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Power And Control: The New New Left vs The Radical Young Left

15 July 2019 @ 17:38

In a very perceptive post today, , Mark Steyn remarks on the in-fighting disrupting the Democratic Party:

Let us take it as read that Trump is racist, and every Republican legislator is racist, and every Republican voter is racist. That’s still not enough. Insufficiently Woke Democrats have to be racist, too:

Ocasio-Cortez Implies Pelosi Is Racist for Singling Out ‘Newly Elected Women Of Color’

Speaker Pelosi has hosted meetings of “dreamers” where she thanked their parents for bringing them to the United States, because they’re better than us, they’re better than you. But you can cheer mass invasion and demographic replacement and still come up short, you racist. So it turns out even the vice-president to the first black president is likewise a racist:

Joe Biden’s Racial Dog Whistle

In an admittedly absurd bit of virtue-signaling, Biden claimed to have gotten into the 2020 presidential race because he was so outraged by Trump’s reaction to Charlottesville that there were “good people on both sides”. And it availed poor ol’ Joe naught: Whoever’s on which side, he’s still on the wrong one….

But this is the logic of identity politics. There can be no good-faith arguments. We are on Leninist ground: Who, whom….

All of this michegas came to mind last night as I was reading Eugene Lyons’s 1941 book, The Red Decade [I did a post about it recently].

Factionalism was the endemic disease of the American, as of every other, Communist Party in the period of which we are speaking of the period that ended with the enthronement of [Earl] Browder….

The disease was devastating while it lasted. Contending groups within an organization may be an aspect of democratic give-and-take. Among the communists, however, factionalism was a function of the dictatorial setup. …Under the banners of “unity,” “discipline,” and “loyalty to the Comintern,” internecine warfare went on for the mastery of the American party and its “neutral” extensions-warfare, that is, for the favor and patronage of Moscow. From the beginning, intrigue, rotten diplomacy and mutual knifing were routine procedures in the higher brackets of American Bolshevism. These refinements absorbed more time, energy and emotional substance in a week than the job of making the revolution did in a year

The internal warfare, moreover, was if anything more unreal than the alleged revolution. If the factional quarrels had any intrinsic connection with American problems, there might have been some sense to them. But they were invariably American battles fought to the death on issues which did not exist in America. Right or wrong, Trotsky and Stalin, then Stalin and Bukharin, went at each other with all the weapons of comradely homicide over realities. The Ruthenbergs, Fosters, Cannons and Lovestones used the same weapons over chimeras and windmills. These Kansas and City College politicos fought for hegemony over the coming American revolution on the issue of liquidation of Russian kulaks and similar pressing American problems. Whether they won or lost depended entirely on whether they guessed right about those far-off and, for them as Americans, utterly fictitious values.

Their noisy wars were especially pathetic when taken together with the small and ineffectual role the party enjoyed in American life after a decade of fulmination…. [Chapter V: The American Party Is Purged]

History does not repeat itself: it rhymes.

Back in the 1920’s and 1930’s [The Red Decade], the American Communists spent most of their time trying to figure-out what would please Moscow.  In our day and age, the Leftists In America are battling over which faction are the best, most faithful disciples of Lenin-Marx-Mao-Alinsky-Gramasci and which of them are the REAL representatives of The People — ‘chimeras and windmills’, indeed.

Nancy Pelosi and her Apparatchiks, the New New Left¹, are in a political life and death struggle with the Radical Young Left for Power And Control.  The latter group are determined to push the former into the same bin as the Useful Idiot GOP and their minions, but also with we Constitutionalists.

Nancy and The Apparatchiks [good name for a band] is in a Desperate battle.  The Radical Youngin’s think their Ignoramity will lead them to victory.

If this is anything like we saw in The Red Decade, the outcome is far from clear.

I don’t know about you, but I’m pouring myself a Maker’s Mark, sitting back, and watching the Left In America bloody itself [popcorn won’t cut it with this one].


¹ From my book:

So, the New New Left In America put on business attire, cut their hair, polished their shoes, shaved, and bathed. And they wormed their way quietly into every area of our Society that they could, never letting their fellow workers know of the Radical ends they sought. They were aided in their efforts at infiltration by Old Leftists already inside and by the usual suspects: Fellow Travellers, Dupes, and Useful Idiots.

They were patient, in most cases, not playing their fraudulent hand, waiting for the right moments to advance The Cause in small steps or, when Fortune shined on them, make larger leaps Leftward.

When this New New Left captured control of the House and of the Senate in 2006, they increased the pace of their efforts. But it was with the assumption of the Presidency by Barack Hussein Obama on January 21, 2007 that they kicked their Coup into high gear — and they haven’t slowed down since….  [The Present Crisis, Chapter IV: The Triumph Of Leftist Thinking]

I wrote that in 2016.  The New New Left hasn’t slowed down — on it’s own. The Radical Young Left, however, have been setting-up Jersey Barriers, some of which the former have avoided, but more of which they haven’t

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    15 July 2019 @ 21:39 21:39

    Plant the Yucca, dig out the Cauliflower! 12 years left! 12 years left! 12 years left! Now take a picture of me crying at a fence in front of a nearly empty parking lot.


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