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The On-Going Danger To The Catholic Faith

17 July 2019 @ 17:15

From LifeSiteNews, Diane Montagna reporting, we learn [tip of the fedora to Aidan Green]:

ROME, July 17, 2019 (LifeSiteNews) — Another respected theologian is sounding the alarm on the upcoming Amazon Synod, saying it is an attempt to “create another church” by “demolishing” the true Church from within.

Monsignor Nicola Bux, a theologian and former consulter to the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith during Benedict XVI’s pontificate, said in a recent interview that “what we are facing is an the attempt to genetically modify the Church.”

Asked why he believes the working document [Instrumentum laboris] for the upcoming synod has been so roundly criticized, Msgr. Bux, who now serves as theologian consulter to the Congregation for the Causes of Saints, said “in a certain sense, the answer was recently given by Pope Benedict [in an essay published after the Vatican sex abuse summit]: it is yet another attempt to ‘create another Church, an experiment already that was tried and failed.’”

“Jesus Christ came to bring God to earth, so that man might find the way to heaven: that is why he founded the Church,” the Italian Monsignor said. “Instead, today’s clerics take care of the earth as if it were man’s permanent and lasting home. What is the symptom? They do not speak of the soul and therefore of its salvation.”

Monsignor Nicola Bux

Msgr. Bux further noted that ideas once “denounced” by Joseph Ratzinger (as prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith) are now “coming to maturity” with the Amazon Synod.

“The Church is no longer considered the Mystical Body of Christ and the People of God oriented toward salvation, but a sociological phenomenon; thus it must deal with economics, ecology and politics, where at most it could intervene only for a moral judgment,” Msgr. Bux said.

He added that, under the influence of modernism, proponents of these ideas claim that “times have changed” and with them, “a new dogma” is needed. Yet he pointed out “this doesn’t answer the questions: who decided that times have changed? And is change always good?”

“Doubts that the Lord Jesus is the only Savior of mankind has been spreading in the Church since the post-conciliar period,” Msgr. Bux explained. “For some sectors of the Church, evangelisation has been reversed into ‘being evangelized,’” leading many “parishes and seminaries” to invite “atheistic or doubtful thinkers” to speak “rather than clear and definite Catholics.”

Msgr. Bux said “this has led to confusion and disorientation,” especially given the weak catechesis that many Catholics received in recent decades.

If it were not the case, he noted, “one could not explain the spectacle of vices and corruption that is gripping Italian and European society.” Nor could one explain how everyone is invited to “receive Communion at Mass, regardless of whether they are in the state of grace,” or even Catholic.

Speaking to the working document’s use of “inculturation,” Msgr. Bux said “it is presented in an inverted way: the intention is to return the Church in the Amazon to animism and spiritualism, making it withdraw from the Word that was announced to it through evangelization. ‘A natural religion with a Christian mask,’ as Cardinal Brandmüller said in his recent statement.”

Asked about the working document’s praise for the “cosmovision” of indigenous peoples, Msgr. Bux said it represents a “blurring of reason” and a return to “natural religion” and “spiritualism.”

,,,Msgr. Bux said that by calling into question divine Revelation, the document “detaches itself from the truth of the Catholic faith,” and amounts to “apostasy.”

Msgr. Bux noted said it is “significant” that the Instrumentum laboris has received the “enthusiastic approval — and perhaps the advice — of Leonardo Boff, a former Franciscan priest, a historical exponent of liberation theology who, in the 1970s, was admonished by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith.”

The respected theologian concluded the interview, saying:

There is no liberation without conversion to Christ. The Instrumentum Laboris never mentions this term, which is at the beginning of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, but, as cardinals, priests and faithful have already observed, contradicting in decisive points the binding teaching of the Church — that is, to which every true Catholic is bound — it can be qualified as heretical. An attack on the foundations of the faith, which reduces the Catholic religion to pure subjectivism. It almost seems that it is Jesus Christ who must convert to the new Amazonian divinity. But is this “the Catholic faith transmitted by the Apostles,” as we pray in the Roman Canon?

In his book, The Keys Of This Blood [1990], former Catholic Jesuit priest Malachi Martin wrote of a Superforce that is seeking to Destroy the Roman Catholic Church from within [sound familiar?].  As Wikipedia gets correct:

…Superforce is the unofficial name given by Martin for a more or less formal group of people within the hierarchy of the Catholic Church. Martin claimed that this superforce is a sort of ecclesiastical version of a hostile corporate takeover team and that it was made up of churchmen of such rank and power within the Vatican and at key points of the hierarchic structure that they controlled the most vital organs and sinews of that structure, worldwide. The goal of this organisation consist in a fundamental shift in church teachings.

This group of Apostates [led by Francis I] comes at The Church from the Left.  It seeks to change it so fundamentally, as the Monsignor said, that, if they are successful, they will change The RCC into a New-Age Heresy.

All around this World, the Left has been boring from within institutions of long-standing, now aided by new institutions that were conceived by fellow Leftists [Google, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.].  With the election of Frances to the Seat Of St. Peter, they have redoubled their efforts when it comes to The Church.

As I wrote back in 2013 upon that election:

…This issue — the subjugation of Christianity and Judaism and other religions [except the cult known as Islam] — means a lot to the Left because the destruction of the spiritual community, our shared understanding of transcendent truth, our belief in an agreed-upon set of Absolute Truths, will leave a spiritual hole that they intend to fill with their rose-colored vision of a future Heaven On Earth. To put it simply: the Left In America wants to murder God and replace him with a Politburo of Illuminated Ones. They do not believe that God is present in everyone, but, rather, that everyone present is a god.

They are Gnostics — as are all Leftists — believing that they possess The Secret Wisdom that makes them superior to God in understanding Mankind…if they believe in God at all.

This is a matter that should concern all of us, whether Catholic or not, because The Roman Catholic Church is one of the foundations of Western Civilization.  Remove this foundation stone and the whole building will collapse.

Saint John Paul The Great and Benedict XVI fought valiantly against the Superforce, but they lost their battles.  Let us hope that we will find a way to stop these Revolutionists, these Destroyers of Mankind, before it is too late and we lose the War and recede into the Darkness.

For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears;

And they shall turn away their ears from the truth, and shall be turned unto fables.

2 Timothy, 4:3-4


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