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Sympathy For The Selfish Devil

18 July 2019 @ 18:42

One of the non-violent — so far — tactics being used by Zealots on the Left these days is to disrupt traffic, especially during rush hours.

Some examples:

A little over a month ago, activists in Boston…

…gathered Monday to call for higher minimum wage and better access to social services as they disrupted traffic.

About 50 protesters sat and stood at a standstill in the Financial District, bringing traffic to a screeching halt.

“Marginalized to disenfranchised, the least of these we’re tired of those folks not getting the proper resources,” Vernon K. Walker, co-chair of the Massachusetts Poor People’s Campaign, said.

The City Of Boston, helped out by The Commonwealth, spends high amounts of money on ‘social services’ in the City.

More [emphasis mine]:

The demonstrators with the campaign promised they would be staying put in the intersection of Congress and Franklin, until police put them in handcuffs.

“Frankly, our rights are under attack,” Jarod Hicks, a protester from Dorchester, said.

One employee at the Post Office Square said the move crippled Monday evening’s commute.

“Where they’re sitting not only blocks the entry to the [Massachusetts Turnpike], but also I-93 South and all of that,” Kimberly Edwards said.

Drivers in the area were not happy with the move, as they got caught up with no way to get out.

In other words, people who work for a living, people who are Producers and not Dependents, were prevented from going home after a real day’s work or prevented from conducting business by these Disruptors Of The Peace.


Organizers call it a mission accomplished.

“We’re still hopeful and encouraged that we disrupted a lot of people’s Monday routine,” Walker said.

On Tuesday afternoon, Mayor Marty Walsh weighed in on the protests [that stranded] the disrupted commuters on Monday evening.

“It was an orderly dispute, we had people that came in that are passionate about it [the fight for getting $15 Minimum Wage made into a state law],” said Mayor Walsh. “They sat down for a little bit in the intersection. They got up and left.”

[H]owever, Boston 25 News confirmed the protesters did not apply nor did they have a permit for their Monday demonstration. We’re told anyone hosting an event on public property must apply for a permit. Police have made no arrests.

So, according to Little Maaahrrrty, the activists merely ‘sat down for a little bit in the intersection’.  A ‘little bit’, you Fool?  Well, I suppose we should not be surprised because Marty is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Modern Union Movement and member of the local Politburo that oversees the Dependent Class.

-In Britain yesterday, a similar protest went seriously and, for one man, painfully wrong.  From The London Daily Mail, Lara Keay reporting, we learn:

A tearful Extinction Rebellion [¹] activist has apologised to a man who was denied the chance to see his father one last time before he died because of a climate protest that left him stuck in traffic.

The grieving man revealed how he had rushed to his father’s bedside at Bristol Royal Infirmary after doctors told him he did not have long, but he could not get there in time because protesters were blocking the M32 into the city.

After hearing the BBC Radio Bristol clip, Extinction protester Zoe Jones said she was ‘incredibly sorry’ but still believed she was ‘doing the right thing’.

So so sorry…but not sorry.  Save your tears, deary, for someone who cares.


[Jones:] ‘This shouldn’t be happening. But we are here and this is the reality and we have to be here.’

Asked if the man’s misfortune had made her think differently, she went on: ‘It hasn’t made me want to stop, because I know that this is the right thing to do.’

But she admitted: ‘I’m glad that I heard it because it’s given me a more rounded view of the protest and of the gravity of the situation that we’re in.’

The group have been blocking key roads in Bristol and other cities since Monday as part of a week-long protest.

Causing traffic chaos nationwide, one of the group’s infamous boats was parked on The Strand in London, disrupting travel for thousands of Londoners, while 16 members have been arrested in Bristol after blocking the M32.

In a statement on their Facebook page, the Bristol branch of the climate protest group said: ‘We’re very sorry for the immense disruption that we caused to Bristol residents.

‘Some have not only been inconvenienced but have also been deeply impacted on a personal and emotional level, and it really saddens us.

‘We’re sending great empathy and love from our community to them.

‘Despite this, we were there to cause disruption because our government isn’t acting on the climate and ecological crisis.

‘We’d prefer to not have to create any disruption at all. Unfortunately this is our last chance to save humanity from extinction.’

No apology to the man and his family for what she and her Comrades have done, just more of the Selfishness these kind of Ignorant People engage in.  They reserve any Empathy or basic Sympathy for themselves and themselves alone.  They have no Decency, no Shame.  They have Sacrificed their Souls to their Gnostic Cause.  They seek, ultimately the Immanentzation Of The Eschaton.

Their aim is not True; their aim is a Fantastical Dream World that can never be.  The only thing the implementation of their ideas will lead to is Misery and Death.


¹ From Wikipedia: Extinction Rebellion (abbreviated as XR) is a socio-political movement with the stated aim of using civil disobedience and nonviolent resistance to protest against climate breakdown, biodiversity loss, and the risk of social and ecological collapse.




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