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Time To Go #OUTLAW — Way Past Time

16 July 2019 @ 16:33

In a very good column over at SteynOnline, Andrew Lawton makes some keen observations on the evaporation [and ironies] of Free Speech.  Please do take the time to click here and read it.

I was especially struck by this part of the article:

[Tommy] Robinson wore a “convicted of journalism” t-shirt to his sentencing hearing, after which he was ushered out the back door of the Old Bailey to be taken to jail. Whatever one might think of him, there’s no denying he’s remained steadfast through not only the death threats and physical assaults sustained because of his coverage, but even staring at a nine-month sentence that will keep him locked up during his three kids’ summer break from school.

You’d be hard-pressed to find a western journalist who’s staked as much as Robinson, though his government prosecuted him. May it be a cautionary tale: the values and freedoms governments loudly proclaim are always conditional.

Freedom Of Speech is supposed to work differently here in America because it is listed in The Constitution as an inviolable Right that emanates out of our Natural Rights, which are given to us by God and are, therefore, Unalienable.

This Right in our country cannot be Conditional, as our Fundamental Rights come from above.

When a Right is seen as ‘conditional’ it is placed at the Whim of a government.

One can apply restrictions on this Right, but only in order to protect members of The Sovereign People from being unlawfully slandered or libeled — and the bar for that is set rightfully high in order to protect this Right.  Being distressed by someone’s opinion is not a crime; having your character assailed as a matter of opinion is not a crime.

The Injustice being suffered by Tommy Robinson in the UK is a preview of what the Left In America intended to implement here if they have their way.

Of course, the non-governmental Injustices they have been able to effect here, in collusion with the Media and, most especially, the Titans Of Social Media, have been pretty damn successful, so they’re not in such a rush.  But they will always keep their eye on the prize: silencing all Dissenters.

Once the Left is able to get The United State [no ‘s’ anymore] to implement Laws and Regulation, once it gains Power And Control over the government, it will act just like the UK and other nations of The West.

And it will achieve this if we don’t rise-up and fight effectively.

We are on a course right now to become Americanized versions of the Dissidents under The Soviet Union.

Time to go #OUTLAW — way past time.


  1. George Brady permalink
    16 July 2019 @ 22:22 22:22

    When the story broke of protesters desecrating our flag andraising mexicos flag; our family and many neighbors have doubled down and are buying new guns. Also just about everyone has increased the amount of ammo they buy monthly. We have also started a program to upgrade our training, with more programs being considered. We think all patriot families and neighborhoods will benefit greatly by doing the same. The time for talk is over, as the protesters clearly demonstrated.

  2. 370H55V permalink
    17 July 2019 @ 21:20 21:20

    Problem is we still write platitudes about the First Amendment. I agree that the time to go outlaw has long passed, but the goal should not be solely to defend our freedom of speech. Either they win or we win, and we don’t win unless we make it clear “No, WE will tell YOU what you can think and say!” and back it up by whatever means necessary.

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