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We Constitutionalists: We Just Won’t Go Away – #OUTLAW -UPDATED

09 July 2019 @ 17:43

In Presidential Election Year 2016, I supported Ted Cruz.  When Donald Trump, in quiet connivance with the GOP, undermined together the Cruz Campaign, that May, I unregistered as a Republican [I had been one since I first registered in 1979 at the age of eighteen].

However, I did not join with the #NeverTrump Dandies [neither did Friends-In-The-Ether like Jeff Goldstein].  We opposed both Hillaria Tiberius and Pompey Trumpicus Magnus.  Jeff did a brilliant take-down of the Alt-Right that fall at The Federalist [his perennial site Protein Wisdom having been cyber-attacked into oblivion].  We were sick and tired of voting for the least of possible Evils, like the two Bushes, John McCain, and Mitt Romney — I think it fair to say that this kind of Compromising had become Nauseous to us.  We, we happy few, were both #NeverTrump and #NeverHillary.

I don’t recall what Jeff and the others did on Election Day 2016, but I refused to vote for either candidate’s Electors.  The minor candidates were unacceptable, as well as the two Proto-Caesarists.  I also stopped blogging for awhile in disgust to all of the blind lapdoggery of Trump that arose on the Right and the Insipid whinings of the majority of the Never Trumpers on the same side.  We were labeled ‘Cucks’ by the Alt-Right and their denizens, Constitutionalists put in the same company as the Nancy Boy Conservatives, such as Bill Kristol, Stephen Hayes, The Bushes, and Jonah Goldberg.

The fight was against the Stealth Fascism, which the GOP Establishment had joined the Democrats in promoting.  These conservatives had come to believe that Big Government was here to stay and we might as well just try to manage it.  Fools.

Big Government, by it’s very Nature, is always the haven for Despots.  An acceptance of it’s Existence, a Legitimizing of Leviathan as Proper and Workable, is committing an act of Moral Treason against The Founding Fathers.  If Alexander Hamilton and his followers are rightly labeled High Federalists, then the current crop of Never Trumpers are Sky-High Federalists.  Even Mr. Hamilton, I think, would have blanched and recoiled at their philosophy.  Big Government must always be Resisted because it corrupts The Soul and weakens Resolve.

All this is to say: I am sick and tired of being put in the same grouping with the Kristol-Goldberg-Hayes Never Trumpers.  I’m sick of people like Ace lumping me in with those Loyalists, like I’m some sort of Joseph Galloway.

Galloway and his fellow Loyalists tried to subvert our struggle for the Restoration of our Ancient Rights of Freedom And Ordered Liberty.  When they failed, they skunked-off to Britain and Galloway worked with the government to undermine our cause — a Treasonous Act.

The Never Trumpers will scatter like the Seditious and Traitorous and Cowardly rats they are when their form of Fascistic Democracy fails [as it inevitably will] and we move to the next Leftist Evolutionary Stage.  By then, of course, it will be too late and these Neo-Hindenburg’s will find themselves having to answer Lenin’s question:

We’ll ask the man, where do you stand on the question of the revolution?

Are you for it or against it?

If he’s against it, we’ll stand him up against a wall.

I have to admit that I’ve supported some of actions President Trump has taken, but he does not possess a Conservative Soul.  As I wrote here recently:

We find ourselves in a similar situation to Rome in the last days of The Republic: Willing to accept very Immoral people, with rather despicable track records, as long as they promise to give us those things we desire.

It worked for Julius Caesar.

He promised to restore Virtue and Honesty to Rome. He was also Corrupt and Highly Immoral and not a conservative. He had an ear for what the people of The Republic wanted and he advocated for those things. Caesar was, perhaps, the first Roman to successfully understand the strategy of Despots: Bread And Circuses.

Donald Trump and Boris Johnson understand it, too.

This is one of the main things we Constitutionalists were warning about.  And that got us attacked [verbally and cyber-wise].  But we just won’t go away.  And so supposed enemies, The Left and the Never Trumpers and the Alt-Right seek to Discredit us in their varying ways.

We’re here to stay and ready to fight on.

You all declared us Outlaws and that’s what you have made us…

We have thought fit, by and with the Advice of Our Privy Council, to issue this Our Royal Proclamation, hereby declaring that not only all Our Officers Civil and Military are obliged to exert their utmost Endeavours to suppress such Rebellion, and to bring the Traitors to Justice ; but that all Our Subjects of this Realm and the Dominions thereunto belonging are bound by Law to be aiding and assisting in the Suppression of such Rebellion, and to disclose and make known all traitorous Conspiracies and Attempts against Us, Our Crown and Dignity ; And We do accordingly strictly charge and command all Our Officers as well Civil as Military, and all other Our obedient and loyal Subjects, to use their utmost Endeavours to withstand and suppress such Rebellion, and to disclose and make known all Treasons and traitorous Conspiracies which they shall know to be against Us, Our Crown and Dignity ; and for that Purpose, that they transmit to One of Our Principal Secretaries of State, or other proper Officer, due and full Information of all Persons who shall be found carrying on Correspondence with, or in any Manner or Degree aiding or abetting the Persons now in open Arms and Rebellion against Our Government within any of Our Colonies and Plantations in North America, in order to bring the condign Punishment the Authors, Perpetrators and Abettors of such traitorous Designs.

—King George III, A PROCLAMATION, For suppressing Rebellion and Sedition, issued 23 August 1775

UPDATE on 11 JULY 2019:

I asked Jeff Goldstein if I had correctly recounted his opposition in 2016 and he replied on Twitter:

I think Trump has successfully alienated much of the *actual* alt-right — the racialists and true nativists — and as a result, I’ll vote for him in 2020; I’m still not a fan of tariffs, but so far he’s used them for leverage. We’ll see what happens w China and Iran. 1/2

2/2 Still think Cruz would have been better on the border, which I argued at the time. Trump’s greatest asset is that by bringing a gun to a gun fight, he’s caused the lesser gunmen to reveal themselves. The veil is lifted.

  1. 09 July 2019 @ 17:59 17:59

    When the guy who clearly and definitively explained the explicitly racialist – if not outright racist – origins of the term “cuck” starts using it as his favorite epithet, like verbal punctuation…. yeah, no.

    Ace has gone bye-bye.

    • palaeomerus permalink
      09 July 2019 @ 18:29 18:29

      Ace was always after Jeff for being too scary hiss fighty and after bad republicans for not looking good and safe and bringing the whole party down. Then he’d post something about dipping his balls in pudding and have an H.L. Menken quote about slitting throats on his masthead. Ace was a pendulum. Jeckyll and Hyde. He’s been stuck on Hyde for a while but give him time. He’s got a dagger for every back and he’ll swing t’other way when he has a mind ta’.

      • palaeomerus permalink
        09 July 2019 @ 18:34 18:34

        Ace is a Gentleman Edgelord. He’ll cut ya, but not in the face. And shame on you for thinking he would! Sicko!

        To Ace the tea party was crazy, racist, stupid, and mostly evil, dangerous theocrats…but Bannon era Breitbartian Helicopter jokes are every man’s duty now or else they’re not men at all, just bottled water in a little girl’s My Little Pony purse, that was made by slave labor in China.

  2. palaeomerus permalink
    09 July 2019 @ 18:26 18:26

    I voted for Evan McMullen as a write and probably spelled his name wrong. He in turn blew a butt trumpet right in my face for it.

    I’m still Never Trump but I have nothing in common with whatever Bill Kristol and company have degenerated into. Most of the uproar against trump so far has been over trivia and imaginary forced hysteria that connects to nothing real when you look into it.

    There is a reasonable supportable case I think to be made against Trump and his more obnoxious “fighter” followers who mostly yell at Max Boot, which I approve of I suppose. While we can say without too much hyperbole that he is the most right wing thing in the country, it is a country recently and suddenly dragged quite far to the left. The shift is such that his moderate quasi-Mondale NYC moneyhat “Made In America” but “still hire H1B guys “democrat center stands out from our “prepped for maoism to take over” shit-hole politics like he was the super-Goldwater of prophecy. Contrast isn’t the word for it. The distortion of our politics has transformed him from a squish to the cutting edge of a 1000 degree steel knife.

    Trump’s vulgarity no longer bothers me because his opponents engage in it far more freely & excessively than he does. His barbs seem quaint or doofy compared to the filth and venom fulminating from the lips of his gibbering frothing detractor horde. It’s sounds like one of the gas house kids wearing a beanie and trying to talk 1937 ‘JOISY’ alley smack to a drunk Andrew Dice Clay wearing one of those neon green over the shoulder beach thongs that men wear on the internet to make people throw up. There is no context of decorum for Trump to violate anymore. He doesn’t look like a crack in the foundations, he’s just one more brick in a rubble pile and he’s got less poop and oil on him than most of the other bricks.

    Even if he were a foul mouthed eyesore, we seem to have reached a sad point in at least the online media coverage of this country where a bad George Carlin impression looks like patriotism even though Carlin was a creepy, man hating, radical feminist sympathizer who loved to accuse the men of his audience of embracing and normalizing casual wife beating and keeping any women in their lives in a state of confused desperation. We listened to George despite his faults, repetition, and trying too hard. Trump is now because of the nonsense that constant assails him functioning as a comparative voice of reason. Not on twitter so much but…

    I am not eager to see Trump torn down because it will just embolden those who coddle and wink at thugs in black splitting wigs in Oregon and California streets while the press bends over backwards, and backwards again, and begins to roll like a human hula-hoop, in their futile efforts to cover it all up, or put some glitter, and a star, on it to make it seem okay. If the howling hissing left tear Trump down they’ll try to tear Pence down next. They’re not to be given an inch in this state of madness & I hope their weak hold on the house is not enough to unravel what little holds them back from plunging everything into utter insanity.

    • 11 July 2019 @ 16:30 16:30

      Well put, Old Friend-In-The-Ether.

      I especially liked:

      …There is no context of decorum for Trump to violate anymore. He doesn’t look like a crack in the foundations, he’s just one more brick in a rubble pile and he’s got less poop and oil on him than most of the other bricks.

  3. 10 July 2019 @ 03:33 03:33

    I was for Ted Cruz too, but when it came to a choice of Hillary or Trump, it was Trump. I thought he would lose, but I had to vote against Hillary.

    As for Jeff:

    I don’t consider you part of the Cucktards. They are a special breed all to themselves. Your position is honorable, although if you were in a swing state I might have tried a stronger pitch to you to reconsider.

    Trump is a very flawed person, but his enemies are far worse and Trump has a Super Power in getting them to reveal their true selves.

    • 11 July 2019 @ 16:31 16:31

      Good points, Evi, but I will never vote again for any Proto- or Neo-Caesar.


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