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On The Weimar Republic And Us

25 October 2018 @ 22:06

In an essay over at TheOtherMcCain, Stacy ends his essay with a quote:

If you don’t want the Third Reich, don’t welcome the Weimar Republic.

It is a strong point — perhaps too strong — but it draws attention to the subject at hand: the declining Morality of American Society.

Now no one is saying that we will follow the path of Germany between the Wars…or will we?

Let us not forget that…

  1. Hitler was a survivor.  He was the only one left standing that the German People would accept.  He was surrounded by opposition weaklings.
  2. Slowly, enough of the German People became frustrated with all the Immorality that they gladly gave up their rights to be Sovereign in their own persons,  If it meant that a few Freedoms were Sacrificed on the alter of Order, so be it.
  3. The greater threat, as far as the German People were concerned, was Soviet Communism, not supposedly National Socialism.

Fortunately, this scenario is lower-down on the totem-pole of possibilities, but it could happen here.

The much more likely scenario is that we will sink into a Soft Tyranny.  The West if very good at doing this [see Europe, which is well-on the way to getting there].

This is where we are right now: Presidents will come and go, Congresses will come and go, but the Ruling Party will dictate the terms of discussion, will set the terms on which we shall live.

The Opposition Party — unlike, say, in the Soviet Union or Red China — will exist, but be a whipping boy for the Ruling Party [Democracies do this].  It will follow orders so that it can have it’s crumbs thrown to it at the children’s table — just enough to keep it Happy.

• History Doesn’t Repeat: It Rhymes •

The Ruling Party may adopt some conservative ideas, but only for appearance’s sake.  [This is where Nazi Germany will meet the Decadence of The United State: behind closed doors.]

So this is the more likely future, but, given the possibilities, either one of these scenarios could happen.

By the way, using the general example — a period of rampant Decadence, followed by a [seemingly] period of Restraint in Morals [in other words: the Moral’s shine has been put upon the pig] — is what is meant.  Thus, we could see a Morally Preening Version of the Left take over.  Beware.

Either scenario is Dangerous.

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