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On The Strategy Of Despots

24 June 2019 @ 16:18

Over at Mark Steyn’s joint, he commented today on the race for the next British Prime Minister, but offered some bang-on insights into what, specifically, is going on in The Anglosphere and, generally, in The West:

My old boss Boris Johnson has been fortunate, as Donald Trump was in 2016, in his enemies. Labour and the Liberal Democrats and the various Celtic nationalists are all wasting their time going on about the “racist” and “homophobic” things he’s said or written. By “racist”, they mean he views the burqa as do the vast majority of those who aren’t banged up in one. As for “homophobia”, my memory is that during his Spectator days he used to get lunch at a gay sandwich bar called The Butty Boys, which I recall he spoke very highly of. If they’re still in business, perhaps an endorsement might help.

Be that as it may, watching some BBC show over the weekend, I caught a glimpse of (I think) The Observer’s front page: the lead was a midnight altercation between Boris and his “partner” that resulted in a neighbor calling the police; below that was a story about Trump being accused of raping a woman in a Bergdorf Goodman dressing room in the Nineties. In 2016 the Brexit and Trump wins had a certain geopolitical synchronicity; three years on the Johnson pitch is that for real success the psychodrama has also to be transatlantically aligned.

The rather tired bon mot on Britain’s soi-disant next prime minister is that the only thing that can stop Boris Johnson is Boris Johnson. He was super-disciplined during the last month and managed to stick to his Trappist vows all the way through to the final round of the first stage of voting on Thursday. Then he celebrated his triumph by spilling red wine on his “partner”‘s sofa which led to her allegedly yelling “Get off me!” and then “Get out of my flat!” and him refusing to. “Partner” is New Britspeak for what old-school Tories would have called a “mistress”. Boris was recently kicked out by his second wife, and so moved in with the new bird, who happens to live in Camberwell, which is full of fashionable Labour Party types surrounding him on all sides with glasses held to the walls. And the cellphone has made the citizenry not only able but eager to play volunteer Stasi.

The standard gag on raffish Tories — you wouldn’t trust him with your wife or your wallet — doesn’t begin to do justice to Boris. He genuinely cannot answer the question how many children he has — or how many he’s sired whose mothers were persuaded to ensure junior never made it out of the maternity ward. Like Trump with the pussy-grabbing tape, his supporters are said to have priced all this in — that, if a flawed vessel is the only way to reach the policy destination, so be it. But Boris in a certain sense is taking Trump to the next level — that, as the bounds of acceptable politics have become ever narrower and more constrained, only a certain size of personality can bust through them, and thus in such a world a low moral character is not faute de mieux but vital and necessary — at least if you’re serious about screwing over the EU commissars. If, per America’s founders, a republic presupposes virtue; whatever it is we are now presupposes a lack of it.

…Boris is offering personality populism, and banking that enough voters will figure the policy comes with it.

,,,Trump is president and Boris is within grasp of Downing Street because regular life-sized conventional politics has failed. The “Trump Derangement Syndrome” types are missing the point: he’s their creation. Enough of the electorate has concluded that a choice between Woke-fevered Democrats and Koch-funded Republicans is insufficient.

The Left has successfully destroyed the Civility in politics.  It has smeared, insulted, degraded, and debauched the whole process, so that what we used to call Normal People are basically sent the message: You Need Not Apply.

Thus was created a fertile ground [unrecognized by the Blinders-On Leftists] for ‘flawed vessels’ such as Pompey Trumpicus and Boris ‘Not Bad Enough, With The Uncontrollable’ Johnson.  [If not for her beyond-the-pale personality and the generous and genetic fetid malodorous air that encompassed her and her Rapist husband, Hillaria Tiberius might have garnered enough Electoral Votes — it was too damn close for comfort.]

We find ourselves in a similar situation to Rome in the last days of The Republic: Willing to accept very Immoral people, with rather despicable track records, as long as they promise to give us those things we desire.

It worked for Julius Caesar.

He promised to restore Virtue and Honesty to Rome.  He was also Corrupt and Highly Immoral and not a conservative.  He had an ear for what the people of The Republic wanted and he advocated for those things.  Caesar was, perhaps, the first Roman to successfully understand the strategy of Despots: Bread And Circuses.

Donald Trump and Boris Johnson understand it, too.

  1. Adobe_Walls permalink
    24 June 2019 @ 19:17 19:17

    Are Jeb Bush or Marco Rubio moral because as far as we know they haven’t cheated on their wives?

    • 26 June 2019 @ 15:48 15:48

      No. Their [presumed] resisting of Temptation in this one area does not a Moral Person make.

      • theebl permalink
        27 June 2019 @ 16:40 16:40

        We never got to see how Julius Caesar would have been as a leader and whether or not the Republic would have survived his rule. His assassination and death turned him into a demi god that plowed the way for far lesser despots to follow and in fact doomed the Republic the Senate was supposedly trying to save.

        As far as Donald Trump’s moral shortfalls, I would take him any day over the Democrat clown show we saw last night (and what we will see tonight), Mitt Romney, all of NRO (with the exception of Andrew McCarthy). and the GOPe.

    • 26 June 2019 @ 16:00 16:00

      The Left [joined with so-called conservatives, like David French and Bill Kristol] will, as we have seen time and time again, not give Trump and inch, will not allow him room to breathe.

      Methinks they’re in for a big surprise come next November.

  2. 25 June 2019 @ 12:34 12:34

    Mr. Johnson, like Mr. Trump, is presumably an immoral man who can do good things, while their opponents tend to be moral people who will do bad things.

    • 26 June 2019 @ 15:56 15:56

      I see their opponents as Immoral, especially those ones on The Left.

      To be a Leftist, one must believe in the Relativity of Truth — and that is most certainly Immoral.

      As for those on the Right who oppose Trumpicus and Boris Not-Bad-Enough, some feel as I do, but most are just Opportunistic Dullards, like Bill Kristol. If the Tories were not so Narcissistic and such Timeserving Twits, Jacob Rees-Mogg would be a shoe-in for PM.

      Trump has, indeed, done some good things, but we should never consider him one of us.

      • Adobe_Walls permalink
        26 June 2019 @ 18:38 18:38

        We don’t need to as long as his actions tend to work more for us than for the Left. When he was running in 16 I had low expectations, but I assumed he would at least kick over the table, didn’t care what he intended to put back on it later. This country needs a redo and he has the right enemies at least.


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