesterday, over at The Other McCain, Stacy published an analysis of the Pro-Immigration Crowd.

Now, he’s a supporter of Trumpicus Maximus Pompey and I am not, but that doesn’t mean we are enemies nor that I totally disagree with his analysis.  Stacy McCain is, first and foremost, the closest thing we have these days to an objective reporter and, perhaps more importantly, he follows the Truth wherever it leads.  So I highly recommend you read the column in question:  ‘Oikophobia’ and #NeverTrump: How Can We ‘Secure the Blessings of Liberty’? and the follow-up from today:
‘Ourselves and Our Posterity’.

With that said, let us focus on some of the spot-on points he has made…

What has prompted our immigration crisis? Isn’t it the same sentiment that leads Democrats (and David French, but I repeat myself) to claim Ilhan Omar is a better American than anyone born here?

“Oikophobia,” a hatred of one’s native country (and of one’s fellow citizens) is the most remarkable proof that our elite class have become hopelessly degenerate. Consider David French’s argument that, unlike those of us who were born here, “immigrant citizens have actually done something to earn their status.” Well, what had Ilhan Omar done for America when she was naturalized at age 18? Less than my father did. Dad was an Alabama farmboy when he joined the Army at age 18 and he earned the Purple Heart in France in 1944. Is David French implying that being my father’s son makes me less worthy of American citizenship than Ilhan Omar? Isn’t this insulting insinuation at the heart of the open-borders argument, the idea that all immigrants are better than any America, because Americans are the worst people in the world?

If you are a native-born American — and especially if you are white — Democrats consider you infinitely inferior to Ilhan Omar. The tone of David French’s argument suggests he agrees with this assessment, and one does not persuade people by insulting them….


…David French’s insistence that Ilhan Omar is better than any native-born American simply because she is an immigrant — that our inheritance as Americans is a stigma of inferiority — is insulting, and the fact that he thinks we are too stupid to notice this is even more insulting.

I’ve made my feelings known about these types in a recent column: We Constitutionalists: We Just Won’t Go Away – #OUTLAW.

People like David French, I suspect, are using Leftist Thinking in considering these matters.  They’re in love with a group, with the idea of an Identity Group.  They have put on rose-colored glasses while drinking the Kool-Aid-flavored wine in fine restaurants — and so they whine about how Evil we are.

As Stacy puts it:

The problem, I think, is that French has been swept along by the same floodtide of degeneracy that produces mobs of enraged anarchists on the streets of Portland and makes college campuses unsafe even for well-meaning liberals like Bret Weinstein. The election of Trump, and the rising populist sentiment that elected him, caught our elite by surprise. They were shocked to discover that a powerful plurality of Americans — nearly 63 million voted for Trump — had never accepted the notions of “progress” that prevail among the university-educated elite and in the urban communities where the elite reside. Among the core tenets of this elite weltanschauung is a belief in the superiority of immigrants. You might notice the way they quote Emma Lazarus’s poetry as if it had more authority than the Constitution, a reverence for the “huddled masses” being essential to what amounts to a religious faith among our otherwise godless elite….

It was definitely a ‘rising populist sentiment that got Pompey elected, but let us not forget those Constitutionalists who were #AnyoneButHillary that joined in.  A good number of the latter have made their Peace with Trump and intend to vote for our Proto-Caesar again.

The ‘floodtide of degeneracy’ is a mighty one, accompanied by a mighty wind.

It’s interesting that the Dependents and the Elite are, it seems, genetically susceptible to Degeneracy.

More Stacy:

…Our immigration laws are riddled with loopholes, and enforcement has been uneven and irregular, so that the combination of legal and illegal immigrants has amounted to more than 1 million every year since the mid-1990s. A majority of Americans oppose this, but prior to 2016, they never had a real chance to express their dissatisfaction at the ballot box. They had previously been offered no clear choice; choosing between open-borders Democrats and open-borders Republicans was no choice at all, as far as immigration policy was concerned, and some Republicans (including my late Cousin John) were worse than any Democrat on the issue. Trump’s blunt talk — “Build a wall!” — appealed to voters who had long been frustrated by the refusal of the political elite to address their concerns over our immigration policy (or non-policy, to be more accurate). The potency of that populist resentment startled not only the political class, but also the journalists and pundits who had acted as publicity agents for the elite’s open-borders consensus.

Indeed, it did.  In fact, it sent many of the journalists and pundits into a full-mental breakdown [of course, many of them had progressed along this path with their embrace of Bush Derangement Syndrome¹].

Stacy again:

…Trump seems to operate according to some internal gyroscope, an instinct that leads him to say and do things which no political consultant would suggest, but which nevertheless produce victory. Consider his tweetstorm last Sunday against “the Squad” of freshmen Democrat congresswomen who had been at war with Nancy Pelosi. Jumping into that fight seemed to contradict every sensible precept of effective politics, and even many Trump supporters were dismayed. Yet once again, Trump’s instinct was vindicated, as even many of his opponents agreed he had succeeded in making these four young left-wing radicals the “face” of the Democratic Party. In the process, not incidentally, Trump hijacked the news cycle for an entire week, so that nothing else (e.g., Joe Biden’s debut of his health-care proposals) had any real impact….

Caesar possessed the same gyroscope, but Stacy is quite correct.

…What David French and the other #NeverTrump Republicans don’t want to confront — what they cannot admit, not even to themselves — is that Trump’s success is a repudiation of their own weakness, a condemnation of their abject failure. The crowd of intellectuals at National Review and the now-defunct Weekly Standard considered themselves possessors of an authority that entitled them to prescribe policy and to anoint candidates for the Republican Party. Exercising this leadership prerogative, as an elite class as secure in its authority as any feudal aristocracy, our conservative intellectuals were always eager to claim credit when Republicans won elections, but when Republicans lost, they insisted that this was never their fault. Probably their zenith of prestige was in 2005, after Bush had been re-elected, which gave credence to Karl Rove’s talk of a “permanent Republican majority” based on a so-called “center-right” coalition. That hope quickly evaporated, with military disaster in Iraq followed by Democrats recapturing Congress in 2006 and then on to the economic catastrophe of 2008 followed by the election of Barack Hussein Obama.

Dead. Solid. Perfect.

SIDENOTE: That Little Karl ‘Tantrum 2016’ Rove is still listened to is another sign of the Media’s and the Elites’s Degeneracy.

More Stacy:

Because the #NeverTrump Republicans refuse to accept any responsibility for the failures of Bush-era GOP policy — although all of them, including French, marched in lockstep in support of those policies — they are at a loss to explain how or why they have lost their influence as intellectual leaders of the conservative movement. Instead, they denounce the 63 million Americans who voted for Trump as ignorant racists, which prompts the question: Why would anyone support “conservative intellectuals” who so emphatically agree with Democrats?

Good question, Stace.  These Neo-Leftist Republican are merely Philosophical Pale and Pasty-Faced Version of Leftists.  The Republican Establishment has become the Real #MeToo Movement: like the bratty little Nancy Boy who insists on ‘Me Too! Me Too!!!’ when some other kid is given an ice cream.

…The demographic changes that have so transformed our politics did not “just happen.” It wasn’t some impersonal trend which caused this, but rather it was a matter of policy, and National Review was on the side of open borders, having purged Alien Nation author Peter Brimelow and sidelined John O’Sullivan. Not only did National Review purge those who dissented from their open-borders agenda, but also treated as persona non grata anyone who lamented this purge. They will call you a racist if you don’t support open-borders Republicans whose policies make it impossible for Republicans to win elections. Why do the editors of National Review think we should be grateful for their services in denouncing Republican voters as racist, as if there is a shortage of Democrats willing to perform this service?

Let us not forget the Purge of Mark Steyn and John Derbyshire.

Do take the time to read both of Stacy’s columns.


¹ Which is rather ironic since the Bush Family are notorious Open Border enthusiasts, Elite Division.

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